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Why Photo Quality Matters on Social Media


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Here, we’re going to outline the best reasons for using high-quality photos to improve your social media presence.

Types of Images for Social Media

Every social media platform has different photos that work best for each platform. Just like you wouldn’t post the same photo on Instagram that you would on Facebook, the rules for the types of photos that work best vary. An important aspect to think about is what kind of platform would best suit the message you are trying to convey.
Facebook photos that feature hands with a product perform best; Instagram photos that show faces perform best.
Think about different ways of getting your message across. A photo with a caption is not as powerful or unique as an infographic or drawing paired with a photo.

No matter what the content is, never substitute quantity for quality.

Components Of High-Quality Images

Obviously, high-quality images are the opposite of low-quality. This means the photos are not blurry, pixelated, or esthetically unpleasing—either too little or too much to look at. Photos like these do not hold the viewers’ attention and are not memorable.
High-quality images are sharp, high-resolution photos that are esthetically pleasing. The photos hold the viewers’ attention and get the message across. The best high-quality images emotionally resonate with the viewer. Hopefully, viewers will feel positively towards your photos and thus your brand.

How To Achieve A Picture Perfect Photo

A budget is needed to build your social media accounts. Set aside funds for paid advertising and experienced professionals. Investing in proper equipment such as lights and cameras will improve your photos and your branding.
While smartphones have come a long way, the quality of a DSLR camera is significantly better than a smartphone.

Clear Photos

Now that you have the tools to take high quality photos, the next component is to figure out what you want the photographs to convey and how you want them to look.
The photographs should clearly show what you are trying to sell or promote. Keep it simple, with the product or item being the main focus. The less busy, the better!
Once you have figured out what your message is, the next step is to plan a well-composed photo. Think about space and balance—the closer the subject, the more space there should be around them, and vise versa. Each photo should be well balanced and not overwhelm or confuse the viewer.


Color can make your photos pop, but too much color can be jarring. Think about complementary colors or mix in some contrasting colors. Try some photos that are subdued, or black and white for a unique feel. Don’t focus on one image. Think about your entire feed and how each photo will work together to create a feed that is consistent with your brand and esthetically pleasing. Following these guidelines should help you increase your likes and followers on Instagram.

creative photo

Now that you’ve learned some methods for increasing your social media presence, we’re now going to talk about how these photos will help you grow your following on Instagram.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Social media is a powerful tool if used correctly. The majority of social media viewers scroll-through photos, and some like them at lightning speed without reading captions. Don’t focus on your caption. Let your photos do the talking. The photos you post are the most important part of building your brand.
If viewers read your captions, more than 60% of viewers will remember what you wrote if you had an effective photo. If your photos are confusing or aren’t clear, viewers will probably not remember your brand or have a clear idea of your brand image.

Increases Your Appeal

Brands that lack a strong social media presence are setting themselves up for failure, even if brands have strengths in other areas, such as quickly responding to comments on social media.
Low quality photos make your brand look bad because it looks like you don’t care about your brand, are unprofessional, and lack style. High quality photos portray your brand in a positive light. They help convey your brand as professional, trustworthy, and can attract more customers.
Great photos make the world of a difference for all brands—whether you’re selling something esthetically pleasing or not.

More Eyes On Your Photos

No surprise that the better your photos look, the more likely your brand is to gain more followers or likes.
While not every like or view on social media will lead to a follow, it doesn’t mean you should disregard likes and follows from viewers. Even viewers that have no intention of buying your product or checking out your website, they are assisting with growing your brand by liking or sharing your content, which is free advertising for your brand.
When someone is ready to purchase your product or service, they will be more likely to jump the gun with a brand that has a large number of followers. This shows viewers that a lot of individuals like your products. Viewers will associate your brand’s likes and followers as endorsements.

Less Is More

Social media is a balancing act, and it’s important to balance your brand’s social media presence. Post too often and your followers could get annoyed and unfollow; post too little and your brand’s followers could lose interest and unfollow.
If your brand posts a high quality image that conveys your brand’s message, it will leave a lasting impression on your followers and is more likely to be shared. A high quality photo is more effective than multiple low-quality images and allows your brand more time to focus on your next post and other business needs.
Building campaigns is a great tool to manage your posts. If there’s a holiday or event that is relevant to your brand, take multiple photos ahead of time and then unveil them weekly or once a month.


Branding is very important. Find what works for your brand and adjust as needed. Branding makes the difference between your brand and over 80% of brands that don’t make it more than a year.
To make a lasting social media presence, you’ll want to strategize the right branding and budgeting to catapult your brand. Investing in your business will impact how long your brand lives and your success rate.

Other Methods

While high quality images can make or break your brand, don’t only rely on them. Here are some other tools to increase your brand’s social media presence:
Hashtags are a great way to increase your brand’s engagement, find new followers, and sniff out competition by following other similar brands. Many viewers track or follow hashtags that interest them.

Paid advertising can also lead to new followers. Social media platforms use algorithms to target accounts and products that viewers might be interested in.
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