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Top 8 Instagram Analytics Tools to Boost Your Marketing Campaign in 2021

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As a marketer, it may delight you to know that Instagram has over 500 million active users a day. Surely, you have tried every trick up your sleeve to get more people to engage with your brand. But given the significant number of users, there is a good possibility that you aren’t as effective as possible on Instagram. While you can always buy cheap Instagram likes from us and boost engagement, you also need to monitor various account parameters to make adjustments to your content or marketing strategy and get the best growth possible.

In this regard, there are several Instagram analytics tools you can use. We have saved you the trouble of finding the best ones with the following curated list that will help you regardless of your goals or budget.


With the advent of user-generated content as a means of selling, it has become crucial for companies to have analytics tools to keep them informed about which products are selling the best. Curalate is a platform that lets you find the most valuable content and determines how much you are making from your marketing efforts. Mainly, what Curalate does is that it uses the trackable “Like2Buy” link to let brands keep track of their sales and engagement metrics, tags, and mentions as well.


Phlanx offers a practical solution to analyze the engagement rate of accounts run by businesses or influencers, or even regular people. They determine the engagement rate by dividing the number of comments and likes on a post by the number of followers on an account. Having an engagement rate of around three percent is considered decent. The Phlanx tool is especially useful because it lets you find accounts with fake followers and analyze competitors’ engagement rates. To know how to get more organic engagement faster, check out our blog.

Instagram Insights

It is relatively easy to miss the robust and in-depth social media analytics that Instagram Insights provides among the crowd of paid performance trackers. But that would be a mistake, as this tool gives you a clear picture of your reach, top posts, impressions, engagement, etc. Most importantly, you can view historic performance going back months and years. You can also view detailed information on the demographics of your followers so you can run targeted campaigns. Apart from this, you can use Facebook’s ad manager to cost-effectively track how your paid ads are doing.

The ads you are posting may perform well or poorly depending on the quality of your post’s content, especially if it is a visual ad involving a video. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Video Specs for 2021 for posting optimal ads or other video-based content that stands out and drives engagement.


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This is a tool that is perfect for companies/ agencies that are handling multiple accounts. Users of the service can get a comprehensive suite of services, including competitive hashtags and growth-tracking. Besides being an analytics platform, Iconosquare offers to audit the business profiles for free to ensure it adheres to the site’s best practices. It is worth noting that the audit covers the recent 30 posts of yours and also the general account settings. This tool is especially useful, given how competitive Instagram has grown in the last few years.

Union Metrics

Being one of the most powerful and robust marketing intelligence platforms available, Union Metrics allows you to keep track of your media and industry trends. They offer a variety of analytics features, but one of their most recognizable services is the free Instagram Account Checkup tool, which gives a thorough report including average post engagement, analysis of the most dedicated followers, and the top hashtags.


One of the most crucial aspects of your profile is your Instagram bio, especially because it is a vital parameter to track to gauge various social media campaigns’ success. This is true whether you are trying to get more site visitors or make more sales. Bitly is a potent tool with a proven track record in tracking the link in your bio, which is used by both emerging and top brands. Notably, Bitly can be used alongside Google URL Builder to provide you with a clear breakdown of your bio click links and also a report on how your campaigns are doing. As a bonus, the tool can help track the links you use in your various paid Instagram campaigns.


A striking feature of this reporting tool is that it analyzes real-time data on Instagram as opposed to the past performance that other tools are used to measuring. Keyhole lets you know the number of occurrences of a hashtag, the top posts with that hashtag, related hashtags, and the most related posts as well. This tool can be quite handy to track hashtags on the social media site, which can help run brand campaigns, social media contests, etc.


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This is an incredibly handy tool for brands; it allows you to pick the perfect influencer for your campaigns from a database of over 50,000 influencers. You can make sure you get your money’s worth because the tool also gives you real-time benchmark reports to see how your influencer campaign is performing against competitors.


Social media marketing on Instagram can be an excellent means of getting your brand message out there to an ever-expanding audience base provided you use the right tools. While the built-in analytics solution Instagram offers can be useful, it is no match for the insights you can get from the tools we have painstakingly put together for you. Use them to garner what your audience is interested in, what they are reacting to, and what they are talking about, which will give your marketing campaign an edge.