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Instagram Marketing Trends That Will Help You Gain More Likes

Today’s Instagram Marketing Trends That Will Help You Gain More Likes

Instagram is a dynamic marketing platform that constantly churns out new marketing trends and the year 2020 especially saw a plethora of these trend updates.

While Instagram trends are constantly changing, some of them have been successful in laying their foundations rock solid. For example, trends like buying Instagram likes with our services, stories trend, and so on continue to become stronger than ever.
Because Instagram now remains one of the top marketing tools for brands, marketers, and other content creators, everybody is excited about what’s coming next.
Instagram Marketing trends not only help you stay ahead of the curve but they also act as important tools to increase your reach and engagement. For this purpose, we’ve compiled a list of Instagram trends and tools that will help you and your brand dominate the platform.
But before we explore these Instagram Marketing trends, it’s important to understand how far Instagram has come with it’s features and how staying on track with its trends is an absolute necessity for your brand. Here are a couple of those trends that will help you gain more likes.

The Rise of Instagram

From being just a photo-sharing platform back in 2010 to gradually dominating the social media space, Instagram has come a long way because of its features, tools, and trends.
In fact, such is the app’s popularity that it includes almost one-third of the entire social media user base. This is solely because of the way the platform has constantly updated its features which gradually turned into important marketing tools.
Global and local brands, influencers, and all types of content creators now use it as an important marketing platform that helps them generate a high level of revenues.
While there is no doubt that Instagram trends will continue evolving, there are some that are bound to stay intact over the coming years.

Instagram Trends That Are Here to Stay

Here are the top Instagram marketing trends that have ruled in 2020 and will continue to rule the platform well over the year 2021. By staying invested in these trends, your brand can ensure a steady marketing pattern that will benefit you for years to come.

Instagram Live Trend

Announced back in 2016, the Instagram live trend has only increased in popularity. The reason is simple: it helps brands and influencers gain valuable and real-time engagement with their audience.
Some brands have benefitted from the live feature so much so that throughout the ongoing pandemic period, Instagram saw a whopping 70% increase in the usage of this feature!
Some of the most popular examples of using Instagram live as a marketing tool include behind-the-scenes videos, Q&A sessions, product launches, and other large virtual events.
With a wide scope for marketing, the Instagram live trend is sure to gain more popularity in the coming years.

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Buying Instagram Services Trend

We all know that increasing your Instagram reach organically involves years of hard work. But by buying a few of the major Instagram services, you can smartly cut down on the time and work usually required to gain popularity on the platform.
Besides, a larger number of Instagram influencers are using the same trick. This way you will gain more likes and followers will give your brand social proof to attract even more likes and followers in return.
When buying Instagram services like followers, likes, and views, it’s important to stay protected from scammers who may pose as reputable companies. For this purpose, you can trust reliable companies like ours for buying high-quality likes and followers.

Instagram Stories Trend

When Instagram rolled out its Stories feature, users were skeptical about how well it would take off. Today, however, Instagram stories have become one of the biggest winners of the app.
The rise of Instagram stories was big enough to overshadow its rival Snapchat’s version. The reason why Instagram stories performed so well was that they came at a time when Instagram saw an influx of new users and also because they were incredibly simple to use.
With nothing but a rising popularity curve of Instagram stories, it is estimated that 2021 will see a drastic increase in stories.

IGTV Trend

The IGTV feature of Instagram lets users post long-form videos. Although IGTV is comparatively younger than Instagram stories, it has made itself quite important among brands and influencers.
From creating long-form tutorials to compiling previously uploaded video content, there is a large scope of video marketing on IGTV. Many influencers and brands use IGTV to create their own video series.
The increasing popularity of IGTV points towards its potential to climb the ranks that YouTube enjoys.

Carousel Posts Trend

Carousel posts let your upload multiple images in a single post. Earlier, users could only upload up to 5 images in one post but now they can upload up to 10 images and also videos in a single post.
This is beneficial to brands and influencers in many ways. For starters, they can use carousel posts to upload detailed information about the products they’re either selling or promoting.
Brands are known to use these posts to draw engagement, display product demos, show customer reviews, and more which ultimately increases their brand growth.

In-App Shopping Trend

Instagram includes features that let brands create a full-blown virtual shop within the app. This enables users to browse a variety of products posted by brands.
There is no doubt that Instagram Shop and its shoppable posts provide brands with a great selling opportunity. However, it is Instagram’s Checkout feature that revolutionizes the way people shop. This feature lets a user shop their products right within the app instead of directing them to another website.
This is the one feature that shows how Instagram is much more than just a social media app. By becoming both a marketing channel and an e-commerce portal for many brands, Instagram’s Checkout feature is definitely going a long way.

Final Thoughts

The 5 trends we’ve discussed in this article have created a strong footing for themselves for the year 2021 and beyond. While it’s important to make these trends a basis for your marketing, it’s also important to stay on the lookout for any other new trends that the platform plans to launch.
Being on the top of the latest Instagram Marketing Trends will surely gain more likes on your profile and that way boost your engagement.