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5 Steps to Get Started Your Fashion Instagram Account and Get Followers

Instagram thrives on visuals. This means your account can only shine on the platform if you post impressive visual content. In fact, when it comes to Fashion Instagram Accounts, visuals are literally everything.

Once a user is on Instagram, they tend to scroll through a large number of posts. With such an influx of content, posts that are repetitive or poorly created tend to get lost in the noise of over 95 million daily uploads.

By understanding the need for high-quality content, you ensure an immersive experience for your audience so that they not only engage with you but end up buying your products.

For your account to make its mark on Instagram as Fashion Instagram Account, it’s important to get followers. More followers will attract more engagement and more engagement, in turn, will attract more followers and so on.
While Instagram marketing strategies are pretty much the same for a majority of brands, they get a little more fun with fashion brands.

Here are 5 amazing tips to get your brand and Fashion Instagram Account rolling.

1. Jazz Up Your Content

As discussed, Instagram is a visual platform, so make sure you put everything into creating the kind of content that your followers will love. This means that your content should not only be of high-quality but it should also carry the signature vibe that your brand represents.

Make sure your content is far from monotonous. Since Instagram has an abundance of visual content, it’s important to make sure that your content stands out. If you’re shooting a brand new outfit, make sure the background doesn’t come in the way of how the outfit looks.
While visuals are everything, your captions also play a significant role in terms of how the overall post looks.

So, make sure the caption goes well with the image and compels your audience to engage with it.

Alongside quirky images, make sure your post savvy videos that will leave your followers awestruck. You can get creative with Instagram videos and Reels to create short, crisp and stylish videos.
Whether it’s a bunch of outfit changes, an iconic walk, or a conceptual film – make sure the video emanates all the vibes of the very idea behind that specific style.

2. Tweak Your Feed With A Gorgeous Theme

Sure, posting great content is great. But you also want your audience to recognize straight away that a particular post belongs to your brand. After all, amid all the buzzy content inside the platform, yours must have a personality of its own.

To create a uniform theme, you can use a consistent color palette, or familiar editing, or similar text fonts, or fairly identical templates – as long as your feed looks co-ordinated, it will get all the followers your brand deserves!

You can even use the rule of threes to post captivating content. For example, if you’re promoting your latest fall collection, you can use an attractive warm color palette across your grids.

To get a better idea of what we mentioned, you can check out how popular brands and influencers are doing this and get your very own inspiration from them. When it comes to fashion, all that your audience wants is to see something unique and creative that will make their day.
A great feed deserves a great following to maintain its brand image on Instagram. An impressive brand image will in turn bring in more followers.


3. Make It Personal

Instagram is a social media platform, which is why users here appreciate posts that come with a personal touch. This not only makes your content seem super friendly but it also saves you the trouble of always fussing with images that are picture-perfect.
Whether it’s a little sneak peek into your latest project or a compilation of video bloopers, make sure you add an interesting mix of these posts alongside your high-quality images and videos.

Alongside being a professional marketing tool, Instagram also embraces content that’s raw and candid. Such content not only drives a high level of engagement but also makes your audience trust you more. After all, knowing that your brand is managed by humans and not robots is sure to help them connect with you on a deeper level. This will in turn help you get more followers.

Another great way to post candid content is through Stories and Live videos. Since stories appear on top of your audience’s feed, they have a high chance of being viewed by a large number of people.

4. Hashtag Your Way to Success

Hashtags are either often misused or overlooked, both of which can mean that you’ve not utilized the opportunity to increase your visibility.
To avoid these mistakes, make sure you research your hashtags well and use the ones that are not only entirely relevant to your post but are also not very competitive. For example, using general hashtags like #fashion, #outfitoftheday, #style, etc will not be much help in terms of ranking your post on the top of Explore Page.

Instead, use only the hashtags that closely match the outfit that you post. This will not only rank your post high up in the top hashtags but will also drive traffic back to your page.


5. Create Content Around Best-Performing Outfits

Since an Instagram fashion account is all about outfits, here’s a little secret we’ll let you in on – a majority of successful influencers and brands recreate outfits that circle the ones that previously received the highest engagement.
You can make use of Instagram Insights to keep track of your best performing posts so that you can create more of the content that your audience likes.
For example, if your audience particularly liked a post that included a unique women’s tuxedo jacket that you posed in or designed, you can use that as a base to create a similar post in the future. Using the content that performs the best is a great way to stay high up on the popularity chart and keep your niche satisfied with your content.

Final Thoughts

While growing your followers organically can take its own sweet time, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.
By understanding and creating an efficient marketing strategy and constantly staying up to date with the trends, you can drastically increase your followers.