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Step Up Your Hashtag Game: Instagram Edition

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If you’re looking to effectively, and efficiently boost your social media presence, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s always a good idea to buy 100 likes at least to get started and improve your posts credibility, then after that, there are even more ways to connect with others organically, and promote your posts in order to maximize your Instagram’s potential.

Nowadays, the pound symbol (#) is used for far more than just representing numbers. Starting in 2007, Twitter created the hashtag in an effort to group together words or topics that other people were talking about. For example, when hashtagging #MarchMadness or #TheBachelor, anyone on Twitter discussing the topic could see automatically what other people using the hashtag were saying. In addition to sharing your own thoughts, using hashtags is a great way to explore content, and discover new perspectives!

The Most Popular Hashtags

When looking on your explore page, you can tell right away what some of the most popular hashtags might be. For the most part, they can be pretty generic and cover a lot of different types of content. That way, the hashtag is super inclusive to different users and their shared experiences.

Here are a few of the most popular hashtag topics from the “explore” page:

  1. #Travel 516 million posts
  2. #Photography 628 million posts
  3. #Art 689 million posts
  4. #Food 406 million posts
  5. #Selfie 430 million posts
  6. #OOTD 323 million posts
  7. #Music 328 million posts
  8. #Beauty 401 million posts
  9. #Love 1.9 billion posts
  10. #TBT 574 million posts


Each of these topics can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and therefore, using them in your posts will bring more attention to your page, and connect you with people across the globe that are talking about the same things.

Hashtags in Your Instagram Stories

You’ve probably seen people using hashtags in their Instagram captions, but how about in their Instagram stories? Most people don’t post a photo to their feed every day, but many people do post multiple Instagram stories every day!

Since Instagram stories can only remain up for 24 hours, the content is typically more current, and time sensitive. When posting an Instagram story, the app makes it super easy to add hashtags that will stand out. When clicking the middle button in the Instagram story toolbar, you’ll have the option to add your location, mention a friend, or add a hashtag – to name a few possibilities.

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When adding a hashtag to your story in this way, it will then show up on a master Instagram story which chronologically collates all the stories that are hashtagging the same things. This will optimize the number of people viewing your story, therefore increasing the potential of driving traffic to your page.
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Using Hashtags to get Ideas

Like Pinterest, some people use Instagram to get ideas about places to travel, trending styles, DIY projects, or workout plans. Knowing which hashtags to search is a great first step in learning how to explore any topic that piques your interest.

For example, are you or someone you know planning a wedding? Or are you just a lover of weddings? You don’t have to be engaged to give it some thought! But if you are, these are some super popular wedding related hashtags to give you the best ideas for your big day.

  • #honeymoon
  • #engagementrings
  • #weddingdress
  • #wedding

Whether you prefer working out in a gym, or in the comfort of your own living room, Instagram is full of fitness influencers ready to show you their favorite workouts. Looking for something to strengthen those biceps? Or maybe you want a little low impact cardio? Instagram can be a great place to learn effective new workout routines.

Even if working out is already a part of your daily routine, it can be super fun to check out what your fellow fitness friends like to do. Just search these hashtags to learn more!

  • #cardio
  • #abs
  • #hustlehard
  • #legday
  • #noequipment

Special Hashtags

Many festivals, concerts, and weddings typically have a hashtag that is targeted to the special event. Using these hashtags can easily connect you with people going through the same experience.


If you’re a business owner, establishing hashtags for your brand can help you evaluate your business’s reach, and progress. Having or using specialized hashtags will help you hone in on content related to your event/brand, inspire interest, and widen your audience.
Special hashtags can also include a hashtag that is trending due to a special day. During a nationwide election, or the Game of Thrones finale, hashtags are used to bring people together in conversation. Using trending hashtags correctly, and evaluating a broad portion of perspectives can help you understand what people are thinking, and feeling in a timely way.

Goal Oriented Hashtags

Some people use hashtags to achieve a certain goal. Using goal oriented hashtags can be considered anything from a trending Instagram challenge, to an attempt to expand your network. Let’s break it down

Instagram Challenges: Every once in a while, an Instagram challenge will start trending, and the hashtag is the only way for people to establish their participation. Here are some examples.

  • #100happydays – This challenge was designed for people to share photos of things, moments, or people they were grateful for, for 100 days straight.
  • #challengeaccepted – After posting a black and white selfie, women aroudn the world captioned the photo with this hashtag. Though it was widely spread as a means of female empowerment, the trend had a much deeper meaning. As Turkish women are being killed on a daily basis, the trend began as a way for them to show solidarity with one another. Though a lot of Instagram challenges are lighthearted, it’s always important to research the intent before participating.

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    • #dollypartonchallenge – The queen of country, Dolly Parton herself, started this challenge as a way to showcase all her personalities. It features the photo you would use for LinkedIn, for Instagram, for Facebook, and for Tinder.

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  • #pushupchallenge – This challenge that went trending in March asked people to record themselves doing 10 pushups, and tag friends to challenge in return.

Hashtags can have a lot of power. Remember, #metoo started as a way for women to speak up in solidarity about sexual assault, harrassment, and abuse. #Blacklivesmatter has also been a way for protestors to follow activity within the movement. The possibilities for hashtags are endless.

Hashtags can also be a super simple way to expand your network. If you’re just starting out on Instagram, these hashtags can be used to invite new people to your page.

  • #followforfollow
  • #likeforlike
  • #followme
  • #followtrain

Understanding how to use hashtags to connect with others is the best way to build a strong, relevant platform. You can always find more tips and tricks to boost your Instagram on our blog.