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Are You Giving Your Instagram Followers The Attention They Deserve?

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If you read the title of this article, you’re probably already wondering if you are actually giving your
Instagram followers the attention they deserve.

And you know what? The short answer to this question is probably not. Seriously.

We’re not hating on you and we certainly don’t think you’re purposely slackin’ when it comes to the
attention you’re giving your followers, but we’re willing to bet there are a few easy, quick things you’re
not doing that you could be that could truly amplify your followers’ happiness in a snap!

Your follower (who, most often doubles as your customer) is the most important part of your
business—there’s no argument there, right? Without them, you simply wouldn’t exist—they’re the
reason you have an Instagram (or a business) at all.

Treating your followers right is absolutely everything, and if that’s not a hugely important and tangible
part of your current Instagram strategy, then, spoiler alert, you’re not giving your Instagram followers
the attention they deserve. It’s crucial that you keep your Insta followers happy!

So, why exactly does this matter and, more importantly, how can you be sure that you’re actually giving
your Instagram followers the attention they need? Keep reading to learn about a few quick, easy ways
to give your followers all the attention they could ever want (and need).

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Why Does it Matter If You’re Paying Attention to Your Followers?

It’s easy to think about your followers as names on a screen—but that’s just it, they’re more than that.
Your followers are real, living, breathing people, and they follow you for a reason—so if you ignore that
very blatant fact, your followers are going to catch on!

The reality of the situation is that you, as an Instagram account, have a reputation—and you want it to
be a good one. Would you rather be the account that ignores their followers or the one with followers
that adore you? Would you rather be the account that has a reputation for being too snooty to engage
with their followers or would you prefer to be the account that’s known for paying attention to their

It’s up to you how you want to be perceived—you get to control your reputation. It all comes down to
how you treat your followers.

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How to Get Better at Focusing on Your Followers

Analyze Your Spare Time and Refocus

Think long and hard about how you spend your spare time. Are you wasting it? Are you optimizing it as
creatively as you could be? Think about how you spend that extra 15 minutes in an Uber, how you spend
that 30 minutes watching a Netflix show, that hour of scrolling mindlessly through Facebook—could you
use that to time to interact with your followers?

The short answer—absolutely.

Schedule Time to Engage With Your Followers

Seriously, do this! However you plan your day (on an online site or in a physical planner), write down a
specific time every day to schedule “engaging with followers” time. This is productive even if it feels like
it’s not! Sure, it might feel like you’re wasting time scrolling through social media, but taking the time to
pay attention to your followers is crucial for your brand—so it’s definitely not a waste!

At the end of the day, how you treat your followers matters—a lot. That means it’s important to give
them the attention they deserve! If you avoid this forever, you could see a steep drop off in your
follower count—and that’s the last thing you want when running a successful Instagram.

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