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How to Get on the Instagram Explore Page 2020: Your Guide to Getting on the Explore Page!

How to Get on the Instagram Explore

Explore Page! We’ve all wanted our IG pages, posts, and content to go viral, right? Of course.

But, getting our pages to achieve the exposure and engagement we need to go viral can sometimes feel impossible. So, how exactly do other Instagram users do it?

There are a lot of ways, but one of the most common ways of getting that viral notoriety you crave comes from one place in particular—the Instagram Explore Page.

This page is basically a gold mine that can get your content and your page in front of an enormous, varied audience. So many users on IG wish, hope, pray (you name it) for a feature on Explore page—but it’s not as simple as posting good content and hoping it goes well.

So, how exactly do you get to the Explore Page, why does it matter, and how can getting your content on the Explore Page benefit your IG in the first place? We’re answering all those questions here and now.

Keep reading to find out!

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What Exactly is the Instagram Explore Page?

Instagram’s Explore Page is the latest iteration of the evolved Popular Page or Discover Page—which, in
the past, basically displayed the most-liked, most popular content on the page at the time that you were
on Instagram.

The Explore Page is like that, but with a little more specification—it caters to the users’ specific interests.
Now, the Explore Page is made up of posts liked by people whose posts you’ve liked, from accounts
similar to accounts you follow, and posts with lots and lots of engagement.

That means that every users’ Explore page is going to be different than another users because it
monitors what each user likes and provides them with content they might like based on the IG
algorithm—that’s why Wired called in the “most honest place on the Internet.’’

Getting on the IG Explore Page has all kinds of benefits for business owners, want-to-be influencers, and
even personal accounts trying to make it big. Overall, being on the IG Explore Page means that more
people will see your content and your audience will increase substantially.

Other important benefits include:

  • A spike in new followers that find you because of the Explore Page
  • A boost in your engagement on the post or story that made it to the Explore Page, widening the exposure your content gets
  • Residual growth from that increased engagement going forward from the new followers you gained
  • More conversion for your brand or business

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How to Get on the Instagram Explore Page

It’s pretty obvious by now that getting on the Instagram Explore Page can be a huge boon to your
business or brand. That means you’re probably ready to stop reading about why it matters and start
reading about how to get on the Explore page.

We thought that might be the case. Keep reading to learn about some tried-and-true techniques that
could help you get your posts, stories, and more featured on the Explore Page.

Buy IG Likes & Engagement to Improve Your Chances

Having a lot of quality content that gets a lot of engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) can help
increase your chances of getting featured on the Explore Page.

Why? Because posts with a high volume of engagement have a better chance of being featured on the
Explore Page. There are a ton of ways that you can increase your IG followers or boost your engagement
on IG to help better your chances, but if you don’t have a sure thing on your side, it’s all up to chance!

That’s where buying authentic engagement for your IG posts, stories, and videos can come into play.
When you buy Instagram likes for your posts, Instagram recognizes the posts that receive a ton of extra
attention and you’ll be more likely to be shared on the Explore Page.

IG Love

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Engage with Followers in your Niche

Because every users’ Explore Page is dictated by their interests and their own niches, it’s important to
understand what kind of content will likely show up on their Explore Page

So, in order to get on your users’ Explore Pages, you need to know who they are and what they’re
looking for—that’s where knowing your niche comes into play. Ask yourself questions about the
audience you’re hoping to attract: what does my target audience look like? What kind of things do they
enjoy? What kind of content do they post?

When you answer these questions, you can engage followers within that specific niche—that will help
boost your own engagement, attract new followers, and improve your chances of being featured on
your target market’s Explore Page.

Post When Your Followers are Looking

You must figure out when your followers are most active on Instagram—when you do this, your posts
will get more engagement. It makes sense, right? If you post when your followers aren’t online, then
you’re not going to get the optimal amount of likes, followers, and comments to engage with your latest
post. And if you’re not getting good engagement, you’ve got no chance of making it to the Explore Page.

When you get high engagement on your posts—especially right after you post—that signals to the IG
algorithm that that content is valuable and worth putting up on the Explore Page.

Monitor Your IG Analytics

IG Anlytics

If you have a business account on Instagram, don’t ignore that unique insights feature. This is helpful for
analytics and to show you what’s really resonating with your audience. This type of information is key to
help your posts perform better, and when your posts perform better, they have better odds of making it
to the Explore Page.

Maybe your audience likes your lengthy captions better than short, witty captions. Maybe they prefer
videos to photos. By monitoring what works for your brand best, you can put out more winning content.

Learn From the Posts That Do Well on Explore Page

Check out your own Explore Page for inspo. Take a look at the posts that do really well and try to
diagnose why.

By doing this, you can get a sense of what’s working for other brands, get an understanding of what the
algorithm will naturally promote, and even help you with your social listening to help break down
aesthetics and themes that are resonating with users on IG.

Post Awesome IG Stories

Posting stories on IG is a great start for boosting your engagement, but remember, just like other types
of content, it can’t just be nonsense. Your stories need to be entertaining, compelling, and worth
watching—otherwise, your users won’t care what you post.

The Instagram algorithm typically will prioritize videos (but don’t underestimate the power of an
awesome photo), highly visual stories that aren’t bogged down with text, and stories that are similar to
your account’s usual content.

Add in Call To Actions in Your Captions

long aption

It’s not a bad idea to actually ask your fans to do something—double-tap, leave a comment, share your
post. Those aren’t bad things. That’s called a call to action and popular IG users do it all the time. People
are inclined to do this when you ask them to do something—seriously, it really works.

You don’t need to be super obvious about it—you can do a subtle call to action like, “hey guys, where
are all my followers from? Leave a comment on this post saying the name of your city!” That type of call
to action will get you a ton of engagement on your posts which will help Instagram recognize your
content as a must-share profile.

Getting to the Explore Page on Instagram is one of the best ways to get that viral status you’re looking
for! The Explore Page is a coveted spot for IGers of every niche, and getting on it can give you powerful
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for your posts.

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