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How to Be an Instagram Fashion Blogger: A Quick and Easy Guide

Instagram is a hub for a majority of fashion brands and fashion influencers who create high-quality content to keep their audiences engaged and wanting more.

While this makes the platform highly competitive for budding fashion bloggers, it also opens up a large number of opportunities to create their marks on the platform.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re starting your Instagram fashion blogging journey is to create content that is not only high in quality but also unique and original. This will ensure that your page is heard loud and clear amid millions of daily uploads.

One of the best ways to do so is to get more followers and gain more likes on your posts. When your posts show a large number of Instagram likes, users will feel more inclined to like them. This in turn will increase your visibility and drive home large traffic.

That said, your posts will need to have a style and personality of their own for your audience to recognize and appreciate your work. Although everything may seem daunting initially, it is anything but!

To guide you through a smooth fashion blogging journey, we have put together a bunch of solid brand strategies that are sure to help you.

Here is how to be an Instagram fashion blogger.

1. Create Stunning Content

When it comes to fashion, creating high-quality and sophisticated content can help you increase and get more likes. This is why it’s important to create the very best of content before you upload it on the platform. Here’s how you can make sure that your content will help you rank among the top fashion bloggers on the platform:

  • Post attractive and stylish pictures
    Because pictures form the most important part of a fashion blog, it is paramount to post the ones that are perfect to look at. For this purpose, make sure you use a proper camera and editing software. By aiming for very high picture quality, you can set a solid foundation for your content.
  • Focus on the picture background
    It goes without saying that the outfits you choose can make or break your blog. In other words, it decides whether you will get likes or not. And the background that you choose for these outfits can in turn make or break the outfit game itself. This is why it’s important to make sure that your background brings out the best of your outfit.
  • Follow What’s Trending
    A majority of users on Instagram are inclined towards fashion that is currently trending. This is why uploading outdated content can lead your followers away from you. On the other hand, every fashion enthusiast is keen to know what’s hot in today’s fashion world. Creating images and videos centered around popular trends will keep your audience hooked to your page.
  • Post consistently
    You can post a ton of pictures at once and then not post any pictures at all. This kind of inconsistency can lead your followers away from you. Make sure you constantly create and post your content in a way that your followers even look forward to your next post. Consistent posting is crucial to increasing Instagram likes.
  • Don’t over-promote
    While it’s important to promote yourself and your brand on Instagram, it’s important to take care that you don’t end up stuffing your feed with promotional posts only. Instead, use the 80/20 rule where 80% of your posts include interesting and engaging content related to your brand and only 20% of your posts are promotional.
  • Make your blog presentable
    While taking extra care to post high-quality pictures is great, it is equally important to monitor how your overall feed looks like. If you take a look at popular fashion blogs on Instagram, you will notice how perfectly co-ordinated their feeds are. You can follow their example to make use of themes, colors, and filters to ramp up your feed’s aesthetics.
  • Don’t miss out on videos
    Instagram generates one of the largest numbers of Instagram video views across the internet. This gives your brand the opportunity to increase and get more likes through short, crisp, and super-engaging videos.

2. Acquire A Large Number Of Followers

On Instagram, followers basically act as a currency of sorts. This is because the more Instagram followers you boast on your profile, the more popular you become.

By creating great content and posting it consistently and with patience, you are sure to build your followers gradually.

Another great way to amass a large number of followers can be done by buying them from high-end companies. Having a large number of followers will not only give your profile a high amount of credibility, but it will also help you attract more followers than ever.

3. Interact With Your Audience

When it comes to engaging with your followers, it’s important to make sure that you answer every query of theirs both on comments and in posts to make your followers feel valued.

You can even run Instagram contests and giveaways to keep your audience engaged and share your content across Instagram. This will in turn increase your reach and engagement, ultimately increasing your followers.

Another great way to boost your engagement and increase instalikes is through Instagram stories. Stories feature includes several stickers and AI filters to make it as interesting as possible. You can even go live to directly interact with your followers.


4. Post At The Right Time

If you’re going the extra length to post content that is the very best, it’s also important to dedicate the time and effort to figure out what your best posting timings are. This is because Instagram is a content-generating machine where your posts may end up getting lost in the noise if your followers fail to see them.

Make use of Instagram Insights to find out when a majority of your audience is online. This will ensure that your content reaches the maximum number of people during the first couple of hours of the upload – an important factor that helps you increase and get more likes.

When your audience likes or engages with your content during those first few hours, you have high chances of increasing your reach on the platform. If you never want to miss out on posting your content, it’s important to schedule your posts using Instagram post scheduling tools.


Now that you’ve grasped the essentials of making your fashion blog successful on Instagram, we’re sure that you are all set to kickstart your blog right away!