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What is Facebook Dating? And How to Use it?

What is Facebook Dating? Does that really exist? Yes! Heard it or not, Facebook dating is out for quite some time now. First it was only available in the USA, but starting October 2020, it is available in Europe too.

Facebook Dating is a mobile only application that you can access through Facebook Dating app. You can download this app via Google Play or App Store.

Joining Facebook Dating applications will not leave a trace or have an impact on your public Facebook profile. It will not appear on your profile or change your relationship status. Another important thing to know is that it will not send notifications to your friends. This dating app even though it has the same name as the platform, it is a separate service.

Facebook dating was created as a social media experiment to help people in building relationships. An idea that would make Facebook even more popular as a whole. It was created with noble intentions to help singles connect based on shared interests and values. However, Facebook dating never went viral for various different reasons.


If you are wondering whether or not Facebook dating is safe, the answer is that it is as safe as any other online dating world. The app verifies your identity through Facebook, and along with that it has block and reporting tools to help in cases of online harassment or scam attempts.\

How to use Dating app?

If you want to use the app, you first need to download it. You can’t download it via Facebook or Facebook Dating. The app is secure and it blocks screenshots, which are not allowed on the dating app. The app is free to use and to download on Google Play and the app Store. However your Facebook account needs to be active and verified in order to properly use the app.

This app is completely free to use and it has no paid features or premium upgrades. As long as you have a Facebook account, you can use the app.

Facebook Dating Rules

Some of the rules that you will see the moment you create your profile are:

  • Be true to you
  • Know that there’s a person behind the profile
  • Follow your instinct
  • Put safety first

These rules are there to keep you as well as others, safe and comfortable.

The app also will not suggest your current Facebook friends within Dating, and as mentioned before they will not share your activity with anyone outside Dating.

This app is a great way for people who have no time or are a bit shy to search for a person to share their life with. All singles one day or another look for romance. And the recent lockdowns made it a bit harder, which is why apps like Facebook Dating are a good way to find the partner you were looking for.

How do I hide my Facebook dating profile?

Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the app. Go to Settings, select the General tab where you will find your Facebook dating options.

Is there anything bad about Facebook Dating?

The only bad thing that is worth mentioning is that the app lacks notifications which means you will have to check the app itself every now and then.

Can I see who liked me?

Unlike Tinder, you can see who’s liked you and get in touch with them.