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The Best Way to Create a Perfect Instagram Bio for Your Business

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Are you struggling to grow your audience on Instagram? Do you constantly track your metrics, and find that your Instagram page is not as successful as you hoped – that it’s not getting enough likes, comments and shares? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, but are stuck with the same number of followers as before? Then maybe there’s something simple that’s not quite right.

Have a look at your bio – is it engaging? Does it say what your business does? Does it draw people in?

Before you get started, you need to purchase Instagram likes. Buy likes from us, here at Leoboost, where we guarantee instant likes from real accounts. While you can also pay for adverts on social media and ask your followers to share posts, we especially recommend buying likes, because that means the algorithm will show your photo at the top of your followers’ news feeds and on the explore page. With likes, people will be more likely to find your page, and more likely to like your photos as well. Buying likes is the perfect first step to getting a profile that is taken seriously.

After these efforts, people should arrive to your page, see your bio, and take your site seriously.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can write the perfect Instagram bio for your business.

What is an Instagram bio?

When deciding whether or not to hit the ‘follow’ button on Instagram, people will look at your profile picture, your posts and story, and your bio.

Your photos show what you do, but your bio is your chance to explain your business.

The bio is important because it gives people a quick, concise summary of the content someone can expect to see if they go ahead and follow you.

The example below gives us all the information we need to know what the account @nytfood is likely to post about.

Your bio is that all important first impression, so it’s important to get it right so that you can gain followers and watch your metrics keep improving!

instagram for business

Before writing the perfect bio, make sure that you’re using an Instagram business account. This allows you to do more than you can on a personal account, like adding links to stories, creating ads, and checking your analytics to find out how engaging your account is.

Using a business account means you’re more likely to gain followers and likes, because you can reach a wider audience.

So what should I write?

Your bio needs to be short, but it needs to say what you do. Don’t make it so long people get put off even reading all of it.

If your business is one of many like it, your bio should explain why you’re different to other businesses like you – it needs to say what makes you special, and why people should come to you.

Maybe you’re an organic restaurant. Maybe you’re a plastic free grocery store. Perhaps you’re a vegan baker. Maybe you hand-make clothing for children, or you clean houses without using chemical cleaners.

Whatever your unique selling point is, people should find that out from your bio. There should be no need to delve further into your profile to work out what’s different about you.
If your business is different to most others, then here’s your chance to explain what your business does.

Taglines and hashtags

Large brands often don’t need to explain what they do, as most people will know that before reaching their Instagram profile. Big brands can use their slogans or taglines, like Nike’s “Just do it”, or “I’m lovin’ it” for McDonald’s.

But you can use taglines too, especially if you’re already using one on other social media. If you’re not, then Instagram is the perfect place to create your own tagline and start using it.

You can also use branded hashtags. Branded hashtags are hashtags that are unique to a business. So it could be your business name, your tagline, or one of your products, or the type of products you sell, the services you provide, or it could be based on your brand identity.

Link to your website

You should include a link to your website. Because the bio should be short and concise, and because your bio is limited to 150 characters, this is not the place to explain the history of your business, talk about your team, or go into detail about all of the products or services you can offer.

That’s what your website is for. It should be included in your bio to allow people to find out more about your business if they want to.

If you tried to include all that information in your Instagram bio, people are unlikely to stay on your page and read it all. If they’re interested, they can choose to follow the link and read more about your business.

Include other accounts

You can mention other accounts like you, as people are likely to follow you if they also follow an account you’ve mentioned.

Perhaps, for example, you’re a restaurant who uses meat from a local butchers. Include their Instagram handle in your bio! This can lead their followers to follow you, too.

Use emojis

You can write one or two sentences, or you could break your bio into bullet points. A great way to use bullet points is to replace the bullet points with relevant emojis, as can be seen in the bio below:

instagram bio emojies

They’ve included a tagline, a branded hashtag, a link to their website, their location and emojis, and explained what they have to offer. It’s easy to read, it’s to the point, and it’s interesting to look at. It even encourages followers to use their hashtag!

Emojis are great, because of the character limit in Instagram bios, and because everyone is using them. They’re a visual representation of what you want to say, and they make your bio visually interesting.

Test it out

It’s a good idea to write a few different bios, and then ask your friends, family and employees to vote for their favorite.

You could write a couple of different ones and then try laying them out differently. Play with them and see what you like and what other people like.

This will help you to decide on what’s best for your business, and work out what is the most interesting for others to find when they reach your Instagram page.

Remember your objectives!

Make sure that you write your bio with the focus of your business in mind – why is it that you want Instagram followers? Try not to get lost in gaining followers and likes, and remember the goals of your business when writing your bio.

For more information and tips about Instagram, check out more tips from our site here. We put out new, helpful content every week!