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How to Start Instagram Influencer Marketing for Your Business

An Instagram influencer is a creator with an established credibility and audience. They help build communities around topics and niches and can easily persuade them towards something by virtue of their trustworthiness. Due to their close relationship with their followers, they share many aspects of their lives with them.

Today, Instagram is the favorite social media network for most influencers. It is why most users are choosing to buy 100 Instagram likes or even more to start the journey towards being an influencer. Instagram marketing allows brands and businesses to target their audience more effectively compared to traditional advertising. Brands can opt to use influencers who build relationships with followers who can make better sales for them.

Instagram has caused influencer marketing to grow in popularity. However, you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in influencers with millions of viewers to get good results. You can partner with a micro-influencer – someone with a significant but not vast following on Instagram.

Most Instagram influencers with a huge number of followers are barely actively involved in engaging and responding to comments on their posts. Their feeds may look like an optimistic way to boost your business, but surprisingly, you stand a better chance with micro-influencers. Their posts about your products appear more of a trusted recommendation from a friend rather than celebrity patronage.

If you are wondering how to start Instagram Influencer Marketing for your business, here are a couple of tips:

Finding the Right Influencers for Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

For your marketing campaign to be successful, you need to make the right choice when choosing an influencer. It is challenging to find an influencer whose goals align with yours, therefore, you need to research and set clear goals for your influencer marketing campaign.

If you intend to generate a lot of engagement, you should partner with micro-influencers. The audience may be smaller, but the chances of higher engagement rates are much likely. Influencers with a great reputation have been buying affordable, real likes and comments to help increase their engagement. If you are trying to increase brand awareness and get people to know about your business, influencers with a great number of followers will help increase your reach and traffic.

As a business owner, you need to have answers to the following questions before opening an IG account for your brand:

  • What makes Instagram different in marketing from other social media platforms?
  • Is your business suitable for Instagram? IG is a visual-eccentric platform. If your business does not have much to display, it would be suited for other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • What kind of strategy are you going to use on this platform?

Instagram is a Highly Active Social Media Platform

When most companies want to share their product or service experiences, they simply post a video or photo with the brand’s hashtag on Instagram. It does not have as much competition as Facebook or Twitter which are the two most important networks in the world, but with the most competition.

Location Function

The location function is one of Instagram’s strong features that companies should take advantage of. When you synchronize Foursquare with the photo map, you can easily promote your business and attract customers to your physical location.

Access From Any Browser

Instagram is a mobile social network. It is advisable to use the mobile app to access all of Instagram’s features. However, you can still access it from any browser and view anyone’s profile.


How to Track the Success of Your IG Influencer Marketing Strategy

The question that bothers most companies during their Instagram marketing campaign is how to track and measure their return on investment (ROI) from IG influencers. There are certain benchmarks for metrics you need to keep an eye on to know how they are performing. They include:


It is the first step towards measuring influencer campaigns. It refers to how much a post has been seen. Impressions is not limited to the number of followers an influencer has since posts can be found from a user’s account and through hashtag searches. You can’t have any impact on Instagram without users seeing your post. To get this metric, the influencer you are working with needs to have an IG business profile or use a tool that tracks it.


It is the number of accounts that a post comes in contact with, rather than the number of times it is viewed. This metric helps analyze a post’s conversion rate and when measured consistently, it can be a benchmark for analyzing follower growth throughout a marketing campaign.

Post Engagement

Post engagement is the number of likes or comments a post receives. You can look up these numbers individually or as a percentage of the number of impressions a post has. This metric enables you to see how engaged an influencer’s audience is and how much their post resonates with you. It also helps you decide whether you will continue working with an influencer in the future since engagement means that a follower views your post more than passively.

Referral Traffic

It is the amount of traffic you get back to your profile or website through your influencer’s post. You can measure this using a UTM code generator. Referral traffic gives you an insight into how many of an influencer’s followers are likely to convert. Using a UTM code is the easiest way to track this, but you can also look at your website traffic to see if there is an increase in IG referral traffic during the period of your Instagram influencer campaign.
Other metrics you can consider tracking include:

  • Conversions – number of sales you receive from the influencer campaign.
  • Follower Growth – increase in followers due to the influencer’s impact.
  • Influencer NPS (Net Promoter Score) – a benchmark to gauge loyalty and see if the influencer would recommend your brand.

Tracking your influencer performance not only gives you feedback on the ROI of your company but also helps you find out which influencer performed the best and use this information to build future marketing campaigns.