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Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Takeovers

Instagram Takeovers

It’s no secret that Instagram is an absolute must-have tool when it comes to running a business, growing
an audience, and becoming a popular influencer. But in order to maximize your Instagram potential, it’s
important to ensure you’re optimizing how you use Instagram to do it.

These fun, collaborative efforts are now super popular Instagram marketing strategies that help brands
gain visibility. Now, they’re more popular than ever, but somehow, still a tactic that followers love.

Most importantly, Instagram takeovers can be a great way to boost your metrics and meet your goals
fast, especially when it comes to increasing your brand awareness, engaging with your community, and
promoting yourself.

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But what exactly is a successful Instagram takeover and how can you organize one in a way that
optimizes your goals and needs? Keep reading to learn about how to craft a next-level Instagram
takeover to boost your marketing and help your account grow!

What is an Instagram Takeover?

First things first, before you can run a successful Instagram takeover, it’s probably important to know
what an insta takeover is, right? Right.

An Instagram takeover is the process of one brand or person taking over another brand of person’s
Instagram temporarily in order to share content with their audience. For example, if you were running
an Instagram takeover with another influencer, you would give them permission to take over your
account for a day (or a week, however long you want) in order to collaborate and cross-promote

Takeovers are fun, sure, but they also offer value! They’re pretty evenly split when it comes to 50/50
value exchange, so both people or brands involved in the takeover typically find it to mutually, equally

The host gets to bring some value to their followers using a guest, and the guest gets to engage with a
new audience, too. See? It’s a win-win from a marketing standpoint.

How to Organize a Successful Insta Takeover

Now that you’ve got the whole Insta takeover definition on lock, we’ve taken our assistance a step
further and laid out a few important steps to help you create the ultimate insta takeover.

Buy Real Instagram Followers

This might seem like a weird first step for an Instagram takeover, but hear us out. The more real,
authentic followers you have, the more likely it is that another brand or person is going to want to
participate in a takeover with you. If you’re struggling to organically source authentic followers, we
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needs to start attracting those cross-platform, collaborative marketing partners.

Set Clear Goals

Running an Instagram takeover can be super fun but it’s important not to get too swept up and forget all
about why you chose to do a takeover in the first place. Did you want to do a takeover to get more
followers? Increase your engagement? Promote your brand? Whatever the purpose was, make sure
you’re setting clear goals and then monitoring your metrics before, during, and after the takeover to see
how effective it was.

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Pick the Perfect Guest (Or Be the Perfect Guest)

In order to accomplish those goals, you need the perfect guest (or you need to be the perfect guest on
someone else’s takeover). You can work with community members, customers, employees, influencers,
colleagues—the list goes on and on. All that matters is that they’re engaging, in-demand, and someone
that your followers actually want to follow along with.

Lay Out the Details of the Takeover

All that’s left is to organize the strategy! Will your takeover be exclusively on stories? Will your guest
have access to posting? How will you cross-promote? Will your guest go live? Will you go live with
them? Plan out all the details in a succinct, easy-to-follow way before the takeover happens so that
when it’s time to go live, there’s no confusion.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Now that you’ve done all the work, make sure people know about it! Promote the heck out of your Insta
takeover well in advance so that your followers—new and old—will be aware of the takeover. There’s
no such thing as overhyping an Insta takeover, so don’t be afraid to really promote the takeover with an
announcement. Whether you choose to promote on our social media platforms or on Instagram (with a
post, a story, or both), make sure the word gets out!

See how awesome Insta takeovers can be? Sure, they require a little planning and a lot of leg work, but
at the end of the day, they can be a huge boon to both brands participating in the takeover!

Love our Instagram tips? Good! Stay up to date on what’s hot and what’s not in the Instagram (and
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