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How To Take Perfect Instagram Photos: 12 Easy-To-Follow Tips

Since Instagram is a visual platform, pictures form is the most important part of it. This is why the platform is abundant with photographs that are simply perfect.

Your own feed, for example, may include a multitude of gorgeous pictures popping up all the time. From breathtaking landscapes to flat lays that are a feast for the eyes, these photos are taken with special care.

If you want to blow up your Instagram likes, it is important to make sure that your photographs stand apart. After all, the app sees over 95 million image uploads per day which makes it easy for ordinary images to fade away in the crowd.

So, if you’ve been constantly posting tons of pictures but can’t seem to get instalikes, the solution to the problem is to post better pictures.
And the good news here is that it is possible (and super easy!) to capture insta-worthy images and get ig followers.

Read along to know how To Take Perfect Instagram Photos:

1. Get Your Focus Right

When it comes to taking the perfect Instagram photograph, you need to make sure your photos look sharp, clear, and have the perfect lighting.
Since smartphones don’t have the best zooming features, avoid zooming in poor lighting. Instead, walk around a bit and get the best position to click the picture from.

Tap on your screen to quickly focus on the subject for better image clarity.

2. Use A Tripod

High-quality photographs require a steady camera. If you want to avoid annoying motion blurs or shaky picture qualities, make sure your phone is placed in a stable position.

This is why it’s important to invest in a mini-tripod with flexible legs that you can place just about anywhere to get the perfect shots.
Another advantage of a tripod is a hassle-free way of taking the best selfies using a timer instead of letting those awkward arms get in your way.

3. Don’t Use Instagram’s Camera

While this platform makes it simple enough to blow up your Instagram likes, it falls short in the area of letting you snap high-quality pictures. Sure, it may be convenient to click pictures using Instagram but in that process, you’re compromising the quality of your picture. To start with, the app automatically crops all your pictures into a square and doesn’t even allow you to zoom.

On the other hand, your phone’s camera lets you zoom properly and also comes equipped with something called an HDR (High Dynamic Range) function – that lets you take sophisticated pictures using a variety of pre-set exposures.

4. Make It A Square

Before Instagram, photographs were either in landscape or portrait format. However, with Instagram, square-shaped photos became a lot more popular.
The reason Instagram uses this format is simple – square photos place the subject right in the center of the photograph. So, be sure to choose the 1:1 aspect ratio frame the next time you click a picture.

5. Get Your Composition Right

If you want your photograph to bring out the best from your subject, it’s important to frame them just right.
Consider the background, lighting, balance, camera angle, and symmetry. Start with choosing your subject. Next, separate it from the clutter of the background. Finally, make it your frame’s center of attention.

If you’re working so hard on capturing those perfect shots, your work deserves to blow up your Instagram likes. This gives you reason enough to buy real followers and likes.

6. Keep Your Camera Lens Clean

While it may sound trivial, cleaning your camera lens makes a huge difference when it comes to taking high-quality photographs.
Your phone can get quite dirty from regular use. If you don’t clean your camera lens from time to time, you might end up getting out of focus or fuzzy photographs.


7. Make Use of Natural Light

We all know that light plays an important role in photography.

While artificial lights and editing help a great deal, nothing can match the effect of natural light on pictures. In fact, you can create many types of subject appearances just by using natural light. Factors that influence daylight include – the weather, time of the day, and where exactly your camera is pointing.

Experiment with these elements, see how your pictures turn out, and grow your Instagram likes count!

8. Play Around With Contrasts And Brightness

Sometimes, it’s hard to get the lighting right for your photograph. This can make your composition dull or washed out.
In such a scenario, you can try increasing your brightness and contrast just a tad bit to make your photo look crisp and bright.

9. Edit Your Photographs Well

If you want to do slight tweaks here and there, Instagram may seem like a convenient option.
However, if you want to take your editing seriously, you can access hundreds of tools out there that come packed with sophisticated editing features.
Whether you want to edit your nightlife photos, add a matte touch to a photograph, create your custom presets, or carry out detailed post-production work on it, you will find the appropriate apps to meet your every editing need. After all, your pictures need to picture perfect to blow up your Instagram likes.

10. Choose Your Filters Wisely

There’s no doubt that filters make a picture more beautiful and increase your chances to get Instagram likes. In fact, according to research, images that have filters are 21% more likely to be seen, and 45% more likely to get comments.

Also, photographs that have warm filters, come with well-balanced contrast and higher exposure perform better than the photographs with high saturation effects.

This makes sense because once you overdo the filters, your photo begins to lose its definition and hence it’s quality.

11. Opt for #nofilter Challenge From Time to Time

We suggest this because sometimes photographs are simply beautiful without the need for any filters on them.
In addition to that, you can strive towards getting better at photography skills by constantly challenging yourself to post photos with no filters.

12. Add Text to Images

If you’re looking to make your photographs stand out, adding text to them is a great way to do so. There are a ton of apps that let you add the perfect text to your images. Head over to App Store and see what works best for you.

Now that you’re equipped with the best ways to take the perfect photographs, you can start experimenting with them right away!