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How to Show Appreciation for your Instagram Followers

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No Instagram influencer is anything without their followers.

That’s why, as an up-and-coming Instagram starlet, you ought to pay attention to the followers who like
and comment on your every post, who tag you in their own posts, or who message you just to
compliment or thank you.

Showing appreciation and saying thank you to your followers is vital to keep them invested and boost
conversions. If your followers really feel seen, it is more likely that they will share your profile with
friends, look into buying your products, and wear your merch.

That’s why your followers shouldn’t feel alone, they should feel like they know you. What makes
Instagram so effective as a marketing tool is that when you promote a product, your followers feel like a
friend of theirs is promoting a product. It doesn’t feel quite so commercial.

Want to increase your reputation even more? We will teach you how to get followers on instagram fast with Leoboost and use these eight steps to say thank-you to your best Instagram followers, the ones
who are going to grow your career as an influencer.

1. Follow Them, Too

The first way to connect with your fans is to throw some likes, follows, and attention their way. Did they
tag you in a Facebook post? Did they drop one of your hashtags in their post? Left a comment on your
post? Throw them a like. It’ll show that you’re listening to them, and your fans will appreciate it. A fan
who is heard is one who is much more likely to keep being active on your Instagram feed.

2. Write Responses

If you’ve gotten this far, it means that you’ve got a solid voice on social media. Your posts always gain
likes and comments, and your followers love them. Bring that writing to more life by engaging more
extensively with your admirers. If they left a comment, write a response! If they tagged you in a post,
write a thank-you where their own followers can see it. This will only encourage more engagement.


3. Check in with your Day One Followers

These people have been following you from the beginning. They have been liking your posts and leaving
comments at least once a week. The thing that would make them feel really good is a like, comment, or
follow back. Ask them questions and see how they’re doing. To have you in their list of followers to
check back on again and again makes them feel like there’s a real connection there.

You would be nothing without your followers, and, by following them, you let superfans (and everyone
else who might want to be superfans) know that you appreciate them, which makes your personal
brand that much more interesting and enticing.

4. Thank Them Publicly

In the workplace, public acknowledgement or appreciation not only ensures that the valued employee
feels good, but also leads followers and customers to have a positive impression of your brand. The
same goes for your Instagram feed. Using this practice, you can gain a lot of good publicity among your
Instagram followers.

An article about the followers you want to thank or acknowledge will be pretty helpful to growing a
committed user base. Tag them. Like their comments. Post on their Facebook wall. Whatever you do,
make it public. People like to be recognized in public, so make sure that you grow your user base that

5. Announce a Follower Every so Often

Almost like an employee-of-the-month award awarded by a major company or brand, think about using
a recurring approach to reward people who are a part of your personal community. Every few months,
every month, or maybe even every week, announce a specific subscriber, highlight their profile and
explain why you’re highlighting them: their posts are so interesting, their comments so insightful, etc.


6. Engage with your Followers in Meaningful Ways

Here are two facts: conversations, no matter where they happen, are more fulfilling and important with
authenticity. Endless self-promotion and self-aggrandizement aren’t the best way to develop trusted
relationships with your customers. Instead of just posting about yourself all of the time, take the time to
develop your community. Have real, casual interactions with your followers. Maybe call one or two.
Slide into their DMs. Leave a comment on their posts and throw in some emojis or GIFs to get a reaction
out of them. Simple, quick interactions like this will skyrocket your engagement rates and spread your
Instagram brand even further.

7. Listen and React to them

No matter what you do, listening is an art that improves just about anything that you will ever do. In this
situation, it improves customer understanding significantly. With this, make sure that your followers
know that you are listening to them by reacting to them. If a follower asks a question, be sure to give
them an interesting answer.

Do a poll on your story about what they want to see next. Go live and do an AMA (Ask me anything).
People are more likely to invest in a product that they feel they collaborated with.

Either way, just listen to them, and show that you’re listening to them, and you’ll definitely increase how
happy they are with your feed, your products, and services. This will spread your feed and brand in a lot
of ways. They might even share your profile or brand with their friends and family because you’ve
shown that you care about them.

8. Gifting Something for your Super-Special Fans

If someone just went crazy talking about how much they loved you, if an influencer with thousands of
fans just gave you a like or a share on their feed, it’s time to send them something special. Get some
custom shoes, socks, or even a super-special beanie that will let them know how much they mean to
you. If they get some of your merch for free, they’ll probably wear it, and spread the word. If they won it
in some sort of contest, like having the funniest comment, they’ll definitely tell everyone they know
about it.