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101 Top Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel

With Instagram as the most popular social network out there, many businesses, brands, and companies are basically having free marketing, using this awesome platform. Before we used to google best destinations to visit, but today we can do that on Instagram. Many travel agencies and travel profiles gain their Instagram followers because of this reason. Whether people want to visit those places or not, they all like to become their Instagram followers, because we all enjoy seeing exotic destinations, short videos and stories.

The year of 2020, made us all wish for some traveling even more than before. Having to stay home more than we wanted, we are all longing for some vacations on beautiful beaches, countryside, mountains or capital cities. This is why any Instagram influencer who had managed to travel during this hard time, gained tons of Instagram followers and made themselves popular.

Here are the 101 top Instagram accounts to follow for travel if you are seeing for some wanderlust.

1. @thecommonwanderer


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Објава коју дели Mark + Mim | Travel (@thecommonwanderer)

Award-winning bloggers with five years on the road behind them. Budapest based couple Mark and Miranda set up their account in order to document their experience around the world.

2. @jamesrelfdyer


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Објава коју дели JAMES | UK Photographer (@jamesrelfdyer)

James from London, UK is a photographer who is taking his photos only of various different exotic destinations. This guy will leave you longing for holidays and nice warm summer evenings in the south.

3. @anneparavion


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Објава коју дели ANNE PAR AVION (@anneparavion)

Anne Cui is based between Hong Kong and San Francisco. There hasn’t been a place she didn’t visit. With her often and constant posts you will enjoy her pictures as if you were there yourself.



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Објава коју дели Charlie & Jess 🌍 (

Charlie & Jess are a champions of #achievableAdventure. They completed 52 UK adventures in only 52 weeks. London based couple with tons of stunning landscape images and various different animal encounters.

5. @emitoms

Emily is a marketing manager from Seattle, who loves to tell her stories through her Instagram photos. Her posts are one of those we like to say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

6. @doyoutravel

One of the most popular Instagram accounts to follow for travel, Jack Morris has more than 2m followers. His base is in Bali, but he has been all around the world, which he recorded on his profile.

7. @mr.pokee

Another verified travel Instagrammer, with almost 2m followers. This profile has a hedgehog as its own main character. Herbee and Audree take their pet all around the world, which makes their photos unique and cute

8. @earthpix

On this profile you can see some of the best pictures around the world. Their community has been active since 2013, and you can find some of the most stunning images out there that will make you wanna purchase a plane ticket right away.

9. @carleyscamera

Carley Rudd is a professional photographer who is mostly based between Los Angeles, London or New York City. Her images are focused on architecture and wonderful landscapes that will take your breath away.

10. @alexstrohl

Alex Strohl’s photographs are all about adventures. HIs pictures are full of storytelling, snowy landscapes and beautiful landscapes. If you are not an adventurer , this profile might even make you wanna become one.

11. @lucylaucht

Lucy Rose Laucht is a British photographer who has been capturing the most stunning photos out there for quite some time now. She likes to add a romantic element to her pictures with a little bit of nostalgic feel.

12. @alliemtaylor

Alexandra Taylor is from Zurich and her photos are mostly focused on beautiful mountains which you can see the moment you go on her profile. This Swiss’s profile is a pleasant mix of alpine landscapes, city breaks and countryside.

13. @worldwanderlust

Australian Brooke Saward has been travelling the world solo since 2012. Ever since then she has been documenting her travels on her profile. You can see various different locations around the globe and with nothing but stunning photos.

14. @hebdomania

Thibault Charpentier is a travel and lifestyle photographer who splits his time between Paris and Bali. Self-described as ‘obsessed’ with lines, his feed is full of just that – clean lines, architecture-focussed scenery and cool interiors.

15. @morganphillips

Morgan Philips is a Seattle based commercial photographer with a talent of capturing wonderful scenery mostly from America. HIs profile will make you wanna go on America road trip instantly.

16. @asasteinars

Iceland based travel photographer, Asa Steinars is in love with her home and her photos are mostly home based. She shoots incredible photos from stunning frozen lakes, waterfalls to ice caves and aurora borealis.

17. @theslowtraveller

Carolyn Stritch is a UK-based travel photographer. She has been documenting her travels since 2015. She mostly shoots Britain’s most beautiful places such as the countryside and places by the sea.

18. @millykr

Camille Kenny-Ryder, aka Milly KR, is a lifestyle, food and travel blogger and co-founder of The Weekend Journals. Her travels showcase some of the world’s best hotels and the delicious food served in them.

19. @bemytravelmuse

California native Kristin Addis is known to be travelling the world solo for quite some time. Her profile is a magical place full of dreamlike photos of some of the best and most incredible destinations around the globe

20. @theprettycities

The pretty cities that you can find on this profile are mostly Dublin, London and New York. Author and founder of this profile has tons of posts that will make you stunned. This account is focused not just on these pretty cities but also small towns and villages.

21. @gilliehouston

Gillie Houston is a writer but also a great photographer. Brooklyn based travler, with special food style and an appetite for adventure. Gillie’s photos will make you hungry as she travels around the world in search of her next dish.

22. @tiffpenguin

Tiffany Nguyen is from Los Angeles, but most of her time she spends travelling around the USA. Even though she is a dentist she has a huge passion for travel which she likes to capture with her stunning photos of lovely landscapes.

23. @lebackpacker

Johan Lolos is a self taught travel photographer who loves capturing wildlife. He is Belgian born, and loves to share different stories of all the people he meets along the way.

24. jessicasample

Another travel guide, who will not leave you disappointed. Jessia Sample is a National Geographic Traveller contributor who is focusing on different architecture and landscapes from around the globe.

25. alongdustyroads

This profile is managed by a couple Andrew and Emily who are travel bloggers. They also wn a few awards. Their most favorite season for taking photos is summer. This UK based couple will make you fall in love in every country they visit.

26. @_itsbeautifulhere

This profile is focused on finding and sharing the most unique and most beautiful places to stay and explore in Australia. It’s been active since 2012, with tons of stunning pictures that will make you wanna pack your bags right away.

27. @accidentallywesanderson

With over 1.5m followers the photos that you see on this profile will make you think they came straight from some Hollywood movie. Stunning architecture and wonderful landscapes with the most unexpected places.

28. @ithetrottergirl

New York based photographer, Eva Tsang, is a founder of Trotter, curated city guides. With her you will get to know some of the most visited cities around the world. The tons of her photos are calm yet stunning, making you wanna teleport to their locations right now.

29. @piariverola

Photographer from Barcelona, Spain, Pia Riverola spends most of her time between Los Angeles and Mexico. This verified instagrammer with her photos, will take you on a journey you might have thought you’d never enjoy.

30. @earthpix

Here you will find some of the best travel shots on Instagram. No matter if you are a fan of beaches, snow capped mountains or landscapes , this profile has it all. It is also one of the most popular Instagram profiles to follow for travel.

31. @loic.lagarde

Loic Lagarde is a well known photographer, who is based in Paris. His photos are otherworldly. You can clearly see his photographic skills in each photo, as his collection is world based. From Paris to Patagonia, his account will make you forget the reality for a moment.

32. @beautifuldestinations

Another one of the most popular Instagram accounts to follow for travel. This account is community based with more than 15m followers. One of the seven accounts that chronicle the world’s most beautiful things, from hotels to landscapes and people. You will never get enough of their photos.

33. @gypsea_lust

Lauren Bullen’s photos make us wanting to book our trip to wherever she is immediately. From the sand in Abu Dabi to the most beautiful ocean views in Greece, this lady never cease to amaze us with her skills.

34. @wearetravelgirls

A community profile that is dedicated to female travelers. Created in order to inspire, connect and educate each other. Founders of this profile are Backy Van Dijk and Vanessa RIvers. Below every photo you can read their travel tips which will help you decide wheter those destinations are worth visiting or not.

35. @kellyalack

Kelly Lack will inspire her followers with some of the most beautifully captured images of her favorite places. She is mostly focused on California, where she loves to discover hidden gems. Based from San Francisco, her photos inspire even those who are not a big travel fans.


Jamie Beck is a photographer that left Manhattan for Provence. She makes stunnin fashion images combined with her adventures around the world. Followed by some of world known actresses, Jamie is an extremely popular photographer. You can purchase her art on

37. @taramilktea

Tara Milk Tea, a wonderful girl from Sydney, whose photos are unique because of the colors that she is always using. Traveller and creative, this girl will make you fall in love in every photo she posts. Apart from being a master of food photos she also takes breathtaking self portraits from around the world.

38. @muradosmann

Murad Osmann is a producer but also one of the top 3 travel influencers by Forbers. You might find his photos familiar as they are focused with a girl holding her hand while looking at some of the most stunning places out there. The girl is his wife, and this particular pose made them extremely popular that most people are copying.

39. @jackharding

UK photographer Jack Harding takes amazing landscape images which are nothing you have ever seen. When you are thinking of your next place to visit, you can consider this guy’s profile and adventures upon deciding.

40. @finduslost

Selena and Jacob Taylor, based in Amsterdam are a well known travel photographer and blogger. They left their lives in California in order to travel the world and document their exotic getaways. Their posts will make you envy and wish to do the same.

41. @prettylittlelondon

Pretty Little London , Digital Creator focused on London inspiring everyday. If you are a London fan or planning to visit this lovely city, this Instagram account is a must follow. Below every post you will find amazing tips that will help you out upon visiting one of the oldest cities in the world.

42. @calsnape

Callum Snape, a fan of wildlife. Vancouver based, this photographer will make you fall in love with nature, and animals. If you are looking for a travel somewhere in nature, and want to escape great cities, this guy is a must follow. His posts will inspire you to purchase a ticket right away.

43. @wonderful_places

Wonderful Places is a travel company. With more than 15m followers, this profile will make you fall in love with the destination of every photo they post. This account is more of a community than an Insta-feed followed by a popular hashtag #wonderul_places followed by millions.

44. @polabur

Polina, a constant traveler and food lover, is taking her photos in some of the most unexpected ways. Her feed is full of vibrant and luscious images of her latest discoveries, travels and experiences. It will not take you a long time to fall in love with her feed.

45. @viatravelers

This profile is focused on finding the best kept secrets of every city they visit. It is just what you would expect it to be, a beautifully curated feed with breathtaking images of Munich, Maldives, Minneapolis and everything in between. Every post comes with tips and guides that will help you with your travel planning

46. @alexpreview

Alex, Hamburg based entrepreneur will give you your daily dose of breathtaking images of the most exotic places you can think of. His account will make you wish you were right there with him. Photos that you see on his profile might seem familiar to you as most of them end up in various different travel magazines.

47. @jeremyaustin

Jeremy is a Miami-based travel content creator who focuses on upscale experiences and luxury destinations. His life is extremely aspirational. He is not just a great photographer but also a personal trainer in Miami beach.

48. @travelsofali

Dr. Ali Alsulaiman eschewed his clinical practise to become a full time traveler. Something most of us are just dying to do. This London based Sauid Arabian bachelor makes photos that are worthy of being plastered in travel magazines. His photos are so mesmerizing that it will make us drop all our life’s responsibilities and just hit the road.

49. @ovunno

Oliver Vegas, traveler and lifestyle photographer is creating images only a master photographer can capture. Unique angles, a brilliant command of lighting, and his choice of extraordinary subjects set him apart from other travel influencers, making his feed one of the best travel Instagram accounts.

50. @theblondeabroad

Like most of us, Kiersten once followed the straight path. She studied hard, applied for college, and worked as a corporate financier. Taken over by wanderlust, Kiersten quit her job in finance and made a vow to travel around the world. Her Instagram account, is a testament to all her travels.

51. @bucketlistjourney

With a mission to give every person inspiration and tools to tick out items in their bucket list, Annette is busy completing the destinations on her list too. So far, Annette has already ticked 45 countries as of 2021, and her Instagram feed with over 200,000 followers grows day by day.

52. @migrationology

Mark has over 6 million subscribers and over 1 billion views to date on his YouTube account where he posts delicious street food and travel tips. With his passion for food and local culture, it’s easy to see why Mark is one of the world’s most popular foodies and travel bloggers. His travel journey began in early 2009 when he decided to start a blog,

53. @jackharries

Born in 1993, Jackson started a YouTube documentary series during his gap year between college and high school, and with his twin brother in tow, he travels the world in search of awesome sights. Jackson is no stranger to artistic sensibilities – he is the son of a film producer and art director, as well as the grandson of playwright Michael Frayn.

54. @wearekingingit

Craig and Aimee are one of those couples that will make you fall in love with them instantly. They also run a vlog on their YouTube channel where they post travel. Living in their own self converted bus from which they are documenting their travels.

55. @everysteph

Stephania, an Italian girl travelling the world, loves green and glamorous travel. She finds beauty in all the small places. Loves luxury and exotic places.

56. @anna.everywhere

Anna Karsten, an entrepreneur, traveller and a mom ! Based in Utah, this lady loves travelling with her kids which you can often see on her posts as well. She has been to 91 countries and seven continents.

57. @adventurouskate

Kate McCuelly is a solo female traveller who has been to 83 countries. She is Forbes Top 10 travel influencers currently based in Prague. Her posts are mostly from Europe, but you can also find some exotic islands

58. @thejetsetterdiaries

The jetsetter diaries is an account that contains all about traveling and vlogging about it. She travels, explores, captures and shares it with her followers. Jet has 100K followers on Instagram. She has been traveling for 13 years now and has seen half of the world.

59. @aniab

Ania Boniecka is a top travel influencer with focus on highlighting appropriate styles while exploring the world. The quality of each image on her Instafeed is perfectly captured and captivating to the viewers. She was an accountant before she decided to be a traveller.

60. @melissafindley

Melissa Findley a photographer from Australia. Her images are combined with insightful captions and quotes, with wonderful stories. This is what makes her stand out, as her Instagram is not just about images.

61. @takemyhearteverywhere

Francesca and Tommaso are an Italian lovely couple, who have been travelling together to tons of different countries across the globe. Their focus is not only on travel, which is why sometimes you can see pictures of food and lifestyle.

62. @theplanetd

Dave and Dave, The Planet D couple. Award winning bloggers and travel photographers, have visited 115 countries around the world, on 7 continents. You can visit them on their YouTube channel or check out their website where you can see their destinations, experiences, travel tips and many other things.

63. @kirstenalana

Kisten Alana is an influencer and a photographer, with amazing skills, she takes beautiful city and landscape shots. She inspires others to travel as well. She has around 200k followers on instagram.

64. @ournextflight

Danilo and Anna are an Italian travelling couple and they are managing their instafeed with some vibrant and catchy images, together they have created beautiful content for their audience, they have 156k followers on Instagram.

65. @elona

Elona from New York City, is a luxury travel blogger. She is using amazing photography and inspiring her audience by stunning pictures in exotic places. She has more than 125k followers.

66. @damonandjo

Damon Dominique and Jo Franco have created a travel space on instagram. Their work stands out from others and it caters to youth, they focus more on sharing their personal memories and experiences. They has a audience of more than 125k followers

67. @youngadventuress

Liz Carlson is a young adventurous blogger and traveler who loves to move around the world to gather scenes and information. She is a big influencer for a young mind who loves to travel and beautifully narrates all of her journeys.

68. @heynadine

Nadine Sykora is a big traveling lover who loves to travel vlog about it. She also runs her vlog on a YouTube channel where she posts her vlogs and posts about her travel experiences. She has 93K followers on Instagram

69. @i_am_aileen

Aileen Adalid is a young journeyer that has been to more than 60 countries. She is a public figure who takes amazing pictures and gathers great memories from each and every place she travels. She has 65K followers on Instagram

70. @myadventuresacrosstheworld

Claudia Tabani Is the owner of the page named as my adventures across the world. She travels a wide range of places in search of yummy food and beautiful scenery. Claudia has 53.3K followers on Instagram.

71. @wanderfultraveler

Mellissa has been traveling since a very young age. She started to gather her experience in a diary and eventually ended up as one of the top travel influencers. Her way of describing a place or its culture was so fascinating, and people loved it so much.

72. @culturaltourist

Michael Germanois is a cultural tourist and he travels to learn about different people, culture and history. The pictures he captures have some sort of story behind them. He said previously he traveled for work but now he solely travels to learn. He shares his traveling experience with his 99.7k followers on instagram.

73. @nomadasaurus

Alesha and Jarrod have been a great influencer for people around who love traveling. They started this journey of influencing people at a very young age. They visited up to 100+ places. This is the reason why they reached 87.4K followers on Instagram. They really love to visit historical places and have experienced several kinds of cultures and traditions.

74. @delhifundos

DehliFunDos is a food and travel-related Instagram Page that Is run by two brothers Sunndeep and Bededabrata. This page is all about traveling to new places and searching for new kinds of foods. It spread its influence to about 59.8K people on Instagram. Mouth-Watering food pictures and eye-catching scenes really make her an amazing influencer.

75. @around_country

Around the country is an Instagram account run by a young adventurous girl who likes to enjoy adventure and get out of her comfort zone and explore the world. She has 83.4K followers on Instagram. She believes that the world is made to explore and find hidden truths in it

76. @tourist2townie

Gareth Leonard is fulfilling his passion for traveling after leaving his marketing job. He does deep traveling while getting to know more about the culture, people and nature of the country. That truly reflect in his images

77. @fahad_fuad

Just like others, this Instagram page is also all about getting out of your comfy bed and exploring the world. He travels around the world and takes an interest in capturing wildlife. Fahad has about 82.2K followers on Instagram

78. @oneikatraveller

Oneika Raymond, one of the top travel influencers, is an Instagram account created by a girl who loves to travel and explore the world. She takes very eye-catching pictures for her Instagram that makes her account even more interesting to visit. She has 90.7k followers.

79. @jetsetchristina

Luxury travel blogger Christina has been to 55 countries. Think tanned skin, beaches, and crystal clear water – you’ll want to book a trip to paradise ASAP.

80. @milahaniva97

Mila Haaniva is a young girl who is also one of the top travel influencers with an Instagram family of 80.9K. Besides this, she is also a fashion icon which is why people like to see her tales of traveling the world. She has been influencing people since 2015

81. @heartmybackpack

Silvia Lawrence after traveling the world and been to 80 countries she chose Norway as her country. She has managed to showcase her feed so beautifully themed from snowy mountains to colourful cities to beaches.

82. @theslowtraveler

The slow traveler is a page run by Carlyon. Who is a choosy traveler? She travels to places which are full of natural sceneries and views. This quality of hers makes her unique and more influential than others. She has about 248K followers on Instagram, who really loves her way of exploring the world.

83. @babewheresmypassport

Graeme & Theodora are successfully running their interior design and project management business and are pursuing their passion of travelling the world. They are taking photographs of the new sights. They have 19.4k insta followers.

84. @thebelgianwanderer

The Belgian wanderer is a page that is run by a person name Joren. He loves to travel and blog about his journey and experiences he had 68.5K followers on Instagram. His account is full of wonderful pictures and views.

84. @twinperspectives

Claire & Laura – award-winning UK travel bloggers. They moves around the world to see all the wonders of nature and its beauty. Travelling is now their full time job and they also run a podcast series and also own a tour company named TTT tours.

85. @offthepath

Sebastian Canaves & Line Dubois a traveling couple who are exploring the world and showcasing stunning images on the feed. They have many Instagram influencers that add up to 46.3K in total.

86. @alongdustyroads

Andrew and Emily are a travel couple who explore the culture of each country they visit and they share new ways of seeing things. They are creating new memories with every travel adventure and showing it to their followers on instagram. They have 59.1k followers. An award winning UK based blogger.

87. @oneworldjustgo

Tanya, a travel blogger based in Australia, her instagram feed has beautiful images. She carries herself with charm and admires her followers with her glamorous travel looks. 84.4k people are following her on insta.

88. @koleha

Koby Lee is one of instagram’s top travel influencers, a photographer and a mom as well. Her images are stunning, she has a large number of followers as about 74.8k on instagram and are increasing.

89. @ytravelblog

Caz and Craig are behind the Y Travel Blog, they are proving that travel doesn’t have to stop after kids and making beautiful memories. The family have traveled to all over the US and many other countries as well. They have around 41.8 followers on instagram, they also have a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

90. @nobackhome

Karilyn had visited 39 countries before the age of 30. Karilyn has become a mom, but that hasn’t stopped her from seeing the world.

91. @everysteph

Stephania, an Italian girl travelling the world, loves green and glamorous travel. She finds beauty in small places as well. She is amazed with the magnificence art of nature. Her instagram has 39.7k followers.

92. @thisbatteredsuitcase

Brenna Holeman one of Canadian top travel influencers on Instagram who has been a solo traveler since 14 years and has been to around 103 countries. She has too much diversity in her snaps; you will never get bored of scrolling her Instafeed. She has about 17.9k followers on Instagram.

93. @swedishnomad

Alex Waltner a.k.a., Swedish Nomad, is a travel blogger by profession and he has been traveling to around 55+ Countries since 2013. His vision is to provide travel tips and guides to his audience from his experiences and make traveling easy for others.

94. @melissa

Melissa travel is the founder of @BestVacation and is currently on a honeymoon for next 4 years. She posts a variety of images on her instafeed which attract her audience and have 184k followers.

95. @travelbabbo

Eric Stoen is behind this blog and he travels with kids and takes his audience to the next level through his pictures. He is rapidly growing and currently he has 190k followers on instagram.

96. @kirstenalana

Kisten Alana is an influencer and a photographer, with amazing skills, she takes beautiful city and landscape shots. She inspires others to travel as well. She has 208k followers on instagram.

97. @lifeof_riley

Riley Harper is a stuntman from LA. His instafeed is adventurous just as his career. His following is rapidly increasing because of what he shares on the Gram. Currently he has 235k followers.

98. @benjaminortega

Benjamin Ortega is a French guy who is a filmmaker, a photographer and an influencer. He is doing justice to his insta family which is around 332k, as his images are so dynamic which shows his love for photography, and his images mostly pertain to water which is very interesting to view.

99. @thechrishau

Chris Hau is not only an influencer but also a creative director and a youtuber. He is also associated with bigger brands like Google and Mercedes Benz. The variation in his images and the destination he shares are worth following. He has 356k followers.

100. @girleatworld

Melissa Hie is the “Girl” behind this insta account, She is a foodie and a traveler, She is able to cater around 373k followers on instagram. Melissa’s travel to world’s famous destinations and record her travel and food stories. She has visited around 36 countries so far. We just love her trademark pictures.

101. @erubes1

Eric Rubens, an artist from Southern California, loves to enjoy his time and make tons of images usually always somewhere near water. That is why most of his pictures are always catching some beach.