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The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for How to Tag Someone on Instagram

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The cool thing about IG is that it’s more than just a marketing opportunity—it’s a social media platform
that’s literally built on the opportunity for creating community.

Sure, IG is marketing, but it’s also a network that can help you make connections, grow your circle, and
create a wider web of followers, customers, and friends.

One of the easiest—and most effective—ways to build that community is to tag people in your posts, in
your stories, and in your comments.

Tagging someone in your Instagram activity isn’t just about being social, it’s about making the app a
more collective experience. When you tag someone in something (a post, a story, a comment, etc.), it
will alert that user by sending them a notification—unless, of course, a private account tags someone
who isn’t following them, then that process doesn’t work.

All in all, tagging someone on Instagram is about getting their attention, connecting with them, and
including them in your network—it’s a hugely important business tool, too. Engagement is everything on
IG and tagging someone is a great way to initiate that engagement.

If you’re new to Instagram, tagging might sound foreign, but that’s not a big deal—we’re here to help
with that! This little guide is a fully-equipped, step-by-step process to help you best understand how to
tag someone on Instagram—whether that’s in a comment, a story, or a post.

It might sound complicated right now, but we promise, it’s actually all fairly easy—and we know you’ll
pick it up in a snap. Yep, we’ll have you tagging on Instagram in no time.

How to Tag Someone On Instagram: All the Info You Need

When you “tag” a user on Instagram, you basically are stamping their name on something so that
Instagram will notify them and they can see what you tagged them in. The concept is pretty simple. And,
good news, the process is, too. But because you’re able to tag people in multiple ways—in a post, in a
story, or in a comment—the process for each is going to be just a little different.

That’s why we’re here. We’re going to explain to you just how easy it is to tag your followers, friends,
and other IG users in something on Instagram and we’ll dive into how each and every process is

How to Tag Someone in an Instagram Post

When you tag someone in an Instagram post, that post will (mostly) end up in the “Photos and Videos of
You” section on their IG profile. Of course, every user can choose what shows up in this section, so know
that just because you tag someone in that section, it still might not show up there (they might have
removed the tag or blocked it from their profile).

Tag Someone on Instagram

Interested in learning how to tag someone in an Instagram post? Keep reading.

  1. Open up your Instagram app (you know how to do this for sure)
  2. Create a new post by tapping the plus symbol
  3. Edit your photo and press next
  4. Fill out your post like you usually would with your caption, hashtag, location, and etc.
  5. Don’t publish just yet—click on the option that says “tag people”
  6. Tap the section of the photo where you want the tag to appear and then select the username of
    the person you want to tag in the photo (you can search their username at this time)
  7. Tap done
  8. Share your post with the world

As a note, you can do this with an already existing photo, too! If for some reason you forgot to tag
someone in a photo and you’d like to do that after you’ve already published it, follow these steps:

  1. Open up Instagram
  2. Click the post you’re looking for
  3. Click the three dots above the photo or the video and select the word “edit”
  4. Now press the “tag people” button
  5. Enter the right username
  6. Finish your post and update

How to Tag Someone in an Instagram Story

Did you know that you can tag people in Instagram stories, too? It’s true—even though your stories
disappear after 24 hours, for those 24 hours, other users’ names can appear in those stories and link
others back to their profile. This is a great way to give and receive engagement and exposure.

Tag Someone on Instagram Story

  1. Tap the camera icon—you know how to post a story on Instagram, right? That’s the first part of the process
  2. Take a photo or video or upload a photo or video from your camera roll
  3. You can click on the photo and start typing a username beginning with the “@” symbol and then selecting the specific username when it appears on the screen
  4. You can also click the sticker button and click the sticker that says “mention” and type in a username this way
  5. Publish your story when you’re done

When you tag someone in a story, you will both get a notification as well as a direct message within the app. You can only use 10 tags per story!

How to Tag Someone in an Instagram Comment

Mentioning someone in a comment on Instagram is simple. Once you find a post you want to comment on as well as mention a user in, the process is easy.

Keep reading to learn how to tag someone in an Instagram comment.

Tag Someone on Comment on Instagram

  1. Tap the speech bubble icon under any post from a user you follow (or a public account) to make a comment
  2. Type out your message or caption and then start typing “@” followed by the user’s Instagram name
  3. Select the right username and there you have it, the user is tagged in the comment.

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