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How to Get Verified on Instagram? (Step-By-Step)

Have you ever wondered about the blue tick next to someone’s name on Instagram? Do you want to know how to get verified on Instagram? If you saw a little blue badge on someone’s Instagram profile, that means that the profile has been verified on Instagram.

The badge shows Instagram users that the account is authentic, it represents public figures, celebrities or brands, and it can be trusted. Meaning it’s not a copycat or fake account that is making the most of someone else’s popularity. The blue checkmark indicates that the account in question is trustworthy.

With so many fan based accounts and fake accounts sometimes it is hard to tell who is the original account and who is not. These badges are designed to show Instagram users that the accounts are real and that they are following the right person or brand.

Instagram used to be pretty much a black box in terms of who got the blue check. Some popular accounts and celebrities got it, while others didn’t and nobody understood why. Today that is not the case anymore. The guidance on how to get verified on Instagram became very clear.

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So.. how do you get verified on Instagram?

Good news is that anyone can apply to get verified on Instagram. It is actually very simple to request Instagram verification. However, Instagram is very picky about who actually gets verified. Which brings us to the bad news: not everyone gets verified on Instagram. Before you follow the instructions below, make sure you are logged into the account you want to get verified, for example if you want to get the Instagram badge for your business account, make sure you are not in your personal account.

Before you request verification on Instagram, you need to stick to Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. On top of that, your account needs to be:

  • Authentic: You need to prove that you are a real person, registered business or brand.
    You can’t be a fan account, meme page, page dedicated for motivational quotes or videos and so on
  • Unique: Only one account per person or business can get verified on Instagram, with exceptions for language-specific accounts.
  • Public: Your account must be public. Private accounts do not qualify for verification.
  • Complete: Your bio needs to be complete, you also need to have a profile picture and you should have created at least one post.
  • Notable: This is where Instagram makes things a bit harder. You are seen as notable if your name is “well-known” and/or “highly searched for”.
    Which means you can’t be 100% sure you tick this box before you make an application.

If you are confident that you meet these criteria, then it’s time to go ahead and verify your Instagram account.

How to apply to get verified on Instagram?

  1. Go to your profile and tab on three lines in the top right corner.
  2. After that Tap Settings all the way at the bottom.
  3. Once you open your settings, find Account, and select it.
  4. Scroll down a little bit and find “Request Verification”.
  5. Here you will find an application form that you will have to fill in.

Tap Send and done!

Instagram Verified Badge

What now? Am I Verified?

Not so fast. Instagram will review your application and get back to you within a week. You’ll find out if you’ve been successfully verified in your notifications tab.

If you’re unsuccessful, you will receive a message saying:

Your account wasn’t verified because it doesn’t meet the criteria for verification.

But if you are lucky and you get verified, you will a message saying:

Your account was verified. You’ll now see a blue verified badge next to your username.

Tips on how to get verified on Instagram

In case you are rejected , not to worry here are some tips and tricks that you might wanna use are:

  • Don’t try to buy a verification badge.
    There are a lot of fake accounts that are “selling” verification badges. You should never trust them. The only one that can give you the verification badge is Instagram.
  • Grow your following.
    The more engaged your followers are, the more notable you will seem. Be authentic, post at the right times for your following and use relevant hashtags to organically get those numbers up.
  • Cross-promote your social platforms.
    Make the most of your following on other social media platforms. Direct your Facebook tribe, Pinterest crew and blog squad to your Instagram page.
  • Get your name out there.
    It’s not just about building your personal brand on Instagram. Send out press releases to publications. Being featured in a glossy mag or on a high profile website is just the kind of publicity you need!


How long do I have to wait to try and verify again?

Instagram allows up to 30 days before you can try to apply for verification again.

What is the most important criteria for applying?

Your profile needs to be public. Private accounts can't apply for verification process.

Do I have to have my own private picture as profile picture?

Yes, it's important that you have your real photo as your profile picture.