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How to use Instagram to Drive Traffic to your Website

Drive Traffic

Let’s make one thing clear: Pulling people away from Instagram and onto a mobile site is not easy.

But Instagram has one billion users, and it’s one of the most popular social media apps on earth. If
you are ignoring Instagram as part of your digital marketing plan, you’re making a big mistake.

But if you want to use Instagram to direct users to a different site, then it’s going to take some

Before we get to anything else, a great first step to any Instagram plan is to buy real followers.
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Once you’ve made that initial investment, the rest of the process will be much more effective.

So, let’s get started. Here is how to use your Instagram to link to your blog or website.

1. Link to your Website in your Instagram Bio

When you choose “Edit Profile” on Instagram, you will see a dialogue box called “Website.” Simply
paste your link there, and choose “Done.”

Now, be very careful about the link you post in this box. For example, if you link to your About Me
page, but your Instagram account is meant to promote one specific product, then your followers
will land on your homepage, then need to go looking for the product they came there for, meaning
a lot of them will simply abandon the process.

Think about what your followers are looking for, and think about where exactly you want them to
end up. Many accounts, for example, can post a new product, then say, “Check out the link in the
description for more information.” This ensures that your followers find what they’re looking for,
and they don’t need to go through various steps to get the page they want.

2. Make sure your Site is Mobile Friendly

You can get people to follow your link, but if your landing page isn’t compatible with mobile
devices, then you will lose them immediately.

This relates to what we mentioned earlier about being careful about what page you link to. It’s not
enough to post your website link on your Instagram profile and call it a day. 100% of traffic that
comes to your site from Instagram will be on a mobile device.

Try checking Google’s mobile friendly checker to see how your page stands.

3. Add a link to your Instagram Stories

Getting traffic from Instagram stories is an art! It also might be the best way to drive traffic from
your Instagram to your mobile site.

Once you get 10,000 followers, you get the coveted “swipe up” feature on their stories.

If you aren’t verified and you still aren’t interested in taking the steps to get verified, then you
could still work with another influencer and ask him or her to link to your product on their page.

Include a call to action in the photo, such as “Swipe up to learn more!”

link to your instagram stories

Then, when users swipe up, they are greeted with the product page.

link to your instagram stories 1

In the images above, you’ll see that WHSmith didn’t post this bundle on their own account, but
rather reached out to Zoella, an influencer, to promote their bundle on her story instead.

4. Drive Traffic with Hashtags

One of the greatest ways to ensure you get more traffic from Instagram to your site will be getting
the right followers.

If your followers are really interested in your content and your niche, they will take the extra steps
to visit your site.

A very good way to find the “right” followers will be some hashtag research. Although it takes
time, hashtag research is one of the most effective methods of finding organic growth on

Placing hundreds of hashtags makes your post look like spam. It’s better to try 5-10 good hashtags
that are specific to your niche.

Try using a tool like Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder.

5. Utilize Instagram Advertising

The only post with clickable links is a sponsored post.

The rest of the time, it’s impossible to add a link to a photo post.


Not to mention, advertisements are super targeted to certain audiences, so you can ensure that
the people who see that photo are interested in content like yours.

That means interested, engaged, and specific users getting funneled to your website. Talk about
sales leads!

Sponsored posts also come with two more important benefits.

  1. You can tailor your landing page to the post, ensure that it’s mobile friendly, and tailor it to your audience’s wants.
  2. You can measure how many links you get from this source, meaning you know exactly
    how effective it is, and with a budget in place you can even play with various photos and
    see what sort of content is most effective.

6. Shopping on Instagram

With Instagram’s new shopping feature, users don’t even need to leave the app in order to buy
your products.

instagram shopping

In order to use this feature, there are a few criteria you must meet first.

  1. You must be in one of the following countries:
    • The USA
    • Canada
    • Brazil
    • The UK
    • Germany
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Australia
  2. You must switch to an Instagram business account
  3. Your Instagram app must be updated to the newest version
  4. You must sell physical items, like shoes, clothes, products, etc.
  5. You must comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies
  6. You must connect your Instagram business profile with a Facebook catalog.
    (Setting up a Facebook store comes with the added benefit of selling directly from
    the Facebook page of your business, and it’s a great option if you don’t have a


When used correctly, Instagram can be an excellent and effective part of your digital marketing
strategy. You can use it to direct traffic elsewhere, or you can even use it to sell products directly
from your page.