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16 Best Instagram Marketing Tools You Must Use in 2021

Did you know that the average Internet Marketing Manager earns an estimated base salary of $118,000 without bonuses and compensation? It takes a lot of persistence and strategy to manage and grow a client’s account. Some of the quick approaches social media managers have are to use our services, collaborate with others, and use Instagram features and tools.

Finding the right tool has lately become challenging due to hundreds of imitator apps, scams, and black-hats. If you have been using Instagram to market your products, or you intend to start doing so, then the following is a list of official Instagram partners Marketing tools that will make your work a lot easier:

Instagram Photo and Video Editing Tools


It initially started as VSCO Cam, a photography application for iOS and Android users. Now it is more than just a photo and video editor-it carries out challenges on VSCO girl memes, #VSCO hashtags, and others every week. It is common for 10 of its filters that are free when you download it. You can also subscribe for more advanced tools such as filters by Kodak and the recent photo Montage feature.


Boomerang is a stand-alone app by Instagram that helps you create captivating mini videos by adding looping effects to photos. It takes ten images, stitches them together, speeds up the video, and removes any bumps. It then loops it back and forth.

Adobe Premiere Rush

This free app changes your mobile production game by giving you access to advanced editing features, taking high-quality videos from your phone, adding subtitles, and posting directly to ig. It also allows you to export short clips for Instagram Stories and combine videos.
Photo and video editing tools are vital in increasing your number of views. You can also opt to raise your numbers quickly through our services.


Instagram ads Marketing Tools

Hootsuite Ads

Hootsuite platform for ads integrates with your Hootsuite dashboard for easier monitoring of all your strategies. Such Instagram marketing tools that collaborate are vital in getting client approval. This tool gives the market access to strategic reviews and frequent audits from Hootsuite’s social ad professionals.


This tool is a customizable dashboard designed to help you maximize your budget. It concentrates on the metrics that support your advertisement targets. AdEspresso also provides users with tips on how they can improve their strategies.

Ads Manager

Facebook owns Instagram, and for this reason, Ads Manager is shared by both platforms in generating and tracking ads. It provides marketers with an advantage due to Facebook’s targeting capabilities and the ability to run advertisements on two platforms. When you post something, you can track the performance after responding to comments. There are two sections, Amount Spent and Cost Per Results, that help you track how much engagement you are getting.


Instagram Hashtag Tools


It integrates with Hootsuite to help keep track of branded or famous hashtags. Marketers can use Panoramiq to research, analyze, and compare several hashtags before picking the best for your post. You can also track posts where a hashtag has been used to find related content.

Short Stack

Shortstack is a free tool whose functions include tracking social media content hashtags. It can also help you identify high-profile users and select winners in contests using its Random Entry Selector.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Hootsuite Analytics

This tool enables you to access your oldest data and create and customize historical reports. You can use it to monitor your rank in ig comments by positive or negative feedback and keep track of your account’s response time.

Hootsuite Impact

If you are keen on keeping track of your return on investment of your marketing approaches, you should get your result-oriented analytics from this platform. It provides you with a precise analysis documented in KPI summaries, graphs, and tables. Hootsuite Impact features built-in benchmarking, which you can use to compare how your campaigns match your close competitors. It can also connect to other tools such as Adobe Analytics.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is an essential tool when creating a content schedule. It gives you information on who is following you, when they are most active on the platform, and your followers’ highly engaged content. However, the data disappears after 1-2 weeks.

Instagram Marketing Automation Tools


It features scheduling tools that make it easy for you to post photos, videos, and Stories directly from the Hootsuite dashboard. This tool can be used smoothly on both mobile and computer. Its publisher also features a built-in planner, photo-editor, content library, and composer. You can respond to comments from the dashboard without having to go to Instagram.

Panoramiq Multiview

This tool can be integrated into the Hootsuite dashboard to help you monitor comments, mentions, and tags. It gives you a clear and detailed view of how ig users engage with your account. It is called multiview because you can add several accounts to a single stream.


This tool automatically tracks mentions of your business, competitors, and desired keywords. It can be integrated with Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other web sources. You can sync all this information with Hootsuite.

Instagram Tools For Bio Links


Cyan and Collis Ta’eed created this free tool to help individual entrepreneurs and small businesses to benefit from the bio link feature on ig even without owning a website. Milkshake allows users to create a simple mobile landing page. You can set up everything, including YouTube videos, blog posts, and virtual storefronts, all on the same platform.


Linktree is used by renowned companies such as Golde, Food Heaven, and celebrities such as Selena Gomez to refer traffic to their desired destination. It offers analytics tools, customization, and third-party integration to help keep track of where most people click. This tool recently launched an action feature that users can turn on to promote anti-racism.

Some of the prominent tools in ig account management are Hootsuite and others listed above. They help you save time by bringing all necessary information in a single and clear dashboard.

Which Instagram hashtags are the most popular?

There are many Instagram hashtags that are popular, some of them are #love, #instagood #photooftheday, #fashion and so on.

Will removing my followers be bad for my profile?

Not at all, if you consider it a good thing, then you should do it then.

Can I delete an Instagram story after I publish it?

You can delete your story on Instagram by deleting individual frames of a story. Once posted, you're not able to edit a photo or video in a story. Once you delete a photo or video in an Instagram story, it will be removed permanently.