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Instagram Tagging: How To Tag On Instagram

Believe it or not, Instagram tagging can help you grow your Instagram account and help you get more followers. No matter if you want to @ mention someone in the comment or tag on a photo, connecting with people is a great way to boost your engagement. However, tagging someone random just for the sake of tagging and with no real goal, is never a good idea.

Before we start talking about how to tag on Instagram, and when is the best time for it, we need to distinguish the difference between tagging and mentioning. These terms are often used alternately but they are in fact very different. You can tag an account in the post, video or comment. They will receive a notification and your content will show up in the account’s tagged content tab. This is an organic way to get your content in front of a wider audience and use it to get more followers.

Another reason why this is practical is because it’s very easy then to find the photos you are tagged in. Just go to your Instagram account, tap on the person icon, which is the last tab, and your tagged videos and photos will appear there.

What about @mention? The other way to get the attention on your Instagram account is to use @ mention. The sign @ in front of the Instagram name will make that Instagram profile mentioned. Mention can’t be used on the post itself, it is only used for comments. For example, tagging someone on the post, and then mentioning them in the comment is a great way to get the attention you want.


How to tag someone on Instagram?

If you want to tag someone on Instagram it can be done in and on the image or a video of your original post. Upon posting your post you will have an option to tag people, but if you already posted it and you want to add tags, then all you have to do is click on the three dots on the top right, then Edit, and select your tags.

When it comes to tagging it’s always good to think twice, unless you are tagging your friends and family. But if you are running a brand or business, think smart before doing so. You can use tagging to your advantage easily, and that way boost your engagement, get more Instagram likes and gain more Instagram followers.

Keep your tagging strategic. Don’t tag large accounts or random ones. If for example you want to show the clothes you are wearing, and its brand, you can tag each part of your clothing and select its brand. An important thing to mention is that you can’t tag someone on someone else’s post. This feature is only available to the post owners.

How to remove my tag from someone else’s Instagram post?

The same way you can tag others, the same way others can tag you, and sometimes people love to spam those tags. But what if you don’t want to be tagged in that content? Not to worry. Removing your tag is easy and quick. All you have to do is go to the post where you are tagged, click on the three dots, then on the Tag options. And tap the first option “Remove me from post”.

Getting to know how to tag someone, when and how to remove it is not the only way that will make your business or brand get engagement. You can also check the most popular hashtags and the way to use them.

What is the maximum number of accounts that I can tag on an Instagram post?

You can tag up to 20 accounts on Instagram.

How can I remove Tags on Instagram?

Tap on the three bars of the post, then edit the photo and remove the tag.

How many notifications are shown in the notification feed?

Only 100 of the most recent notifications can be seen in the Instagram notification feed.