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How to Get More Plays on SoundCloud

How to Get More Plays on SoundCloud

Get More Plays on SoundCloud

If you’re an artist, musicians, rapper, or involved in the music biz in any way, then we don’t have to tell you how important SoundCloud is in the modern-day music industry.

SoundCloud is a hugely influential online community that’s totally disrupted the biz and changed how we all distribute music online. Not only that, but it’s also an excellent space to promote your own music with a DIY twist.

If you’re on SoundCloud—or you’re following some of your fave artists on SoundCloud—you’ve probably wondered how some of the top indie artists are getting all those plays on SoundCloud. What’s their strategy? What are they doing differently? And, more importantly, what are you missing out on that could help you become SoundCloud famous?

If you’re asking those questions, you’re not alone—we’ve all been there. But at LeoBoost, we’re happy to share more than just a bond with you—we’re here to share answers.

Read on to learn how you get more plays on SoundCloud in a flash using these tried-and-true techniques that we’re thrilled to share with you!

Buy SoundCloud Plays

Want to know what one of the most common (and obvious) secrets people in the biz use to get more SoundCloud Plays? They buy SoundCloud plays from professional, reputable companies that deliver real, authentic plays from 100% genuine users. That’s where LeoBoost comes in.

We’re all about providing our SoundCloud users with the authentic plays they need to boost their numbers, gain more followers, and of course, increase their plays on SoundCloud. The best part? When you work with LeoBoost, you can choose the exact number of SoundCloud Plays you want to purchase—no weird package deals here! Pay for the number you want—no strings attached—and get real, authentic plays from genuine users.

Tag, Tag, Tag

One of the best ways to get more SoundCloud plays is get new users and fans to find your music. How do you do this? By tagging with technique! Just like other social media platforms, SoundCloud can optimize your success by using the right types of tags.

The better your tags, the easier you are to find—the easier you are to find, the more fans you can attract, and the more SoundCloud plays you can have.

Add a Buy Link to Your Page

Likes and listens are great—don’t get us wrong. But if you really want success, you’ll need to add a buy link to your page to really prosper! When fans—both current and new—see that you have a buy link available on your SoundCloud page, they’ll see that you’re a professional who’s trying to make it big. The more professional you are, and the more SoundCloud follows and plays you have, the more likely you are to attract new fans and get new plays, too.

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Use Waveform to Tell a Story

The waveform comment feature allows others to comment on your song at specific timestamps—so, why wouldn’t you take advantage of leaving your own comments there! This is a great way to engage with fans, get more plays, and attract more followers. You can use this feature to tell a story and explain why you wrote something the way you did or you can even ask for fan input on unfinished tracks. It’s a great way to involve fans and get them engaging and also a wonderful way to get followers to track your progress.

Perfect Your Album Art

Don’t settle for subpar album art! Your album art really matters—especially when it comes to SoundCloud. Why?

Because your album art is what’s going to get shared everywhere and attract attention. If your track gets shared on other social media, your album art is the visual that users will see. Your artwork represents your music and makes that first impression—oftentimes, it’s the thing that convinces someone one way or another to click or not click on your track.

Don’t be afraid to take your time on creating your album art or investing your money into getting some premium album art designed.

Share Tracks Privately Before You Release

Did you know that SoundCloud lets you share private links to your tracks before you publish your songs for the world to hear? Taking advantage of this feature can give your music a personal touch and, of course, a touch of exclusivity, that tastemakers everywhere love to feel.

Plus, this is a remarkably useful feature for sharing unfinished tracks with demos, blogs, labels, radio stations, and more to give them an exclusive peek at what you’re working on. You can even make an entire playlist or album private if you want!

At the end of the day, getting more SoundCloud plays is going to take time, effort, and dedication, but with these tried and true trips, we’re totally confident you’ve got it under control. Remember, LeoBoost is here when you’re ready to buy SoundCloud plays you need to grow your profile and get your tracks out there!