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10 Instagram Tips Every Photographer Should Know

Instagram has been working to bring videos and photos to the forefront. Especially for photographers, this app is a life-time opportunity.

The best part? It is super simple to use. It doesn’t require you to know complex tech stuff or even be an amazing writer. All it needs are great photos, good consistency and a couple of Instagram tips every photographer should know.

There are a billion users currently on Instagram and a lot of them are waiting to explore your work! Remember, on Instagram, you’re not just an artist, you’re a brand in yourself.

There are thousands of potential clients, agencies, curators, and enthusiasts who are looking for fresh talent like yours. All you need to do is to get out there, increase your presence, and share your unique content.

If you quickly want to jump into the spotlight, you can go right ahead and use our service. With many likes on your photos to begin with, people will trust you more, and they will be more likely to like your photos as well.

It also means you will show up on the explore page more often, and you will show up on the top of news feeds. One of our Instagram tips is buying likes, which is a great step to start rolling.


However, here is the full list of all of our Instagram tips that will help you get you started.

1. Let your style do the talking

When visitors stumble upon feed, the first thing they see is how you craft it. What is your style? Do you follow a specific pattern? Do you post your photographs according to a genre or in series?

Take the time to decide how you want your followers and visitors to see your photographs. Following a pattern will make your visitors pause, like, and even comment on your posts.

Once you create your signature style, people will start to recognize you more.

2. Be everywhere

A general rule for any social media user is to be everywhere. There are many visibility boosters that you can find on Instagram.
Places like “feature accounts” work on compiling and posting beautiful photographs by photographers like you on their accounts.

You can see this as a virtual art gallery and reach out to them using mentions, direct messages, and hashtags. This is a great way to be recognized and quickly attract followers.

3. Do more than just posting pictures

Agreed, Instagram is a visual platform, even though captions also play an important role. But don’t worry! You don’t have to be a natural writer to write the perfection captions.

Simply focus on how you can use it to connect with your followers. Short, crisp, and valuable captions can do wonders in making your post more attractive.

Another quick tip includes tagging all the people who are involved in the photograph. From the client to the subject, mention everyone so that your post can reach a larger group of people.

4. Hashtags can be magical

We cannot stress this enough. Hashtags are one of your most important keys to discoverability. With thousands of posts published each minute, it can be almost impossible for any random person to come across your photo. This is where hashtags help you out.

They enable your photos to reach curious users who are on the look-out for fresh content. Do your hashtag research and see what works best for you.
Using 3-10 hashtags per post is more than enough for you to get noticed.

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5. Where’s the engagement?

Beautiful shots and beautiful captions are great. But are you also building meaningful relationships with your followers? Because without engagement, half of your work is incomplete!

The reason is simple. Your followers want to connect with you and they are likely to share or mention your work if you constantly engage with them. Show them some appreciation.

You can go live and take up a Q&A session, run Instagram polls, respond to their comments and messages, repost the mentions that they make of you – there are endless ways to connect with your audience!
You can even buy Instagram likes to increase the chances of your engagement.

6. Get the most out of Instagram stories

If you want to dive deeper into engaging with your followers, stories are the way to go! Photos and videos are great, but your followers would love to watch behind-the-scenes videos and have a glimpse at both your work-life and personal life.

Besides, stories also come loaded with funky options like AR filters, music additions, polls, etc.

It takes just a couple of minutes to compile a bunch of stories and you’re already making valuable relationships with your followers!

7. Consistency is key

If you want to achieve the best results, you’ve got to post your photographs evenly and consistently. One of the easiest ways to do this would be to use a scheduling platform for Instagram.

That said, don’t forget to take a look at your insights and dig into valuable information regarding your reach, engagement, and scheduling.

If you’re confident about your consistency, it will also be worth your while to buy insta likes. After all, nothing beats a combination of simple dedication and smart hacks.

8. Craft a kickass bio

It goes without saying that your bio defines you. It’s a remarkably personal, yet professional area – sort of like an “about me” section. Ask yourself what’s the best way to reflect your work and personality in your bio.

Then put it across in simple words. If you want your followers to explore your website or other social media handles, mention a link in your bio.

9. Videos are more important than you think

Videos have more impact than words (and sometimes) pictures ever could. This is the reason Instagram thrives on videos, IGTV, stories, and now Reels. There are endless possibilities in which you can use these features to your advantage.

In fact, publishing more video content can surprisingly beat the app’s algorithm by making your followers stay on your content for a comparatively longer time!

9. Focus on getting those double taps

It’s no secret that likes to shoot up your popularity. With more likes, you begin to appear in many more places and attract more followers.


Usually, it takes a good amount of engagement, time, and patience to finally achieve a large number of likes. When it comes to creative people, they would rather work on perfecting their work than to spend time working on technicalities.

This is where professional companies like us come in. We enable you to buy Instagram likes that are highly authentic.
This way, you can continue boosting your presence within a matter of weeks!

Can you make money on Instagram with photography?

Most certainly! However the amount depends on the number of followers and their engagement.

Is an Instagram a must have for Photographers?

Every photographer has instagram, as it is the best platform for this niche. Instagram is all about images, so this should be a platform where you should feel comfortable.

Is it hard to become famous on Instagram as a photographer?

Posting consistently is the key. Nothing is impossible, but it might seem harder than you think. However, with our Instagram tips, you will surely be on the right path for success.