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7 Fascinating Social Media Techniques That Are Dominating in 2021

Did you know that there is more than 42% of the global population actively using social media? 90% of them reach out to brands and businesses on social media to interact and find products. To get the maximum results from leading social marketing platforms, brands are introducing new forms of marketing.

The digital world has enabled massive steps of marketing on Instagram such as humanizing brands, offering deals, and being interactive. With the rapid growth of competition, growing your likes should be among your top priorities when using IG to promote your business. The best way to reach your target audience is to practice social media techniques that guarantee progressive growth.


Some of the techniques include:

1. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Speaking a lot about your brand through promotional campaigns is good, but you make your campaign more successful by showing your consumers what other customers think about your services. User-generated content provides your audience with information about your business from a customer’s experience.

UGC comprises any content created by an unpaid contributor mainly a customer, fan, or follower. It increases your business’ online reach by boosting your click-through rates and getting your more likes fast. Instagram is a huge source of UGC with 60 million pictures being uploaded daily. You should consider UGC as a marketing strategy since more than 60% of consumers prefer to use user-generated content to decide on services or products offered.

2. Humor

Humor has become a spice of life on all social media platforms. If you can manage to pull it off in your promotional campaigns, you can increase your online visibility reach. A good example is the use of memes which are racking up thousands and even millions of likes on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Being funny has become a mighty tactic to boost your user engagement.

If your products or services are too dull to capture your audience’s attention, adding a bit of humor can help you highlight its significant features and bring customers closer. Humorous promotions persuade at least 36% of online consumers to engage your content and make a purchase.

3. Micro-Influencers

Reliable micro-influencers are another efficient way to promote your brand and gain more reach. Micro-influencers mainly turn out to be more effective than highly influential personalities who are more expensive. In influencer marketing, engagement which includes likes and comments matters more than the follower count. Influencers with a large following barely have time to directly communicate with their fans on social media.

The majority of online consumers follow influencers to gather honest feedback and reviews about products. This is because influencers with fewer followers generate higher engagement rates.

4. Customer Service

By improving their customer service, entrepreneurs are reaping the rewards out of their social media platforms. They are choosing to leverage their business growth by providing a more profitable source to bring customers closer. When you deliver interactive and professional customer service, you can speed up your business revenue generation, customer reach, and online visibility.

Excellent greatly impacts the number of likes you get on your posts due to offering firsthand customer interactions to brands. It promotes businesses exceptionally by creating transparency. You need to listen to your customers and allow them to access every post on your profile.

5. Social Book-Marking Promotion

Social Bookmarking Sites are services that allow people to share resources through a reference URL instead of the content itself. Examples of such sites include StumbleUpon, Mixx, Delicious, Digg, and many more. The main aim of this technique is to get on the front page or get top-ranked on these sites thereby driving tons of traffic to your website.

For this technique to work, two things have to happen. One, you need to have services or content that could go viral. Two, you need the power users of the bookmarking sites to endorse you. This can be tricky and will often cost you a few dollars. When you make a hit with a bookmarking site, you may get traffic that is so high that it may crash your server. However, conversation rates may be low since not everyone is looking to buy from you.


6. Artificial Intelligence

Some powerful bots that assure prosperity and rigorous advancement have been making their way towards social media platforms. Artificial intelligence is significantly transforming social media marketing by carrying out behavioral detection to capture the exact needs and attention of the targeted audience. It has paved a new way for brands and businesses to thrive.

Customer interaction for many eCommerce platforms now has personalized and customized services thanks to the launch of Chatbots. They help marketers detect the preferences of their audience.

There is increased use of images by social media marketers to carry out networking. It is common on platforms such as Instagram where marketers share high-quality images looking for a large number of likes and engagement. This has led to the development of image recognition software to assist marketers to analyze what people want. This helps you tailor your services.

7. Marketing Gamification

This is where you create your own viral content that is indirectly promoting your brand or services. This can be a viral meme, video, hosting a competition, or creating a novel site whose aim is just to get people’s attention. The most challenging part of marketing gamification is that the odds of your content going viral are low.

Very few social media marketers offer this service as it requires an organized professional firm. It also requires to be accompanied by other social media techniques to generate the full effect. With Marketing Gamification, if your content goes viral on Instagram, you can get Instalikes fast. It is the same on all other platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

There are significant advancements in social media marketing due to customer experience and the introduction of new technologies. To keep up with the competition, you need to take a step into something unique and appealing.

What is gamification digital marketing?

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What are the 7 function of social media?

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