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How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story

Add Music to Your Instagram Story

Have you ever spent time scrolling through Instagram stories and wondered just how to add music to
Instagram story? Yeah, we figured you might have—a lot of us did too at first!

Adding music to Instagram stories is a great way to enhance the mood of your IG story, create a unique
story, and ensure that users are interested in the content you post. The more entertaining that your IG
stories are and the more creative you can be, the higher the chance that users will consider your IG
content (stories, posts, and more) to be unmissable.

As you know, IG stories are easy to create but they have infinite possibilities—by adding music to your
IG stories, you’re able to enhance and elevate your Instagram content even further.

Instagram typically lets you add in music from a huge selection—we’re talking from Spotify, SoundCloud,
your own library, and more. In other words, you’ve got plenty of IG music options for your story!

So, are you ready for us to stop jabbering and start sharing the step-by-step process you need to know
to add music to your Instagram story?

Yeah, we thought so. Keep reading to learn more—we’ll have you adding music to your IG story in no
time, and we’ll even teach you how to buy Instagram story views, too!

The Must-Know Steps for Adding Music to Your Instagram Story

Before we dive into the steps you need to know to add music to your Instagram story, we want to let
you know why this is important.

Sure, adding music makes your story more interesting, can attract new followers, and can even show
users that your IG content is creative and entertaining, but mostly, it’s vital to have music on your story
because over 60 percent of Instagram stories are played with the sound on.

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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

If you’re leaving your viewers with silence or unappealing noise when they watch your stories, they’re
likely to be turned off by your IG—give them something pleasant to listen to that boosts the mood of
your IG story.

You’re ready to learn, and we’re ready to teach you—so, we’ve added in a step-by-step guide for you
right here to show you how to add music to your Instagram stories.

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Step 1: Create a New Instagram Story

You already know how to do this step—whether it’s a photo, video, boomerang, or something else. Take
the first step to add your content to your story.

Step 2: Tap the Sticker Icon

You know where the sticker button is, too—the top right of the screen. Start clicking!

Step 3: Select the Music Sticker Icon

instagram story giff

Search through the stickers until you find the right one—it should say “music” on it (sounds pretty self-
explanatory, right?).

Step 4: Pick Your Song

This is the hardest step—only because there’s so much to choose from. Pick whatever song your heart
desires, just make sure it fits the mood of your story.

Step 5: Choose the Right Part of the Song You Want

You can select the exact section of the song you want! No, you won’t be able to play the whole song, so
pick the part you want to add!

Step 6: Tap Done and Add Your Story

You’re done! Yeah, it was that easy. Now, you’ve got a killer IG story that’s been enhanced by great
music. Well done!

See? Adding music to your IG story isn’t so hard—and trust us, the benefits are the best! Why? Because
when you have interesting IG stories, you can boost your follower count, receive more engagement on
your posts, and build an audience that trusts you and counts you as credible (want a headstart?
Consider buying Instagram story views from LeoBoost). Don’t forget to make sure you’re adding music
to your IG stories to provide compelling content for your followers and promote your brand the right