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Want to boost your Insta with the click of a button? You’re in the right place. Buy Instagram followers from LeoBoost’s Instagram services featuring genuine, 100% real followers and improve your visibility, exposure, and follower count in a flash! The best part? It’s 100% secure.



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Why Choose LeoBoost for Instagram followers?

Real Results

Real Followers

The best part of our follower service? LeoBoost guarantees you that 100% real people from real instagram accounts, genuine accounts will follow your profile and add real credibility to your page in no time. For real — these are actually genuine, authentic accounts following you and will rise your brand awareness and organic followers exposure!



At LeoBoost, security comes first! We’ve created a seamless payment method to ensure your purchase is discreet, secure, and verified. We’ll never ask you to share your Insta login information with us (that’s right, no password required)!



We guarantee the cheapest way to buy real Instagram followers there is out there! How? Because we’re the only company who lets you choose exactly how many Insta followers you want — only pay for the number you need!

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

We’re here with 24/7, non-stop support to make sure you receive the results you were promised. Have a problem? Tell us. Questions? Reach out at [email protected]. We’re here for you at all times to make sure your services work perfectly.

Why Buy Instagram Followers In the First Place?

Improve Image and Page Credibility

Not sure if buying Insta followers is for you? Think about it like this. The more followers you have, the more authenticity and credibility you bring to your page. When you buy Instagram followers, it’s easier for your fans to trust you, explore your posts, and increase the interest on your page (because you’ll have more followers). It also can help to attract a new audience and new visitors to your Insta profile. The more followers you have, the more credibility you have as a brand, a business, an influencer, or even a personal account — and that’s exactly what people are looking for!

Improve Your Page’s Organic Growth

When you choose to get real Instagram followers, you choose to inorganically boost your follower count — but that’s not all that happens! When you grow your followers, you get an influx of engagement quickly, and that means you’ll have even more eyes on your page than ever before — that leads to more exposure, more fans, and more engagement. It makes sense, right? When people see you have a lot of followers, they’ll want to follow you, too. Plus, when you have a large number of real followers, the Instagram algorithm might find your page more appealing than others and will put you on the top of the feed when you load a new post, feature you on the Instagram Explore page, and even give you a better chance to appear as a suggested user.

Save Time (and Money)

Building your Insta takes time — and if you’re running a business or brand, you might not always have that time to allocate to it. Our services are fast, easy, and affordable, allowing you to grow your Insta followers without putting in tons of time or money — choose only the exact number of followers you want to save money. You can reach 10K followers fast and be able to add a link to your stories with the swipe up feature (the feature that only accounts with 10k+ followers can use!) Did we mention we’re the only company that lets you do that? We thought you might get a kick out of that.

Become an Influencer

It’s no secret that a larger following means greater opportunity — if you’re trying to become an influencer and your follower count is standing in your way, this is the perfect solution for you. Create a cutting edge Insta page, purchase our services, and watch the 100% real, authentic Insta followers flood in. No matter what service you choose, you’ll see growth — both organic and from our service. This can help ensure you’re on your way to becoming the next big Insta influencer.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Followers to your account from LeoBoost

These Instagram Services Seems Way Too Good to Be True — Is LeoBoost an Authentic, Quality Service That Can Get Me Real Results?

You better believe it. We’re the real deal — and proud to be it. That means our services are authentic, top-notch, high-quality, and as secure as can be. Our quick delivery on real, authentic followers (seriously, they’re actually 100% genuine) helps you get real results and never leaves you questioning whether you made the right decision. We know how important it is to provide guaranteed services, which is why we stand by each and every affordable, effective service we offer. Not 100% sold yet? Message us — we can break it all down for you to help.

Will Buying Followers Damage My Account?

No way! This process is entirely legal, totally safe, and 100% secure thanks to our cutting-edge protective technology. Besides, there’s nothing risk about buying real, authentic followers. Our services will never put your account — or your security — in jeopardy. Why? Because we never ask you for any login information and because we have secure, reliable, verified payment strategies that keep your most private, personal details safe as can be. No amount of followers you purchase through LeoBoost will ever damage your account, cause irreparable issues, or get you in any trouble — the entire process is legal, secure, and totally safe.

I’m New to Purchasing Instagram Followers — Will it Really Help My Business?

Absolutely, 100%, without a doubt — that’s how confident we are that purchasing Insta followers and boosting your overall follower count will help grow your business. Think about it like this — the more eyes on your Instagram page, the higher your chances are of getting a lead, and the more leads you have, the better chance you have of converting those leads to sales — when you boost your follower count, you’re making that first step toward growing your audience, and growing your audience grows your business’ potential. As a bonus, you can get to 10k followers fast and be able to add a link to your stories (a feature that only those with 10k+ followers can use!).

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Instagram followers?

Buying followers on Instagram comes in a range of different prices usually starting from 1$ to 5$ per 100 followers. At our site, we advocate the high quality at the lowest price. We offer you to purchase 100 real followers for only 4.5$.

Can Instagram Tell If You Buy Followers?

Technically not. It really depends on the quality of the followers that you're buying. If you go for real followers such as ours, there is no way you can tell if someone bought followers; on the contrary, they will think they are genuine.

Do Celebrities Pay for Instagram followers?

Absolutely yes. It's a known thing that many celebrities are buying followers. Buying followers let them boost their fame on Instagram, which helps with increasing the engagement on their profile.

Do I Need to Share My Password to My Insta in order to buy Instagram followers?

Nope! We’d never ask you for your private information — we recommend never working with a company that requests your login information (that typically means they’re up to no good). We’ll never ask you for your personal, private login info or sensitive data, so you can trust that we never have access to your page. Simply use our site to purchase your service, turn your Instagram account to public, and then search your username (no password) on our site! The result? An influx of real, 100% authentic followers through a process that keeps you safe as can be!

Is This Service Safe?

Totally! To us, safety and security are truly everything, which is why we designed this service to put both of those at the forefront. Besides, there’s nothing unsafe about purchasing real, authentic followers! Our payment methods are verified and secure — we use technologies such as SSL, PCI, Recaptcha, and more to ensure that your information is protected and secure every step of the way. And like we said before, we’ll never ever ask you for your Insta login information — that’s private, personal information that only you should know!

How Exactly Do I Go About Buying Instagram Followers from LeoBoost?

The best thing about LeoBoost is how easy it is to use! We’ve created the simplest process of all time to get the followers you want quickly. Simply choose the number of followers desired (we’re the only company that lets you choose the exact amount you want, BTW), type in your Instagram username (and make sure your Insta isn’t private), pay for your service, and watch the followers come flooding in! It’s fast, easy, and super-efficient! If you don’t see your Instagram followers within the timeframe, tell us. We’ll provide a full refund to customers who don’t receive the services they paid for.

PRO TIP: don’t set your Instagram back to private until all of your followers have come in!

How Do You Gain Instagram Followers?

There are many ways of gaining followers on Instagram. The most efficient way is by buying them from Leoboost. However, engaging with other people's content, posting consistently, using hashtags, interacting with your audience, and work with influencers are also great ways.

Is Buying Instagram followers Illegal?

Buying Instagram followers and likes is completely legal. At our site you will only get Instagram followers of real profiles that don't impose any danger to your profile.

How Many Instagram Followers Do You need to Make Money?

An Instagram profile with 10k-50k followers can make around $60 per post. On the other hand, an Instagram profile with 100k-500k can earn about $200 - $500. With our real followers, you can definitely pave your way towards making much money on Instagram.