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16 Ways To Help You Get The Perfect Instagram Selfie

Instagram is big on selfies and selfies are big on Instagram.

From regular users to celebrities, everyone seems to enjoy taking and posting selfies. Not to mention the engagement selfies draw is out of the world!
You must have probably scrolled through a plethora of picture-perfect selfies on Instagram this morning. We know you like many other users must’ve thought at that moment: why is it that my selfies don’t look so flawless?

In response to that question of yours, we’re happy to tell you that you’re wrong. Your selfies can also look just as flawless as the ones you see on the app. Once you grasp the right way to click one, we assure you that you’ll never stop capturing yourself!

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To help you ace your Instagram selfies, we have compiled 17 pro tips that will help you show off the best version of yourself.
From playing around with lights to choosing the best filters, these tips and tricks will show how to capture your finest angles. After all, your Instagram selfies deserve to get all those likes and followers.


Let’s dive in!

1. Loosen Up

Capturing selfies is supposed to be fun and not stressful. This is why the very first step towards a great selfie is to just relax. Make sure you have fun and try your poses without getting too self-conscious.

2. Find Your Angles

Every person has a specific angle or angles that make them look good. for a great selfie, all you have to do is find your angle. Start with tilting your head up, down, left, and right and find your best side. Just let some light fall on your cheek and see how it goes.

3. Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

You probably know it better than anyone – natural lighting is the best lighting for selfies. It can make you glow beautifully even with absolutely no makeup on.

4. Harsh Lights Are A Big No-No

Natural lighting is beautiful. But it ruins everything if it gets too bright. To avoid this, don’t face the sun directly. This will cast shadows on your profile and disturb the light balance.

5. Seek Refuge in Mirror Selfies

When you’re not in the mood for a regular selfie, but don’t want your look to go un-captured, you can simply turn towards mirror selfies. Settle confidently for a posture and click away!

6. Flash or No Flash?

Using flash mode to click selfies isn’t always a bad decision. Although flash can never give your selfies the quality that natural light does, it is always worth a try. To avoid the extra-brightness of flash mode, you can use Snapchat to click a subtle flash selfie.

7. Unsure About The Expression? Just Smile

Sometimes, even your favorite facial poses can turn awkward. When that happens, don’t just end your selfie session. Instead, put your smile to work. Make sure it looks and feels natural.

8. Use The Tucked Chin Angle

While not every face is similar, there is still one common angle that looks universally beautiful – the tucked chin angle. Just tuck down your chin a little and tilt your head slightly. This popular pose (Kylie Jenner is known for this!) will make your face look nice and sculpted.

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9. Take A Ton of Selfies

When trying to get perfect selfies, don’t settle with a bunch of same old poses. Instead, keep experimenting and give yourself a lot of options. Only after many tries will you discover your go-to pose.

10. Don’t Hesitate To Use Filters

If you want to give your selfie some fine final touches, don’t hold back from using a filter. From artistic VSCO filters to pretty Snapchat filters, the options are endless!

11. Bring Out the Model in You

If you want an amazing selfie, you better stop feeling awkward. Work on your smize, raise your eyebrows, or maybe even pout your lips to start creating some iconic pics.

12. Snap A Few in the Morning

Mornings are the best times for a selfie. Both your hair and makeup are yet untouched by nature. So take the opportunity to snap some gorgeous pics.

13. Find the Right Camera Angle

Like facial angles, camera angles matter too. Move the phone around to find the angle that works for you. Or, simply hold your smartphone a little above yourself and take a flattering picture.

14. Don’t Over-Edit

While editing your pictures to near-perfection is cool, over-editing them ruins the fun. Find or create a preset that is natural and goes seamlessly with every pic of yours.

15. Summon Your Shades

Let’s admit it – cool sunglasses make everyone look amazing. So, when you don’t feel like clicking a ton of pictures just to get that one perfect selfie, put on your shades. That way, only your lips will have to pose and everything else will be on point.


16. Have A Nice Backyard

A messy background brings down the quality of your pic and nobody likes to see it either. Be sure to choose the background that’s neat, plain, or outright amazing.

Final Thoughts

After reading these tips, we’re sure you can’t wait to capture your work-of-art selfies. While you can easily get great Instagram selfies, it can initially need a little getting used to. But once you get a hang of it, you will start snapping the best selfies you’ve ever had to date.
So, keep snapping away until you perfect this art and flaunt them on Instagram!

Where do you look in a selfie?

Always try to look at the camera lens itself, not the camera app screen where you see a live view of yourself. You can do that if you want to intentionally look away from the camera to create a different look.

What Instagram filters are most popular?

Clarendon! Clarendon is the most popular filter on Instagram, according to Lifewire, probably because of its slightly oversaturated look and high-contrast effect.

How can I make my picture look younger?

FaceApp is probably the best tool to use if you want to make your picture look younger. This app is not within Instagram, which means you will have to adjust your photo with it, then upload it to Instagram.