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Top 10 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Profile in 2021

For a billion people now (the number is rising steadily), Instagram has come to be a regular part of their lives. Given the vast reach and the high engagement rate that can be achieved on the social media site, you can also grow your Instagram profile, business or personal, to the point where it becomes a money-making machine.

In the years to come, this trend is only set to continue, so to jump on the bandwagon you need to tailor your profile to stand out from the rest and appeal to your target audience. What follows is a series of 10 potential steps you can take for that.
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Know your audience in and out

One of the most important tips to know in order to grow your Instagram profile is to know your audience in and out. For getting the maximum exposure and visibility on your account, your priority is knowing the audience you are targeting.


It doesn’t matter who you are. Whether you are a small business, a huge corporation, or even a random person who wants some limelight, you won’t get anywhere unless you know who you are targeting on Instagram. Once you determine your target audience, our services offer a variety of powerful solutions to help you get them to engage with you.

Focus on optimizing the profile

Your profile is the first thing a prospect will see, so they’ll form most of their opinions and decisions based on that. So, it can’t be stressed enough that your profile needs to be on point.

Here’s how you can make your profile stand out in order to grow your Instagram profile:

1. Profile Update

  • The profile picture
    Since your profile picture will keep appearing in your followers’ feed and news tab, you need to ensure it represents your brand and is not something you found on the internet.
  • The bio
    Put some effort into writing a bio that conveys what your content is about, compellingly. Also, brevity is your friend when it comes to Instagram bios.
  • The link
    Put up a link to your store or site on your profile page, so your followers can know where to buy your services.

2. Pick a color theme and stick with it.

Using a consistent color theme or a color palette, you can make your images look professionally shot and curated rather than disjoined snaps of your life.

Besides, ensure that you stick to the same lighting settings and the same apps and filters to edit all your photos.

3. Have a proper theme

A color palette needs to be selected based on whether it complements the images you are posting. But it is also equally important to have a common theme that connects all your content.

Making your theme resonate with your brand and services is a sure shot way to bolster audience engagement. It makes your work look professional and consistent. Additionally, the use of a specific theme enables you to develop a dedicated base of followers and nurture your hashtag as well.

4. Edit extensively before posting

This is the most vital step of each of your posts. To get a great picture, you do not even need an expensive camera. All you need to do is edit it properly to make it stand out as a creative post.

5. Use Stories and Hashtags to your advantage

Since its launch in 2016, the Stories feature on Instagram has been used by tons of marketers to grow their brands. You can also leverage the multiple features, such as polls, swipe-up option for links, etc. to keep your audience engaged and glued to your content.

Further, you can make yourself more discoverable through the use of optimized hashtags that also give meaning to the image you are posting.

6 Consistency is key

Posting frequently can get you more eyeballs on your images given that you appear more often in others’ feeds. As you accumulate more followers, you will see your engagement increase with more likes and comments. This is the key to growth on every social media.


7. Act as a curator

One of the ways by which you can become known as a domain expert is by posting curated content on a specific topic. Pick a niche, such as skincare, men’s grooming, etc. and post highly targeted information to a devoted group of your followers.

8. Engage with your audience and others—don’t hold back on the comments and likes

Being active on Instagram, which basically equates to liking and commenting on content that is relevant to yours, can be a great way to attract attention.

When you do this consistently, people will be happy to return the favor and show your channel some love, leading to you getting more engagement and followers.

9. Tag others

One of the best ways to gain visibility on Instagram is by tagging others in your image or comment. You can ask their opinion on your post, ask them to tag someone the post reminds them of, etc.

This will boost your engagement rate because it makes your work appear on others’ profile pages and feeds. If your post is eye-catching and interesting, it may even go viral.

10. Use the power of geotags

Whether you are an influencer or a local business, geotags can be a blessing. People search for locations, tourist spots, and restaurants or other services on Instagram, and they will have a better chance of finding you if you use geotags on your images.

If you are an influencer, you can benefit from geotags by amassing a following of locals in your area and getting them to patronize those businesses.

The bottom-line

Instagram offers a variety of options for users to customize their profile and make it stand out. When you put in the effort to do that, you will be delighted to find your account catapulted to fame, reaching millions of users who you never thought would be interested in your brand.