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Scheduling Your Instagram Posts: The Ultimate Guide

Scheduling Your Instagram Posts

Have you ever wondered how some brands are so good at being so consistent with their content? They
post quality content constantly, seemingly at the right times, and they never (ever) forget to update
their Instagram accounts.

How in the world do they do that every single day?

Here’s a secret: They don’t.

The smartest businesses and brands treat Instagram like they’d treat any other aspect of their marketing
tactic—they plan, they strategize, and they schedule.

Scheduling your Instagram posts could be the ultimate way to unlock all the potential you’ve been dying
for. With regular, quality content that never misses a beat, you could grow the following you’ve always
wanted, gain the engagement you need to get to the top, and finally, receive the exposure that you’ve
been dreaming of (and your competitors have been dreading).

So, if you’re looking to learn about how to schedule your Instagram posts (or you’re just interested in
learning why this matters in the first place), you’ve made it to the right blog. Sit back, relax, and get to
reading—LeoBoost is here to explain the ultimate guide to scheduling your Instagram posts.

The Must-Know Benefits Behind Scheduling Your Instagram Posts: Why
Scheduling Your Insta Posts Matters

The strategy of scheduling your IG posts has a lot of obvious benefits (the time saving one is huge, which
we’ll dive into in a moment), but there are plenty of non-obvious benefits, too. Keep reading to learn
about how scheduling your Instagram posts can change your IG strategy forever.

Save Time

We all know time is valuable—especially if you’re trying to run a business or build your brand. So, why
spend an inefficient amount of time every single day trying to create, strategize, and post your content?
Wouldn’t it make more sense if you could carve out an hour or two every week to plan your weekly
Instagram content?

Can’t you imagine how convenient it would be to plan out all your posts in advance, schedule them, and
then simply have them posted on time every single day?

This is the most time-efficient way to strategize your Instagram account.

Gain More Instagram Followers

When you post regularly to IG, you increase your chances of gaining new followers. Why? Because every
single post increases the chance of boosting your visibility (this applies to your current followers and
your potential followers, too). It’s possible you could even hit it big and get your post featured on
Instagram’s Explore Page.

Gain more instagram followers

Putting our quality content is tough. If you’re trying to post something unique and awesome every single
day, you can imagine how much time that might take and even if you are spending a ton of time each
day doing so, you’re not able to focus much on your hashtag strategy (without eating up all the time in
the day).

When you schedule posts, you can optimize your Instagram hashtag strategy to allow you to schedule
your posts and give you time to fine-tune your IG strategy in advance.

Increase Your IG Engagement

One of the easiest ways to guarantee more engagement posts is to post your content when your
followers are actually online. By scheduling your posts for when you know your followers online, you can
get more likes, comments, and engagement overall. If you stick to a schedule, it’s likely that you’re going
to reach your audience and grow your engagement.

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How to Schedule Your Instagram Posts

In the past, we would have had to give you a generalized guide to scheduling your IG posts because
Instagram didn’t use to let you schedule your posts through their platform. They used to need third
party companies to assist with your scheduling.

Now, though, Instagram will let you schedule your posts and IGTV videos up to six months in advance
through Facebook’s Creator Studio. This is the news we love to share because it simplifies your social
media planning and scheduling and doesn’t force you into using a third-party app you might not be crazy
about. Now, everything is right there in front of you in a single place!

Spoiler alert: to use Instagram’s Creator Studio, you need to make sure your IG is a business account.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it.

Change to Instagram business

Make Sure Your Account is a Business Account

This part is easy—just make sure you’re a business account. For many, that won’t be a problem. For
some, you’ll need to switch from a personal account. But we promise it’s a simple process.

Connect Your Instagram Account to Creator Studio

With Creator Studio, you can schedule your posts—so hook up your IG account to Creator Studio. Check
out their website here and connect your account.

Choose the Content You Want to Schedule From Your Computer

This is simple—it’s just like posting on IG. You’re just planning ahead. Pick out your photo or video and
plan your content accordingly

Crop Your Image

If you need to crop to get the measurements right, do so now. You know the drill.

Include Your Caption

You’ve probably determined what type of captions work best for your brand (and if you haven’t, we
suggest you should). Type in that winning caption now.

Don’t Forget Your Hashtag Strategy

You’re planning in advance, right? This is the perfect opportunity for you to make sure your hashtag
strategy is on point.

Select Schedule By Clicking on the Arrow to the Right of the Publish Button

Easy as can be.

Choose the Date and Time

Pick the perfect time and date for your Insta post. Remember, you can schedule up to 6 months in
advance. We suggest taking a look at your insights to see when your followers are online—then, post at
those times.

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And that’s it, you’re all done! Stick to these strategies and start scheduling your Instagram posts to see
even more success. See how easy scheduling can be? It can totally change your social media strategy if
you’re willing to dive in.