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10 Must Have Skills for a Social Media Manager – in 2021

Given how much social media has taken over marketing and how companies are looking for more and more ways to build a dedicated online following, the role of a social media manager has been rising in importance lately.

That begs the question—what makes a successful social media manager? What are must-have skills for a social media manager today?

Social media is quite dynamic, and lots of companies have dedicated and talented teams working 24Ă—7 on their online strategy, so there are a lot of factors that go into whether a social media manager is successful or not. But, there are still 10 traits that we have identified as must-have for a social media manager to be competent.

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We bring you 10 Must-Have Skills for a Social Media Manager in 2021:

1. Graphics and video design

There is no doubt that social media posts with images receive more engagement. In recent years, there has also been a shift in customers’ preferences; 43 percent of them want to see more videos going forward.

This means that knowledge to design and create appealing and informative visual content is a vital skill for the social media managers of today.

2. Copywriting

This may not be surprising at all, but copywriting skills are essential for social media marketing just like with other forms of marketing. The ability to write good copy is important for a social media manager when it comes to creating Facebook posts, tweets, profile descriptions, etc.

Having a captivating story woven into your posts on social media goes a long way into driving clicks and engagement, and this can’t be done without copywriting skills.

3. Stellar interpersonal skills

With a rise in the popularity of Periscope, Instagram Live, and Facebook Live, it looks like live videos are here to stay. Because going live allows marketers to have more engagement and a wider reach, 42 percent of them have reported interest in creating more live videos.

With the right public speaking skills, social media managers can tap into this trend and present ideas, chat with followers, answer questions, or even interview guests. If you are wondering how you can get a large audience for your live events or other promotions, make sure you check out our services to suit power-packed social media-focused tools that will help you gain likes and boost engagement.

4. Behavioral Psychology

Knowing why people are more inclined to like and share a particular post can be a valuable skill to have as a social media manager. This allows them to create viral posts based on past successes.

For instance, the data may say that your audience likes visual content, and knowing why they prefer such content can enable a social media manager to enthrall them with videos and GIFs tailored to their liking.

So, as you can see, a basic understanding of psychology can do a world of good to your marketing campaigns.

5. Community engagement or customer service

It is worth noting that while most customers rely on social media for customer care, only about 21% of businesses employ social media for the same. This means that you have the possibility of providing excellent customer service by leveraging social media.

Since it is going to be the social media manager who is most likely to be handling such matters on sites like Facebook and Twitter, they must have sufficient conversational skills.

Meanwhile, social media can also be a great way to get your audiences’ honest opinion regarding various aspects of your brand, so a social media manager needs to be able to facilitate engagement.

6. Analysis

As a social media manager, he/she is required to be well-versed in tracking both business metrics and social media metrics. While social media success relies on comments, likes, shares, etc., business success depends on factors like conversions, traffic, leads, etc.

Having a thorough understanding of both and judging how social media performance relates to the company’s goals is a valuable skill to have.

7. Budgeting

You need to be somewhat knowledgeable in finance and budgeting, preferably in a tool like Excel when you are a social media manager.

This is because you may have to manage expenses for things design, images, social media management tools, and paid advertising as well within the constraints of a meager budget.

8. Inquisitiveness

For a social media manager to be effective, they need to be aware of the latest trends and experiment with the most recent marketing strategies for social media.

In essence, they need to have their finger on the pulse of advances in social media so that they don’t become irrelevant.

9. Ability to change with short notice

The type of content people prefer is changing rapidly. Facebook’s focus on videos is a testament to that.

To stay relevant and on top of the latest trend in content consumption video social media managers have to constantly adapt to changes in areas like graphic design, video making, etc.

10. Being business-savvy

While having the ability to get likes and shares is great, a social media manager is only considered to be authentic if he/she is well-versed in how the company’s business strategy fits in with the social media campaign. Knowing what metrics to look for to boost a business can be immensely valuable.

For instance, a B2C social media manager may focus on selling directly to the customers, but a B2B social media manager may prioritize getting leads for the sales team. In this manner, their work impacts the whole company.

Some closing thoughts

While this is far from an all-inclusive list, it is certainly enough to get the ball rolling. Work on these qualities, and soon, you will be delighted with your results.

Your company will also be thrilled with your prowess as a social media manager.