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How to Get Followers on Instagram: A Step-By-Step Guide for 2020

How to Get Followers on Instagram: A Step-By-Step Guide for 2020

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Remember when your parents told you that the number of friends you had wasn’t everything? Well, turns out, they were kind of right, but not when it comes to Instagram.


Because digital marketing via Instagram is super important nowadays, and the more followers you have on your account, the more perceived fans you have of your brand. The more perceived brands, the more credibility and loyalty you’ll receive, and the more loyalty you’ll receive, the more profitable your brand will be.

Do you see how all that works out?

The reality is, no matter what type of Instagram account you’re running—a business, an influencer account, or a personal account—the number of followers you have matters. Whether you buy Insta followers or create high-quality content, your follower count matters.

High numbers that engage and interact with your account is key to driving profits, making sales, and boosting your brand credibility, so not focusing on getting Instagram followers is definitely not a marketing mistake you want to make.

So, how exactly do you go about getting Instagram followers? How do you grow your Instagram follower count each and every day?

With a few tried-and-true strategies that we’ve compiled right here. Get to reading and start growing your Insta follower number ASAP—you can thank us later.

Buy Instagram Followers

We know what you’re thinking—“isn’t buying Instagram followers cheating or something?”

Newsflash: it’s not, and guess what, most of your fave online brands and accounts buy Instagram followers all the time. It’s simply part of the biz. Obviously, we don’t need to explain how buying Instagram followers increases your follower count (that process pretty much speaks for itself, right?) but we will spend some time talking about our best recommendation if you’re planning to purchase your followers.

In our opinion, there’s no better company out there than LeoBoost. Why? Because LeoBoost only provides you with 100% authentic, real followers from all over the world. They’re connecting you with real accounts, not spamming you with fake bots and faux follows.

We happen to love LeoBoost when it comes to buying Instagram followers, and we can’t help but highly recommend them (we definitely love how affordable they are, too—they let you choose the exact number of Instagram followers you want to buy).

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Keep Your Content High-Quality & Consistent

If you want to gain—and keep—Instagram followers, you need to post high-quality content that’s compelling and engaging, and you have to post it regularly.

Did you know that over 200 million IG users log on daily and start scrolling through their app? The more consistently you post to your feed, the better chance you have of capturing their eye and their attention (and most likely, their follow).

The last thing you want to do is miss an opportunity for a new follower to see your feed or to make an old follower forget why they even bothered to follow you in the first place since you’re not posting consistently.

Our best advice? Schedule your Instagram posts with social media tools like Hootsuite regularly so you never miss a beat.

Post the Content You Know Your Followers Want

The first step to this is knowing who your followers are. It’s crucial that you have a solid idea of the target audience you want to attract and are able to identify who your actual target audience is. Use Instagram analytic tools to help you glean that knowledge and then make sure you’re keeping up with relevant trends that are guaranteed to ensure you’re on-track and on-point.

Repost Other’s Content to Gain Followers

Use tools like the Repost app to repost content legally and ethically from other followers onto your account.

Why take this route? Because reposting content is simple and easy—and when you do it right, you can gain a ton of Instagram followers. It might not always be great for the consistent aesthetic of your feed, but it’s a fast, high-impact way to gain new followers in a snap!

Use Relevant Hashtags

It’s not as simple as throwing a few generic hashtags on an Instagram post anymore—in order to gain Instagram followers you need to really research and incorporate relevant hashtags that will drive traffic to your page.

If you do this right, you’ll gain Instagram followers through the unique hashtags found on their Explore Pages—you just need to be some time and effort into figuring out what the right hashtags are.

At the end of the day, growing your Instagram follower account is going to be easy. Even if you choose to buy authentic Insta followers, your work is never done! Our recommendation is simple—apply these tried-and-true techniques for growing your Instagram follower.

No, it might not happen overnight (or it might, going viral is weird and no one ever truly knows when it’ll happen), but these tips for how to grow your Instagram followers are going to be your best bet! You got this, Insta-pro! We’re rooting for you.

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