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How to Turn your Instagram into a Sales Machine

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If you aren’t selling on Instagram, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Here are some statistics about Instagram that you might not already know.

    • One billion people worldwide use Instagram
    • The majority of Instagram users log in at least once a day
    • 90% of accounts on Instagram follow at least one business
    • 83% of Instagram users discover new products and services on the platform

In the future, Instagram is only projected to grow

These statistics prove that Instagram represents a huge opportunity for you and your business.

If you haven’t taken advantage of Instagram as a place to promote and sell your products yet, then
don’t wait any longer.

Let’s talk about how you can start turning followers into clients.

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1. Buy some likes for your existing photos

As always, the first step to getting started should be to buy real likes from Leoboost for your
account. An account, especially a business account, that has a lot of likes on their photos will gain
more trust from their followers, and will end up more often on the explore page. For that reason,
the first step to getting organic traffic is buying legitimate likes from a trusted source. Here at
Leoboost, we makes the whole process of buying likes fast and affordable.

2. It’s time for a profile makeover

Many consumers are turning to Instagram to search new products before they even turn to

That means that you should look at your profile as your business’s website’s home page. It’s just as
important if not more so.

Take a look at these simple steps that will immediately revitalize your profile.

  • 1. Choose an on-brand profile photo. This could be a professional logo, or really anything
    that makes your account easily identifiable when users search for you.
  • 2. In your bio, make it very clear what users can expect if they follow you. Consider that
    when someone lands on your profile, you have just a few seconds to convince them that
    your account has value. Why should someone follow you? What value do you offer? Make
    it simple and clear in the bio what your page is all about. Think about this as your About
    Me page or Mission Statement.
  • 3. Provide a link, and make it the right one! Your account adds the option to paste a URL
    right in your bio. It’s important to take advantage of this option, because this is the only
    place on your profile where you have the option to place a direct link. Anywhere else on
    your profile, you can copy/paste a URL, but if it isn’t linked, you can’t realistically expect
    users to carefully select that URL, copy it, leave Instagram, open a browser, and paste it
    into a new window. Aside from a sponsored post, your bio is the best shot you get at
    getting a user to open your webpage.
    That is why you must be careful to choose the correct link. For example, if you really want
    your users to buy the products that you are advertising on your account, then don’t link to
    your About Me, or even your homepage. The wrong link means they will need to go
    searching for the Shop Now page if that’s all they wanted in the first place.

3. What’s your aesthetic?

Keep your photos consistent. That means a color theme, eye-catching images, and a general look
and feel.

This is your brand’s first chance to make an impression. If you are consistent in your niche, then
your followers will know what to expect, and they will know if they want to follow or not.

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Take care of the quality of photos you post, and add a perfect caption for the cherry on top.

Remember that the quality of your Instagram sales leads is as important as the quantity. You want
people who are dedicated to your brand, so dedicated that they would leave the app, follow a link,
and buy something that they discovered while browsing. That means you want to find people who
are interested in your niche and invested in your brand.

And if that is going to happen, they need to know what you’re all about.

4. Use Instagram Ads to Reach the Ideal Prospects

Instagram ad campaigns might seem intimidating, but they’re actually quite simple.

If you have a Creator or Business account, you will see the option to “Promote” your old photos.

Choose how much you want to spend then confirm. Instagram will automatically target audiences
that they know will be interested in your profile.

It might be a good idea to start small and test the waters. Then, once you know which campaigns
are successful you can invest more heavily in those photos.

5. Set up Instagram Shop

Instagram shopping is here and it is wonderful!

As we mentioned earlier, the link in your bio can take your users to certain product pages
depending on what they’re looking for. But now, with Instagram shopping, you can take it a step

Instagram shopping is only eligible for accounts in certain countries. You also must be selling
something physical, such as clothes, and you must comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement
and commerce policies. Also, Instagram shopping only works if you have a business account or
creator account.

Once you’ve jumped through all the hoops to be eligible, you must set up a catalog either on your
business’s account with Facebook Business manager or another ecommerce platform partner like
BigCommerce or Shopify. The point is that you must have a catalog of your products on an
external site or domain.

Then, you can go to you Instagram profile, go to settings, sign up for shopping, and submit your
account to review.

Once you’re approved, turn on shopping by selecting settings, business, then shopping and select
the product catalog that you want to add to your account.

Now you have a few awesome features that allow your followers to buy your products without
even leaving Instagram.

  • You can tag your products in photos
  • You can add a shopping sticker in your stories
  • You get a nifty little feature at the top of your profile that says “View Shop” and your
    products come up in a convenient grid.

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Finding the answers to these questions will dictate how you research your account, how
you use the account, and how you promote it.

3. Switch to a creator or business account

On your Instagram account settings, scroll down and choose “switch to professional

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By following these steps, your Instagram will be a source of revenue in no time.