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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram?

See Who View Your Instagram Story

We’ve all wondered it, right?

We post something on our Instagram—one that we’re particularly proud of for whatever reason (maybe
the caption is incredibly good or maybe it’s the best photo you’ve ever taken)—and we want to know a
few specific things—who saw it and how many people saw it? We’ve all wondered it—can you see who
views your Instagram?

While we all wish we could see specifically who viewed our profile—something that Instagram tends to
keep hush-hush—we can see some important things. For example, if we have business IG pages, we can
see how many people view our IG profile and we can even see who views our Instagram stories.

And for now, that’s good enough for us.

Instagram now allows you to see every last person who viewed your Instagram story (they took a cue
from Snapchat who, unlike Facebook, was very keen on showing blatantly who viewed your story) and
will even give you the data you need to know how many people viewed your IG profile (and why they
got there).

This tool is a lot more useful than you might think.

Though Instagram still hasn’t allowed people to see who specifically views their profile (by their
username), you can gauge who is checking out your content by being able to see who is watching your
Instagram stories and watching the number of viewers climb from week to week (even if you can’t see
the exact names of who is viewing your profile).

That’s right, no third-party apps needed!

How exactly do you go about this? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about how you
can see who views your Instagram story and how to check how many people are viewing your Instagram
profile. We’ll even share some tips for how to buy Instagram views.

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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

Unfortunately, Instagram still doesn’t let you see who exactly views your profile (even though we all
wish they would). So, as you know, if someone looks at your profile and your pictures without liking or
commenting them, you might never know that specific user looked at your page.

However, if you run a business Instagram account, you’ll have access to specific stats to show you how
many users view your profile from week to week, as well as other types of traffic. This will show up in
your insights section. But, for now, you can’t know who specifically is viewing your IG profile.

You CAN See Who Views Your Instagram Stories — Here’s How

So, you’re wondering if you can see who views your Instagram story, right? We don’t blame you—that
was on our minds, too. Now that Instagram has released the update that lets you check out who views
your story, it’s easier than ever to see who is spying on your content.

Not sure how to go about this? Don’t sweat it. That’s exactly what this article is for. Here’s a step-by-
step guide for figuring out who has seen your Instagram stories.

Instagram Takeovers

Step One: Post Your Story

Step Two: Open Your Story

Step Three: Swipe Up on the Screen

Step Four: Check Out The Names of Who Has Seen Your Story

Step Five: If You Have Multiple Photos or Videos, Click Through to See The Stats on Each

Getting a lot of Instagram story views can be hugely helpful for your engagement, that’s why buy
Instagram story views (we recommend buying from LeoBoost) can help improve your IG’s performance
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Why Does Knowing Who Views Your IG Stories and How Many Users
View Your Profile Matter for Your Brand or Business?

It’s a cool thing to know how many people—and who specifically—is watching your Instagram stories.
But why exactly does this matter for your brand or business?

One word: insight.

The more you know about your audience, the better you can build your fanbase, engage with your fans,
and curate your credibility. If you know who is watching your story, you can better create content for
that market so you can boost your IG followers, engagement, exposure, and more easily, seamlessly,
and organically!

Use this information to figure out what kind of content your users enjoy more. Do your stories with
music perform better than stories that don’t have music? Do you get more views when you post videos
or photos?

All of this insight is crucial for building a top-notch Instagram page—no matter whether you’re a
business, an influencer, or just a personal account!

If you’re invested in building your Instagram to be the best it can be—to attract fans, build an audience,
increase engagement, or convert customers—then your insights matter! That’s where your story views
can come into play. Need a head start on increasing that engagement to get the ball rolling? Consider
buying Instagram story views from LeoBoost! Overall, it’s important to know how to check who views
your IG profile and story, even if you can’t see exactly which user is viewing your profile. Follow these
steps to learn how to check your insights to get a better idea of your IG analytics to further promote
your IG’s growth.