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Make Your Instagram Stand Out: 6 Tips and Tricks for Musicians and Producers


In just one decade, Instagram has gone from a simple photo-sharing app, to one of the
world’s largest networking platforms. Sure, you can still post a photo of a flower in your
yard, or while out to dinner with your friends. Maybe you mostly use Instagram to just view
and like other people’s content. But as a musician and/or producer, understanding how to
utilize Instagram to your benefit has the potential to help your business grow

To make your Instagram as strong as it can be, you need to develop connections. To
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The next steps are up to you. Follow these simple tips and tricks to make sure your profile
stands out among the crowd.

1. Make a Professional Account

The first option you’ll have when creating a new account, is what kind of account
you want. Normally, it’s typical to choose a personal account, and even to keep it
private. However, when using Instagram to build your network, it’s important that
you keep your account public with a business or creator account. With either of
these options, you’re able to view insights, promote your posts, and track the
impressions your page makes throughout the app.

If you already have an existing account that you’d like to change, don’t fret. Just go
to settings, click “account” and choose the option to either “switch to a business
account,” or “switch to creator account.” If you intend on selling merchandise, a
business account might be more favorable, or if you’re just looking to create
content, a creator account might be best. Talk to your teammates, and use your
best discretion.

instagram switch buisness account

2. What is Your Brand?

Your profile is the first thing any potential follower would see, so make sure you’re
taking your time to cultivate a profile that fits the essence of your band, or music, or
production style, etc.

If you’re making a brand-new account, the first thing you will need is a username. If
you choose not to use your real name, or your band’s name, make sure it’s still
something that reflects your brand, and is easily accessible for anyone trying to find
you. You’ll also need to select a profile photo. To put forth the most professional
aesthetic, make sure it is a high-quality photo that showcases a bit of your band’s

The next thing you will need to add is a short bio. Instagram has a 150-character
limit for bios, so make sure it is clear, and concise. You’ll also have the option to
link a website, so don’t worry about including that in the bio itself.

3. IGTV and IG Reels

As a musician or producer, you’ll want to understand IGTV. Of course, you’ll be
able to post normal photos or 30 second videos, but if you want to post a video that
is more than 30 seconds long, it will be posted to IGTV.

With IGTV, you can categorize your videos into various series, and increase your
likelihood of appearing on the IGTV “Explore” page, therefore expanding your
content to potential new followers, and increasing your post’s number of views.

In addition, the newest addition to Instagram is IG Reels. Similar to TikTok, IG
Reels gives you the opportunity to post 15 second videos set to popular audios. As
a musician or producer, utilizing Reels is a really good way to get your sound out

To promote the sound, and to gain traction to your page, you can even ask
followers, friends, or hire influencers to popularize your audio, and expand your

instagram explore igtv

4. Your Story

While you’re busy posting photos, IGTV videos, or IG reels, don’t forget about your

Especially with a business or creator account, your Instagram story is a great way
to immediately track how many people are viewing your story, and even how many
people forwarded through it, exited, backtracked or shared it. Instant feedback is
vital to making the most out of your account!

Another great way to use your story as a musician or producer is through Spotify.

When listening to a song on Spotify, the Spotify app gives you the option to share
the song directly onto your Instagram story. The story will feature the song’s album
cover, song title, and artist name, plus – anyone who views the story will have the
option in the top left corner to click “play on Spotify.” Clicking that button will take
the user directly to their own Spotify app, and begin playing the song. With just a
click of a button, your music can be on their playlist.

check instagram stories

instagram story play on spotify

5. Verification

So you want a blue check? Verification is a great way to tell your potential followers
that you are serious about your music. In order to be verified by Instagram, you
need to actually apply, and receive approval. For the most part, Instagram will
verify companies, brands, public figures, or celebrities that have a large following,
and an influential voice. It can be challenging to receive verification, but the more
you build your network, and share your content, the better chance you have.

6. Think of a special weekly segment

When building your platform, think outside the box.

If you’re a singer, maybe commit to posting a cover of one of your favorite songs or
artists once a week. If you’re a rapper, maybe practice your freestyle in your
Instagram stories. If you play an instrument, maybe duet other people’s IG reels,
and add your extra flare.

Having a special weekly segment amongst your normal posts will increase traffic to
your page, and help you stand out!

While social media can appear daunting, the more you know, the better off you are.

If nothing else, remember to post frequently. The more active you are on the app, the more
likely you are to appear on other people’s feeds. Continuity and consistency are super
valuable when it comes to Instagram. Use these tips and tricks, and before you know it,
you’ll be a social media mogul!

For more information about how to boost your page, click here. We run a constantly
updated blog with all the tips and tricks you need for Insta.