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Why Choose LeoBoost for buying Facebook likes ?

Real Results

Real Likes, Real Engagement

We don’t believe in spammy, fake accounts or unauthentic likes—so you’ll never see that from us. You deserve real results, and real results can only come from 100% authentic, real users.


Safe & Secure

Never put your account (or your delicate info!) at risk! We never ask you for your Facebook log-in information, we equip our service with Recaptcha, PCI, and SSL technologies, and our services come from real users—that means no spammy, sketchy accounts!



Did we mention we’re affordable? We’re the only company out there who lets you buy Facebook likes and pick the exact amount you want! That means you’ll never get stuck with a bundle or a package that you don’t need. Save your money, build your page!

24/7 Support

Non-Stop Support

Our team is working ‘round the clock to make sure you’re taken care of. Have a question? Awesome—ask us anytime. Send us an email at [email protected] or use our feature to contact us whenever you need—we’ll be there to help answer any questions you’ve got.

Why Buy Facebook Likes?

Increase Your Facebook Engagement

You know what helps you increase your Facebook engagement? Getting to the top of the Facebook feed. Do you know how you get there? By getting more likes on your Facebook post. When you buy Facebook likes, you purchase more than just real users sending real likes, you also purchase the opportunity to grow your Facebook organically! When your post is popular, you get to the top of feed—that means more eyes will be on your post, and the opportunity to grow your page’s engagement increases, too!

Improve Your Posts & Your Credibility

When your posts have a lot of likes (from real, authentic accounts—never spam or fake accounts), users will view that post (and you!) as a credible source. When your posts have a surplus of likes, others will view it as credible, likes your post, share it, and give you further engagement. This allows you to build trust, attract new fans, and grow your page better than ever.

Save Time and Money

When you purchase Facebook post likes from LeoBoost, you purchase a guarantee! Sure, you could spend money on Facebook ads or other digital advertising, but there’s no guarantee it’s going to work. But with LeoBoost, you can pay for the exact number of services you need (no packages or bundles!) and you receive guaranteed results—no other type of Facebook advertising can offer you that.

Beat Your Competitors

To beat your competitors, you need more engagement, more exposure, and more love on your posts than they have—sometimes, it’s as simple as that! That’s where buying post likes from LeoBoost can help. Our service helps to ensure that your posts are always overflowing with likes, always increasing, and most importantly, always beating out your competitors’ posts. Show your audience who’s boss when it comes to collecting the most post likes on your Facebook posts (from real, authentic users, too!).

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Facebook Post Likes from LeoBoost

How Many Facebook Post Likes Should I Buy?

Ultimately, that decision is up to you, but we won’t lie, the more you purchase, the better. That makes sense, right? The more likes you purchase, the more likes you’ll have on your post, the more popular that post will be! Still, if you’re unsure (or on a budget) we recommend feeling it out. Start with a few and then, if you like the results you see, please use our service again!

What Exactly Are These Likes For?

We think that’s a great question because sometimes (on other sites), it’s not always clear what “post likes” means. That’s why we’re happy to break it down for you. This specific service is for you to purchase real likes from authentic users for your posts! It doesn’t matter what those posts are, either. They can be text, video, photo, or other types of posts, too—it’s all about bringing real, 100% authentic likes to your specific post to boost your engagement, get more eyes on your content, and grow your page in a big way!

Does My Account Need to Be Public to Use This Service?

You bet it does! We get that’s not always a comfortable thing for everyone, but that’s how this process works—especially since we never ask you for your log-in information. In order for you to find your username on our site, you need to set your account to public. And, of course, for our real accounts to find your profile and give your posts real likes, they need to be able to search your profile, too. With a private account, only those who already follow you can engage and interact with your posts.

How Exactly Does This Process Work?

First things first, make sure your Facebook profile is set to public—otherwise, this process won’t work. Then, choose the number of likes you want for your specific post, copy your Facebook post link from the web into our site, and then choose which post you want to receive the likes you’re going to purchase. Use our secured payment method to confirm the purchase. Then, sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen. Not seeing the services you paid for? If for some reason you don’t receive every service you paid for in the allotted time, we’ll refund you.

What’s the Quality of Your Services—What Can I Expect?

We only provide cutting-edge, top-notch, 100% quality services to our clients. How? By never engaging in spammy, fake, sketchy, or phony accounts that deliver phony results. With our service, you’ll only see real, authentic, 100% genuine accounts giving you real likes—that means you’re set to receive real results (and only real results). Plus, we make sure that you only pay for what you want to pay for—that’s why we’re the only company that offers you the option to pick the exact number of services you want!

Can I Split My Total Number of Purchased Likes on a Few Different Posts?

Unfortunately, that’s not something we’re able to do just yet! When you choose the number of post likes you want for your order, remember that it will only apply to one, single post. Currently, we only accept on Facebook post link per order, so, if you want to buy likes for multiple posts, you’ll need to make multiple purchases to make this happen! The good news? Our process is simple, easy, quick, and super secure, too!