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7 Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

Technological innovation has changed the ways businesses operate. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has further upended the situation. Unprecedented revolution in digital media, platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook, and upcoming technologies will positively shape 2021 marketing trends around the world.

This article will highlight the key marketing trends that businesses can follow next year. We have used real-time examples and research data collected to adopt the latest marketing techniques to carve out these marketing trends. The article also focuses on the impacts of digital media platforms on the marketing trends in 2020 and uncovers the cutting edge technologies marketers can use in 2021.


1. Lifecycle Marketing Trend

The very first and foremost marketing trend that businesses must follow in 2021 is lifecycle marketing. It is the process of providing your audience with the communication and experiences they want to convert them from prospects to customers, and finally, the advocates of your brand. However, the experts consider it a “dead funnel” because of the customers’ linear journeys. They never care if the product or service business is marketing unless you create brand awareness.

No one can deny the role of digital marketing in this trend. Still, many think that boosting revenue from existing customers is not what digital marketing aims for. Businesses can integrate online marketing into lifecycle marketing trends if they focus on communication from a customer point of view. Marketing experts call it always-on lifecycle marketing and advise marketers to use both online and offline media to achieve the desired goal.

2. Social Media Marketing Trend

Social media marketing trends will dominate all other marketing trends in 2021 because of the increasing interest of the masses in social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are some of the most commonly used social media platforms. Out of these channels, Facebook and Instagram are at the top because of billions of users across the globe. Many businesses rely on paid traffic to increase their clientele. Social media experts recommend organic traffic instead of paid because social media channels can filter traffic. However, buying views, likes, followers, and comments from authentic sources such as our services can also boost your brand’s social media presence and convert sales.

Social media channels help businesses adopt personalization techniques to retain old customers and attract new ones. Usually, enterprises engage in one-on-one communication with their customers on these platforms, which boosts their confidence in the brand.

3. Conversational Marketing Trend

Over the past few years, businesses are focusing on a new and improved marketing trend called conversational marketing. It entails enterprises to use a personalized approach for doing online business. Mostly, it is in the form of automated conversation with website visitors to know their needs and wants. The advent of artificial intelligence has boosted up the process.

Conversational marketing technologies focus on B2C communications. Smart speakers and intelligent comparison bots prove handy in this situation. Research data shows that six out of ten smart speaker owners purchase through this trick because it supports the customers’ purchase journey. Building web, mobile, and email-based conversations always have a positive impact on conversion. Businesses use Persado tech here that focuses on copy and call-to-action on an individual basis.

4. Insights-driven Marketing Trend

Insights-driven marketing trend uses data and analytics to calculate the results of digital marketing and devise strategies to improve businesses’ performance. Mckinsey’s research says that companies that use customer analytics are 23% more likely to outperform their competitors in achieving new customers and 9% more likely to surpass them in winning customers’ loyalty.

Marketers recommend using Voice of Customers (VoC) techniques to influence customers’ preferences for upcoming products. The companies analyze their target customers to know who uses their products and how and when they buy it. Focusing online-hosted customer communities may prove a good source for providing these insights.

5. Marketing Technology Trend

The upcoming year 2021 will also be remarkable for using marketing technologies by businesses to outpass their competitors. Marketing technology (Martech) is the use of new tools and software to achieve marketing objectives. Usually, companies use Martech in digital marketing campaigns. However, enterprises can use it in any marketing channel for better results.

Nowadays, businesses also harness Martech to improve the management of digital media, experiences, and all supporting data. Here, it is pertinent to mention that organizations can gain a competitive advantage only if they use marketing technology the right way. Otherwise, they will face issues in the automation process and achieve their desired insights.

6. Privacy of Consumers and KYC

Knowing your customer will be another top priority of the businesses in 2021 to ensure their data privacy. The privacy of consumers’ data has gained much importance since the data leakage scandal of Facebook. Consumers are well aware that their data is never safe with online brands. Enterprises implement GDPR as a privacy regulation to secure customers’ data. Companies faced record fines in 2019 over data leakage.

Marketers are hopeful that emerging technologies will solve all data leakage issues. New identification methods or Know Your Customer solutions are under development that will reduce fraud and increase security. These identification methods will be compatible with various operating systems. Moreover, countries around the world are also passing legislation to control data leakage issues.

7. Digital and Marketing Transformation

Most businesses are using digital marketing techniques for a wider reach. Digital marketing research shows that companies using this technique lack focus integrated strategy, testing, optimization, and structural issues. These include a lack of a skilled workforce in integrated communities and various teamwork problems.

Therefore, businesses are using digital transformation programs nowadays, for the effective implementation of digital marketing. It focuses on building a roadmap to improve digital capabilities and skills. Digital transformation also helps in the integration of always-on digital activities with brand and product marketing. We can expect a hybrid approach to manage digital marketing with digital marketing skills.

Final Thoughts

After reading all these trends, we can say that business operations will revolutionize with the onset of 2021. Enterprises will use various marketing trends to surpass its competitors in all respects.

Is advertising on LinkedIn effective?

In conclusion, while LinkedIn ads may be more expensive than Facebook and Twitter ads, they are worth the money.

Is marketing constantly evolving?

Digital marketing is continuously evolving, opening up new opportunities every day. As technology is introducing new communication channels and tools, the cost to experiment new methods is getting lower.

What is the most popular form of marketing?

B2C, meaning Business to Customer. Social Networks and Viral Marketing.