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How to Turn your Instagram into a Blog

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Some may worry that the traditional blog is dead. But blogging isn’t dying. It’s evolving.

The future is in micro-blogging. Micro-blogging is maintaining daily or near-daily posts,
but writing brief thoughts instead of lengthy posts. A micro-blog could be a Twitter account
or an Instagram account. In fact, you might already be micro-blogging and not even know

In this article we will discuss everything, from the moment you buy followers to the day
keep up a daily blog.

Benefits of Blogging on Instagram

There are many benefits of microblogging, especially on Instagram.

  1. Every blog post is accompanied by a picture, which will attract a larger audience of people who might not usually look for wordy reading content.
  2. A micro-blog is easy to maintain, because the posts are shorter and simpler.
  3. Instagram is the most popular social media app. By using this platform, you can take advantage of Instagram’s massive reach.
  4. Instagram blog accounts are easy to discover, and easy to promote. People can
    find your posts through your tagged locations, tagged accounts, and hashtags. On
    a business account, you can even pay to promote your posts.

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How to Start an Excellent Instagram Blog

Now that you see the benefits of an Instagram blog, let’s talk about the steps to start one.

1. Buy Followers

If you want to find success with your Instagram blog very quickly, the safest bet is
to buy real followers from us. (They are a lot more affordable than you think.)
Having followers gets you more followers. For that reason, if you start out with a
good follower count, then more people will trust you, and be more likely to follow
you as well. Buying followers also works because high engagement on your
account means you show up in more people’s news feeds, and earn the possibility
of gaining more views.
Buying followers in the beginning means you get more organic followers later on.

Also, if you have over 10,000 followers, you get the added benefit of adding links to
your Instagram story, which means you can add the “swipe up” feature.
Even if you aren’t getting a lot of sponsored posts yet, this swipe up feature can be
a great way for you to monetize your account, because with the swipe up feature,
you can add affiliate links.

An affiliate link is a link that goes to a brand’s or store’s website that is unique to
you. For any person who clicks on that link, and subsequently buys something
online, you get commission in that sale. And anyone can sign up for them, just
Google the brand name you want to affiliate with along with “referral program” or
“affiliate program.”

If you do it right, buying followers can be an investment that pays off big time.

2. Figure out the purpose of your account

There are a few questions you should think about that will help you direct the
focus of your account.

  • Is your blog designed to stand alone, or draw traffic elsewhere, such as your brand’s website or a WordPress blog?
  • How often can you realistically post?
  • Who is your target audience, and what is your niche? What other accounts or influencers are in that niche?
  • Why should anyone follow your account? What do they have to gain from
    following you?
  • How can you measure the success of this Instagram marketing campaign?
    Are there a certain number of likes or sales leads that you’d like to get
    within a year? What will success look like for your account?
  • Do you have a budget that you’re willing to spend on this account?

Finding the answers to these questions will dictate how you research your account, how
you use the account, and how you promote it.

3. Switch to a creator or business account

On your Instagram account settings, scroll down and choose “switch to professional

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Then you will have the option of choosing between a business account and a creator

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If you are an individual starting a blog, then go ahead and choose “Creator.” But if you are
a business interested in starting an Instagram blog as part of a digital marketing campaign,
then you can choose “Business.”
If you choose “Creator,” you will have the option of turning your account into a personal

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There are a few good reasons for switching your account from personal to creator.

  1. You get access to all sorts of analytics, such as what time your followers are
    online, which can help you figure out the ideal time to post.
  2. You can pay to promote your posts, and create advertisements for your images
    and products.
  3. You get a professional-looking “Contact” button that will make it very easy for
    brands and influencers to reach out to you.

4. It’s time for a new profile picture and bio

Think about it, when someone lands on your page, what is the first thing they see? Before
even scrolling to look at your pictures, they will see your photo, bio, and highlights.

Check out your profile now and see how it looks. It might be time to revitalize the look and
feel of your account.

For a profile picture, we recommend a nice picture of yourself, rather than a logo or
something similar. Especially since you want to make a blog, your followers want to feel
like they know you personally.

In your bio, explain your niche. Say what followers can expect from your account and what
they have to gain from following you. You have just a few seconds to convince them that
your page is worth following.

5. Post beautiful photos every day

For an Instagram blog to be successful, you can’t just have a cute picture once a week. A
great Instagram blog means original content every day.

Invest in a nice camera, or even just use the camera on your phone, and edit them to
perfection. You don’t need to be in a new, fantastic location every day. You can capture
great moments even just in and around the house.

If you don’t have the time to post every day, consider researching websites that help you
plan and schedule your posts in advance.

6. Tell a story in your captions

Now, in the captions, you will tell your story.

People love blogs that have a beginning, middle, and end. Try setting a goal for yourself
and documenting it.

For example, you could say “I’m going to run five miles a day for a year, and document
how it goes.” That way, your posts have a story arc, and you can even gain a community
of support from other people like you.

Good luck out there!