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6 Ways to Help You Boost Blog Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media

A few years back, growing the traffic to your blog seemed too challenging and almost impossible. There was only one method that most people used to try and work on while others looked for alternatives, which were not much back then. In this method, you had to start by blogging every day and work hard to build an audience through consistency and trying to capture peoples’ attention through Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and email subscriptions. Afterward, you had to try to make the posts stick by optimizing the search engines.

The last and hardest stage of this method is to wait. The age of your blog determines a lot the credibility and worth to the internet world. This method, despite the challenges, was flourishing until social media came into play. It instantly connected millions of people and dominated the online-based news distribution.

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram later led to the development of social media marketing companies.

Other channels such as Twitter, Hubspot, and many more have now made it easier for you to increase and boost your blog traffic. However, you have to spend quite some quality time on the various social media platforms to get the traffic you want. You first have to establish a solid audience who will be bothered to look into what you share.

In Social Media Platforms, Older is Not Always Better

With the resources available today, thanks to the development of technology, you can start a blog today and share your success story tomorrow. When you create remarkable content and reveal it to the masses, they will share it for you and make it go viral. This means you are not restricted to the idea that old is a better rule. Another way to make your content go viral on social media platforms is through our trusted services that are affordable and of high-quality.

Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Through Social Media

Most businesses have adopted social media in their marketing campaign to engage target audiences. So how can you use social media in your business? You can start by driving traffic to your website with the following tips:

Fill Your Profile

When users click your social media page, the first thing they see is your profile. It is a perfect spot for displaying any top relevant information about your business and drop a link to your website. Social media drives at least 33% of referral traffic and you too could get a share by adding backlinks to your website. If your content is interesting to your audience, they will want to find out if they can get more.

Promote Your Blog Content

You may spend a lot of time and effort to write content for your blog and wish people could see your latest masterpiece. After two months, you find out only two people have seen it. You can fix this challenge by promoting your blog posts on social media. You do not need to create 15 blogs per month to start promoting your blog content and boost your traffic. You can begin at any point with any piece of content and start seeing tangible results.

Create a social media schedule that automatically promotes your old content using tools like Social Jukebox, Hootsuite, and Buffer. You can repurpose your blog posts with the following options:

    • Ask your target audience questions relevant to the post
    • Quote different snippets of your article
    • Change your article’s headline every 2-3 months
    • Vary your choice of images

When you promote your blog content with various messages, it keeps your feed fresh and attracts your audience to your website.

Make Your Content Easily Shareable

Allow and motivate your existing site visitors to share the content on your blog by embedding a social media sharing tool. Some tools like the Social Media Examiner will even show the number of shares earned by each post.

More than 41% of bloggers measure the social influence of a blog using the number of shares it receives. When you make this information available to your site visitors, it helps build trust and increase the conversion rates later in the buying cycle. The best action step is to install a plugin that displays social shares on your website. Examples include AddThis and Cresta’s Social Share Counter. These plugins enable viewers to share your content with the click of a button.

Focus on Visual Content

Did you know that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media platforms than any other type of content? Tweets with pictures receive 150% more retweets than those with none. If you use visual graphics on Twitter, you can position your content as well as your links in front of many ideal customers. Elements you should commonly use include:

  • Infographics
  • GIFs
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Animations
  • Graphs

The above increases the chances of your audience to click your social update and share it.


Interact With Your Audience

Social media provides you with the opportunity to engage directly with your target audience. You can answer questions and obtain feedback to improve your audience’s experience with your brand. It is an effective way to drive traffic to your website and improve your audience’s opinion of your business and also increase your likes. Did you know that only 11% of people receive replies from brands? You have the chance to stand out with several personal comments in the following ways:

  • Respond to tweets and comments mentioning you or your business
  • Search for relevant hashtags and initiate conversations
  • Contribute to relevant forums

Post When Your Audience is Active

The best time to post on social media is when your target audience is most active – during their “peak time.” Once you become more established, you can test different times and track the performance of your content to know what times drive the most engagement and click-throughs.

These tips are simple but effective in boosting the blog traffic to your site through social media channels.