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The Top Must-Know Tips For Keeping Your Insta Followers Happy

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Peaks and valleys—that’s the best way to describe Instagram success, right? As much as we wish our
success was a gradually increasing line on a chart, the reality of the situation is our growth charts and
analytics (whether you use Instagram or a third-party platform) all probably look a lot more like a jagged
mountain, rising up and dropping down every few quarters.

Fluctuations in your Insta followers are normal—to a certain degree, of course—so if you’re dealing with
peaks and valleys in your Insta follower analytics, know that’s normal. That being said, however, there
are plenty of ways to retain more Instagram followers.

How? By keeping them happy, of course.

It’s not always so cut and dry, but there are plenty of ways that you can avoid the huge increase in
“unfollows” if you put in the effort to keep your current followers happy.

Not sure how to do that? Don’t sweat it. LeoBoost is here to help! We’ve got your back when it comes to
Instagram tips, tricks, and more! So, keep reading to learn about how you can

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Buy Followers on Instagram

You know what keeps your current followers on Instagram happy? Knowing that you’re still a relevant
account to follow. If they see a steep drop-off on your follower account, that snowball is likely to keep
rolling downhill—they’ll think that since other people are unfollowing you, you’re not worth the follow
from them, either. See how quickly this can escalate?

Our best advice is to buy followers on Instagram—especially when your analytics are trending

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Post Often and Post Well

Consistency is everything! No one wants to keep following an account that never posts. Your followers
keep following you for one reason—they want to see your content. If you’re not posting (or if you’re not
posting consistently) they’ve got no real reason to follow you, right?

You don’t have to post every single day, but it’s crucial that you post regularly and that you don’t drop
off the face of the planet every few weeks—if you do, your followers likely won’t think it’s worth it to
follow you!


Whether it’s responding to someone’s comment on your post, liking other pictures, or simply tapping
the heart on someone’s comment on your post, it’s crucial to engage with your followers. Even if you
have hundreds of comments on a single post, it’s so important to go through and reply to as many as
possible (even a few dozen can help).


Because if you don’t interact with your followers on Instagram, they’re not going to think you’re worth
the follow. If your followers love you, they’re going to want to hear from you! Build excitement, engage,
and don’t leave your followers hanging. Trust us, they want to hear from you! You can even try to do Instagram takeovers to engage with new followers on other accounts!

Use Instagram Stories

What’s that? You’re not using Instagram stories on your account? You’re really, really missing out,
friends. Instagram stories can really help you optimize your followers’ interactions and can keep them
entertained in a casual, but important way.

Your followers want to get to know you, right? That’s the idea behind running an Instagram. But it’s not
always feasible to plan and create the best content ever for your feed.

That’s where stories can help. These are casual, temporary ways to connect with your fans without
needing to plan out something elaborate for your Instagram feed. You don’t need to worry about
whether or not they’re aesthetically pleasing or on-brand, necessarily, either—they’re temporary, so
they give you some flexibility.

Don’t Forget About Your DMs

If you’re doing everything else but ignoring your direct messages, you’re making a huge mistake! This is
a great way to interact with your followers in a one-on-one way. It makes them feel important but it
doesn’t take up a ton of your time—plus, it’s an inexpensive, quick way to make a huge impact and keep
your followers happy.

At the end of the day, your Instagram followers choose to follow your for a reason—they want to hear
from you, they want to work with you, and they want to know that you’re still a relevant person to
follow. While a lot of that comes from engaging with your troupe, it’s also important to keep your
follower count high (even when you see drop off) so your other followers (and potential followers) don’t
think you’re losing relevancy. That’s where choosing to buy followers on Instagram can come in handy!
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