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Best Instagram Influencers Marketing Strategy for 2021

Instagram Influencer marketing is among the most efficient marketing strategies on social media. If you are a business owner wondering whether influencer marketing can be beneficial to your business, the answer is most definitely yes. However, you need to do your research before investing heavily in an influencer.

With the stiff competition in social media platforms such as Instagram, business owners are investing more heavily in influencer marketing. Large organizations have embraced this strategy while some small businesses are still being skeptical. However, using our services accompanied by an honest and enthusiastic influencer can do wonders for your local brand.

The fear that influencer marketing is only suited for large organizations with a national presence has stalled the progress of many small businesses. There are plenty of ways business owners can leverage influencers to their advantage. For influencer marketing to succeed, you need to adjust your strategies to align with your goals.

Creating a Successful Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy

With the right strategies in place, influencers can create an efficient influencer marketing campaign. Every Instagram marketing strategy begins with getting likes and a considerable following. Some of the vital factors to consider in your strategy include:

Finding Local Influencers

Well-established brands often partner with huge celebrities to support their campaign. Most of these celebrities are worth a lot since they have millions of followers. Small businesses obviously can’t stretch their budget to that extent. Well, this should not distract or dissuade you from finding the perfect influencer for your brand. The benefits of such influencers to small businesses are minimal relative to the amount you may spend.

Your small business will have a better return on investment (ROI) if you enlist the support of local influencers. If you are questioning whether local influencers exist in your community, they do and all you have to do is find them. The most obvious example of an influencer easy to find is a politician. But there are various reasons why you should keep away from asking a politician to help you promote your business.

  • Politics is polarizing and unless with unanimous support in your area, they could end up causing more damage than support to your brand.
  • Local politicians have a large platform. Therefore, they will expect you to pay a high amount to access it.
  • Politicians always have a generic message. They are rarely seen as experts of anything important. Their influence may only have an effect if they were initially well-related to what you are trying to promote before going into the office.

Other tactics you can use to find local influencers include:

1. Perform Local Hashtag Research

Use Instagram and Google to do local hashtag research. Hashtags are always a good idea to increase likes and engagement. You can search for a specific keyword from your niche and discover popular posts using the hashtag. If you own a food business in New York, you can use the hashtag #newyorkfoodbloggers on IG to search for relevant local or micro-influencers in your community.

2. Use Influencer Marketing Platforms

Thankfully, influencer marketing platforms have made it easier to find relevant and suitable influencers. Some of the most popular platforms include BuzzStream, BuzzSumo, and Reelio. These enable you to find authentic and relevant influencers from your industry based on their audience data, performance data, and more. When you use influencer marketing platforms, you are assured of more accurate results in less time.

3. Scanning Your Own Social Media Followers

If you already have a significant social media presence, begin by scanning various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You will be surprised to find that some local influencers are already following you. When you find them, vet them by relevance to your niche and follower numbers.


Effectively Approaching Influencers

Once you have a list of all your potential followers, it is time to approach. You first need to understand their work and get an edge over your competitors who may be engaging them without a plan.

Get Yourself on Their Radar

Follow them to make them aware of you and scan their work on social media to get an idea of their reach and engagement. You can also leave relevant comments on their posts and even share their posts.

Draft a Win-Win Proposal

If you want them to show interest in collaborating with you, you need to develop a proposal where both of you benefit. Introduce yourself at the beginning of the proposal and continue to clearly describe your goals and expected outcomes of the collaboration.

Follow Up

There is a possibility that your potential influencer will not get back to you immediately but this does not mean they do not want to collaborate with you. Their DMs and emails may be flooded with messages from other businesses and Instagram users. You should therefore wait a few days and if you still haven’t heard from them, send a follow-up message or email.

Benefits of Instagram Influencers on Your Business

Local influencers get the name of your brand out to people who may not know you even exist in your geographical area. They also connect with followers on a deeper level since they are more likely to know them on a personal level and have genuine connections with them.

They are more cost-effective and do not need thousands of dollars to endorse your products or services. They are ideal for local businesses with a limited budget since most of their followers live in the same area.

Partnering with them means tapping into a wider market of people that are close in proximity to your business. They also increase your likes and business’s authenticity since more people are likely to respond to someone sharing something they love within their network unlike posts from a business page or an influencer with millions of followers.