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Why Choose LeoBoost for video views?

Real Results

Real Engagement, Real Views

No fake accounts or spammy views here, you’re getting 100% authentic services from 100% real accounts! LeoBoost never messes around when it comes to results, that’s why we’re only offering you the real deal, every time.


Secure & Safe

It’s simple, our services are 100% secure and 100% safe. We don’t employ the use of sketchy, scammy bots—only real accounts delivering real views and real results. Plus, we utilize Recaptcha, PCI, and SSL technology to ensure your payment methods are verified and protected.



Our services are affordable. How affordable? So affordable that it’s basically a pay what you want to pay system. We’re the only company out there who lets you purchase the exact number of Facebook views that you want. That means never paying for anything you don’t need!

24/7 Support

24/7 Support Team

Contact our team anywhere, anytime by sending us a quick email at [email protected] or using our chat feature. We work around the clock to ensure that your questions are answered, you’re provided the help you need, and that you’re never left guessing!

Why Buy Facebook Views?

Increase Facebook Engagement

When your Facebook videos have a high number of views, you can bet that they’re going to make their way to the top of the Facebook feed! Further, they’ll likely have a better chance of showing up more frequently on Facebook’s recommended videos section (you know, the section that shows up when you’re watching a video on Facebook and pops up with a message that suggests other videos you might like?). This can help you build a larger audience, grow organically (which means without buying views), and can get the ball rolling on building your Facebook page.

Build Trust

The fact of the matter is, in our modern-day society that places a huge emphasis on social media prevalence, the number of views on your videos is going to matter. The more views you have, the more fans will trust you. The more views you have, the more businesses and users and potential fans (or customers) will view you as credible. The more views your videos have, the better off your exposure, your engagement, and your overall Facebook page will be.

Create a Buzz & Go Viral

We all know the more views a Facebook video has, the more popular it is. That’s why some videos go viral, right? The more views they have, the more people view it as a credible, entertaining, and must-watch video. When you purchase Facebook views for your Facebook videos, you can help to create a buzz and go viral all through your video. Purchase your Facebook video views right after you upload your video that you want to go viral—that will help you have the best chance of creating a huge buzz!

Beat Your Competitors

You know what can really help boost your Facebook (and your business’) success? Beating your competitors! This definitely applies when it comes to the number of views on your Facebook videos. When you have more views than your competitors, it entices clients (potential and current) to consistently choose you over your top competitors. Show them who’s really boss of your industry by purchasing Facebook views for your videos to beat out their numbers!

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Facebook Views from LeoBoost

What Are the Benefits of Buying Facebook Views for My Videos?

Buying your FB video views can be super beneficial! Here are just a few examples to help illustrate it. When you buy FB views, you increase your exposure, boost your engagement (easily and affordably), and enhance your social proof. Not to mention, your FB (and company ) credibility is almost directly tied to your social media presence and reputation in our modern times, so the more views you can rack up on your videos, the better off your business (or personal account) will be!

How Many Facebook Views Should I Buy?

That’s a great question. There’s no direct, easy answer for this, so we’ll just say, the more video views you’re able to buy, the better. Because there’s no limit on how many views your FB videos can have (and how could there be, videos go viral, remember!), the more you can buy, the better. Of course, we understand that not everyone has it in their budget to buy hundreds of views—so buy what you’re comfortable with. But we can’t not share this information with you—the more views you’re able to buy the more results you’ll get, which can only help your overall FB grow and expand.

How Exactly Does This Process Work?

We’re proud of our simple process that’s direct, easy, and never asks you for your personal information. The first thing you need to do is make sure that your profile is set to public and that there are no country restrictions limiting who can see your page or posts. Then, you just need to go to our site and choose the exact number of likes you want for your video. Next, drop the link to your FB video into our site, and then continue to our verified, secure payment method. Now all that’s left is to watch the magic happen. Easy, right? We think so, too. If for some reason you don’t receive every view you paid for, tell us—we refund all orders that weren’t fulfilled properly!

Will Anyone Know That I Purchased Facebook Views?

Your privacy matters to us—like, a lot. In fact, it’s our top priority. That’s why we ensure that we’re always a trustworthy company that keeps your info secure, safe, and private. No one will ever know that you purchased Facebook views (or any of our other services, for that matter) unless you tell them yourself. But no worries on our end, your secret is safe with us.

What’s the Quality of LeoBoost’s Services?

We’re proud to offer you only the highest-quality services every time! That means we’ll never make you deal with sketchy, spammy, fake bots or faux views. All you’ll get when you work with us is real, authentic users, genuine views, and real results, too! The best part? If for some reason you don’t receive the number of views you paid for, all you need to do is reach out to us and we’ll refund you—we never let our customers down!

Is it Safe to Buy Facebook Views?

You bet! Our services put your safety as our first priority. All of our services come from real users, providing you with real results and real engagement—that means you’ll never have to deal with fake accounts or spammy views that could get you (and your FB page) in trouble. Our services are 100% legal, totally authentic, and provide the guaranteed results you’re looking for.