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8 Insider Tips to Make a YouTube Video Go Viral

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Viral YouTube videos are videos that have become exceedingly popular. This boom in popularity occurs from people watching, enjoying, sharing, and repeating.

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Leoboost is a great resource to help expedite your popularity on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok. In this article, we have laid out the top 8 tips on getting your YouTube videos to go viral, based on our own personal experience.

1. Create Quality Videos

Videos are more likely to take off with popularity if they look good. This means creating a professional, or at least professional-seeming, content. High-quality videos, that include good sound/music, well-organized ideas, and great lighting are much more attractive to viewers.

Make sure any video filming takes place in a quiet environment, where the audio can be recorded clearly. Also, take lots of time in your editing. Look up lessons on how to make the most of available post-production tools.

2. Produce Unique Contents

Boring videos do not go viral. To go viral, produce content that is surprising and quirky. Keeping viewers entertained should be the number one intention when creating new videos.

Stay spontaneous can be difficult, so continue to experiment with fresh ideas. Maybe, present your products in unique approaches. Tell a story with your video, that reaches a deeper meaning. These strategies will keep viewers watching. Once an audience becomes interested in your video’s content, they will begin sending it along to other friends, family, and acquaintances.

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3. Research Trending Keywords

Keywords are terms that are most often searched. If videos obtain the flexibility to include keywords, then that will increase visibility in your videos.

On obstacle regarding keywords, is that they are always changing with trends. As entertainment shifts, so do the most frequently used keywords. If your YouTube videos can keep up with these changes in trends, then it will have a better chance of getting clicked on by viewers.

4. Evoke Emotion

There are many emotions that YouTube videos can play on. Evoking emotion can be through motivational workout videos, inspiring cooking demonstrations, humorous skits, etc.

Bringing emotion into your videos increases the likelihood for it to be shared, to reach more viewers. To attract millions of people to watch your videos, establish a beginning, middle, and end. Raise and issue, ideally something trending, and elaborate on it in your own creative way.

Passion is another great emotion that will grab the viewer’s attention. Research topics that people are arguing about, and portray something your audience will appreciate. The video’s emotional ties to current issues will get people sharing your content and increasing popularity.

5. Discover Similar Brands

Another great way to popularize YouTube videos is by building a subscriber base. This can be done by offering to partner with similar brands that already have a strong subscriber count.

The most important factor to understand, when looking to partner with another brand, is your target audience. Who do your videos appeal to the most, and how can you maintain that attention? You can see what demographics are viewing your videos through the YouTube analytics tool. These statistics can help determine who your target audience should be.

Once a solid demographic is established, then research what other content and entertainment that audience is also viewing. These strategies will broaden your outreach, and will allow more views to discover your videos!

6. Use Appropriate Lengths

How long should your videos be? The answer is, what do your viewers want? Everything made on your YouTube channel should revolve on what your viewers want.

Older demographics that are looking for deeper meanings, and extended explanations, in their videos might expect longer videos. These lengthier segments also allow engagements and connections to be made between the viewers and the videos.

Younger demographics tend to be looking for short videos. These clips should be entertaining with a lot of content concentrated into a short amount of time.

Understanding the desired length of your videos and catering to your audience are all important factors. Utilize the technology and editing tools YouTube provides to create the perfect video length your audience is looking for.

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7. Make Social-Focused Videos

Social qualities in videos correlate to whether or not it becomes viral. When a video is social, that means that viewers are affected by it, and feel inclined to send it along via social media, blogs, emails, and other modes of virtual communication.

This social quality in sharing and re-sharing YouTube videos is the cornerstone to going viral. Studies have revealed that social videos are much more likely to spread and become viral videos.

8. Expand to Other Platforms

If you have connections through other social media platforms, you should definitely utilize those networks as well. A great aspect of social media fame is that the content can be shared easily.

Advancing your brand on social media will increase your chance in your videos going viral. Use Instagram Stories, Facebook posts, or Twitter links to promote recent videos. This expansive outreach will create a catch-all for new viewers. Posting on multiple social media platforms also makes it that much easier for your friends and followers to share your videos.

Go Create Your Next Viral YouTube Video

These tips are the keys to success in creating viral videos. Follow all of these steps, and you will be YouTube famous in no time. Jumping ahead of the game, and buying views through our services at Leoboost, is a great way to boost your video into YouTube stardom.

For more tips and strategies for social media, check out our blog. We post new content every week!