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Boost your Instagram engagement and gain more followers in no time when you purchase LeoBoost comments! With our secured payment and commitment to authenticity, you’ll receive 100% real, English comments that will set your Insta posts apart from the rest.

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Why Choose LeoBoost?

Real Results

Positive Comments

Our services won’t provide you with spammy, sketchy comments. With LeoBoost comments, you’ll receive high-quality, top-notch, English comments that are positive, specific to your post, and will set your posts apart from the rest.



Don’t spend a bundle to grow your Instagram — get the comments you want without breaking the bank. We’re the only service out there that lets you choose the exact amount of comments you want — only pay for what you need!



Your safety is our top priority, that’s why we’ll never ask for your log-in information and will always use verified, secure methods to process your payments to keep you safe.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Don’t settle for a company that isn’t there for you at all times! When you choose LeoBoost, you choose to work with a support team who’s there for you 24/7 at — no matter what Insta problem you’re facing.

Why Buy Instagram Comments to your posts at All?

Boost Organic Comments

Sure, purchasing Instagram comments will certainly increase the traffic and engagement on your posts, but did you know that if you purchase Instagram comments, you can increase your organic engagement and comments, too? It’s true! When you buy Instagram comments, you get more exposure, and more exposure means that more people will see your post and comment on it, too. People feel more comfortable commenting on posts when comments already exist! Buying Instagram comments creates a snowball effect!

Build Trust With Your Fans

When you buy comments for your Insta posts, you’ll receive a lot of engagement and comments on that post, which your current followers will see. Of course, the more comments on your post, the more credibility you have, and the more credibility you have, the more your fans will trust you — they see the real engagement and that real people comment on your post! This helps you build credibility easily and quickly and will encourage them to comment, too.

Get More Comments Than Your Competitors

To beat your competitors, you need more exposure, more followers, and of course, more engagement on your posts, too. That’s where comments come in. When you purchase LeoBoost’s comments, your posts will be blooming with real, positive, English comments that are specific to your post, helping you beat out the number of comments on your competitor’s posts. Show your competitors who’s really the master of Insta and who has the best posts with your surplus of authentic, positive comments.

Open the Door for New Influencer Opportunities & Partnerships with other Companies

When an advertising company is hoping to bring on a brand for a campaign, the first thing they look for is to see if you have real, authentic fans who are engaging with your posts. That’s where LeoBoost’s comments can help (again). When advertising companies or modeling agencies (or whoever wants to work with you as an influencer) sees that your posts are blowing up with real comments from authentic profiles (and they see those comments aren’t spammy or fake), they’ll be much more inclined to work with you because they won’t see a bunch of fake, spammy comments.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Random Comments from LeoBoost

Is the Service Safe and Secure — Am I at Risk If I Use LeoBoost?

Your safety and security are our number 1 priority. We’ll never ask you for your private, personal information or log-in information, and we’ll never ask you to share your passwords with us. We use verified, secure methods for payment — like Recaptcha, SSL, PCI, and more — to ensure that all of your private information stays the way it should, private! We value protecting your private information and sensitive data more than anything and we’ll always make sure you’re safe.

Do I Need to Share My Instagram Password in Order to Buy Instagram Comments?

No way! If a company ever asks you to do that, we suggest not working with them. Our high-quality products and top-notch services will never require you to share your personal, private password. Why? Because we can accomplish what you want without your secret data! You can always count on your profile being safe and secure when you buy Instagram comments from us because we’ll never have access to it — and that’s a 100% guarantee. Choose the safe choice for growing your Instagram!

Why Should I Choose LeoBoost When There are So Many Other Similar Companies Out There?

That’s a fair question because you’re right, there are lots of other companies out there that claim to do what we do. But here’s the thing, no one offers the fast, seamless, and affordable services like LeoBoost that combines safety and security features that are next-to-none. Use our services to boost your engagement, create trust with your fans, and receive authentic, English comments from real users that actually fit your posts! Also, we’re the only company out there who lets you choose the exact number of Instagram comments you want to receive!

How to Get More Comments on Instagram?

You can always boost the comment section of your posts by buying real comments from our site. You can also get them organically by posting engaging and unique content, photos of animals, using relevant hashtags, or even offering users a "comment for comment" deal.

When Can I Expect My Comments to Come Through to my posts?

Good question! We specialize in providing you with the services you purchased as soon as possible — that means we’re doing everything we can to provide you with fast, efficient, authentic comments immediately. Typically, you’ll start to see your comments within one hour of purchasing. Not seeing your purchased Insta comments showing up after 1 hour? Reach out to us through our 24/7 support live chat feature or email! We can troubleshoot the problem and see what could have gone wrong and will refund your purchase if your purchased services don’t come through.

Does my Account Need to be Set to Public?

Yes, it certainly does! While we understand you probably value your private profile, it’s required that you switch your profile to public in order for this process to work correctly. If you leave your Instagram profile on private, our authentic users won’t be able to view your profile and leave positive, post-specific comments on your photos. The good news? If you genuinely want to keep your Instagram profile private, all you have to do is wait to receive the comments you purchased (all of them!) and then switch your profile back after the service is complete.

How Does This All Work — What’s the Process of Buying Instagram Comments Like?

Our process is fun, simple, and straightforward. All you need to do is choose exactly how many comments you want (we’re the only company out there that lets you pick the specific number of comments you want to purchase!). Then, search your Instagram username on our site (remember, your profile must be set to public), pick the posts you want to receive your comments on, make your secure payment and then sit back, relax, and watch the comments flood in! Remember, if you want to make your Instagram profile private again, wait until you’ve received all your comments.

Why Are Comments Important on Instagram ?

Accounts on Instagram that have many comments on their posts are among the most popular. Comments on Instagram play a significant role in the exposure you get organically. You can easily achieve this by buying our authentic comments from real, genuine Instagram profiles.