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How to Delete an Instagram Post Permanently?

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms around the world with more than one billion monthly active users. Instagram became not only a place where you can share your memories, but also a place where you can advertise yourself, no matter if you are a startup, already a big company or an influencer.

The key of what we do on Instagram is in fact what we post. Our posts define who we are. But sometimes we post something, and after several minutes, days, months, we change our mind and decide that we want to delete it.

Luckily, there is an easy option for how to delete an Instagram post.

How to delete an Instagram post on mobile?

Step 1: Go to your profile

Press your profile image at the bottom right corner of your screen in order to go to your profile.

Step 2: Find the post you want to delete

Review your posts and find the one that you want to delete. After you find it, select the option icon with the three dots in the right corner.

Step 3. Delete an Instagram post permanently

Once you find the post you want to delete, tap “Delete”.

tips before you delete

Before you put yourself in a situation where you want to delete an Instagram post, you should consider two things.

One is – Analyze before you delete. Before you decide to delete a post on Instagram consider if deleting is actually beneficial for you and why do you want to remove it. Maybe your followers like that post.

Always try to analyze your content before you decide to delete it.

Second tip – Don’t delete it, archive your post. It can happen that for some reason your post is not performing well at the moment, which doesn’t mean that it will not perform later. Or you are not sure if you want to delete a post on Instagram or not.

In these kinds of scenarios and many more, the best option is to simply archive your post instead of deleting them. Whenever you change your mind your post will be waiting for you in the archive section where you can easily show them on your profile again.

Why do so many people delete good and popular Instagram pictures?

As much as this is true, there are several possible reasons for this. Such as for example: Not enough likes. People panic, and worry if their posts do not have enough likes. They value how popular they are by the likes that they receive.

Another reason it could be that they changed their mind about it. Just because we find a certain image very good , that doesn’t mean that the owners find it equally good.

Very important thing to point out here is “Perception”. Some people are trying to create the perception that their page is highly desired, so they delete some posts that do not meet their minimum acceptable performance mark.

For example, they might delete any post that does not receive X number of likes with the first 24hrs. Leaving only those posts that exceed that criteria on their page. It’s a very common practice on Instagram.