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Quick Steps to Change Instagram Usernames


Social media experts have confirmed that the two greatest components of a successful Instagram account are a strong username and a ton of likes. This is the shockingly simple recipe to becoming Insta-famous.

With these two components in mind, we have created the best place to buy instagram likes. Enhance your Instagram presence with loads of authentic likes, and the perfect catchline. These quick tips will teach you how to utilize all the fantastic tools that the Instagram app has to offer.

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In this article, we will discuss the top strategies for revamping and freshening up your Instagram handle. The Instagram handle, also known as the username, is a key element of an Instagram account’s identity.

The Instagram handle, or username, is the name you are prompted to create when you first make your Instagram account. It is also the name used to identify your account, so other Instagram users can tag or search your profile. A good Instagram handle can make or break your presence on social media.


The first step in changing your Instagram username is to decide on the best title that represents your brand, self, company, or whatever your Instagram is promoting. It is important to decide on the username you are switching to because your Instagram username is a crucial element to your account’s distinctiveness and recognition.

Brainstorm as many great titles, nicknames, or phrases that could fit as your potential username. Then, narrow down your favorite options to a shorter list. You will need to have several options to choose from because oftentimes a username may already be taken, and is therefore unavailable.

While coming up with the perfect Instagram handle, consider words that sound and look good together. When you are writing (or typing) out these options, watch out for double meanings that could be incorrectly interpreted. These double meanings could be great, or unfortunate. So, make sure you are aware of how the username sounds to others by reviewing them with a friend or colleague.

A common username flaw is the pairing of words, without considering aesthetic. Since usernames do not have spacing, Instagram users often combine words and phrases to one space-less title. This can work well in some cases. In other cases, though, this can also look blurred together, like someone randomly smeared their hand across their laptop keyboard.

One thing to look out for in combining words is if the last letter of the first word is the same as the first letter of the next word. This would double up that letter, making a strange emphasis on those paired letters. A quick solution to this problem is adding an underscore symbol.

For instance “theearthgirl” would not be a very successful username. Since the first word “the” and the second word “earth” share the same first and last letter, “e”, it looks funky. A better username for something like this would be “the_earth_girl”, “the_earthgirl”, or just “earth_girl”. With these alternative usernames, the important words in your new username stand out much better.


The ability to change your Instagram username is very important. Maybe your brand has shifted directions. Or, your personal account represents passions and hobbies that you are not associated with anymore. All these adjustments are natural, and here is how you can quickly re-name your Instagram handle.

Step 1

Go to the profile page on your Instagram account. You can find this section by clicking the circle with your profile picture on the bottom right corner of your news feed scroll. You will know if you are on your profile page if you see your profile photo, your number of posts, your amount of followers, along with a lineup of all your postings.

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Step 2

Look right under your bio and find the bar that states “Edit Profile”. Click on this button and you will arrive at the Edit Profile settings page, where you can see a list of all the possible changes you can make to your Instagram account. Here, you can change the display name, username, bio, profile photo, and any websites you have attached.

Step 3

Click the username row. Once you have clicked this, the app will bring you to a separate page where you can type in your new username. It might also have a fine-print note informing you that you may be able to change back to your original username within 14 days. They state this alert because once you have replaced your username with a new one, and those 14 days have passed, your old name is up for grabs.


Maybe you are transforming your Instagram account so significantly that you need more than just an alternative username. You may even want to separate your personal account from your brand or distinguish two separate brands. If this is the case, then you might just want to create a completely new account.

The good news is that Instagram makes it super easy to have two different accounts, even managed from the same app. If you are interested in keeping your main personal Instagram but want to add a fun alternative account for photos of your dog, then you can do that too!

On your profile page, click the very top area where your Instagram handle name is stated. Once you click on that, the app will prompt you to select your original account or “Add Account” with a plus sign. Click on that plus sign, and hit “Create New Account”.

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Your new account will start with no followers or likes, so you will need to seek new followers by searching for potential users that might enjoy your new account’s content. A great strategy for jumpstarting your new profile is buying likes through reliable sites like us, LeoBoost.

Once you are on the path to creating a successful separate account, you can easily switch from your original account to your alternative profile. Go back to whichever account profile page you are on, click that top username title, and toggle between both accounts.

All these tools are useful for creating successful Instagram accounts. By utilizing all of these assets, you can make the most of your presence on social media. Good luck and see you on the Gram!