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Quickly increase your Instagram engagement and exposure by purchasing real, authentic Instagram impressions from real users viewing your photos and videos! Our fast, effective process is secure, direct, and authentic. Grow your Insta faster than ever with LeoBoost’s authentic impressions!

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Total Price:4.5
Total Price:4.5
Total Price:4.5
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Why Choose LeoBoost for Instagram impressions ?

Real Results

100% REAL Impressions

Get exposure and engagement from real users — fast! All of the impressions you’ll receive from this service are 100% real, authentic impressions from real users who are viewing your photos, videos, and profile! Don’t settle for fake impressions — get the real thing!



We never put security on the back burner! At LeoBoost, we believe in safety over everything—that means our payment methods are always verified and secure and we’ll never (ever) ask you for your Instagram log-in information.



Stop shelling out unnecessary money to pay for poor results! With LeoBoost, we don’t think you should pay for anything you don’t want or need. We’re the only company that lets you choose the exact number of impressions you want.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Our team is here for you — whenever you need it! That’s why we ensure that you can get in touch with us 24/7 at No matter what questions you might have, we can help — reach out via chat or email.

Why Buy Instagram Impressions?

Boost Your Engagement & Exposure

When you buy Instagram impressions, you’re essentially buying an increased number of times that your content can be seen — and obviously, you want your content to have the chance to be seen as much and as often as possible, right? When you do this, you increase your chance of engagement and of exposure, which can grow your following, your engagement, and your visibility seamlessly and rapidly.

Increase Your Exposure On Your Followers’ Feeds

Boosting your impressions is a big deal because it helps shine a light on your profile and posts with your current followers. When that happens, you increase your engagement and visibility, and when that happens, you’ll show up first on your followers’ pages — that means you’ll be on the top of your followers’ pages, getting their attention immediately and increasing your chance of getting your posts and profile viewed and engaged with by your fans.

Increase Your Chances of Working with Advertising Companies

When an advertising company is looking to working with you and bring you on as an influencer, the first thing they look at is how popular you are on Instagram — that means they’re checking out your followers, your engagement, your exposure, and of course, your impressions. They want to be sure that your engagement and your followers are real and active. When you have a high impression rate, that shows companies that you’re relevant, popular, and that people are looking to your profile as a credible source. This is a huge deal for those who might want to consider making you an Insta influencer or have you work with them on their campaigns.

Encourages Organic Growth

Sure, when you boost your Insta impressions you’ll receive a ton of growth that you paid for, but did you know that when you buy Instagram impressions from LeoBoost, you can improve your organic growth, too? It’s true! Think about it — those impressions you bought are making you show up everywhere (especially the Explore page), the more people who see your posts and page, the more followers you’ll receive. Buying Instagram impressions can create a snowball effect that can improve your organic growth. As a bonus, if you purchase your Instagram impressions as soon as you post a story or a post, you could be uploaded at the top of your follower’s Instagram feeds.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Instagram Impressions Views from LeoBoost

What Are Instagram Impressions and How Do They Affect My Exposure?

If you have a business account on Instagram, you’re able to see the amount of impressions in your profile insights. Impressions are the number of times your content — whether it’s a post or a story — was shown to users. While it’s commonly confused with reach, impressions are the total number of times your content could have been seen overall (from Google and other search engines, too). The more impressions you have, the more potential reach you have, which widens your exposure and gives you the chance to increase the visibility or your profile, posts, and more.

How Does Buying Impressions Help my Instagram Page?

Instagram impressions are super useful because they reflect the number of times that your post appears on any screen — in other words, the higher your impressions are, the higher your possible reach could be. When it comes to reach, you want as many eyes on your posts and profile as possible, right? So, buying Instagram impressions can increase your reach, which can help with your overall exposure and engagement, opening up new parts of your market. And all of that can only help you grow and prosper as a business.

How Does this Process Work Exactly?

Our process is so easy we believe anyone can use our impression service. First things first, make sure your Instagram profile is set to public (it won’t work if you’re set to private). Then, choose the number of Instagram impressions that make the most sense to you — we’re proud to be the only company out there that lets you pick the exact number of impressions you want.! After that, search your username on our site, choose the post you wish to receive the impressions, and pay through our verified, secure payment method. Then, watch the impression flood in!

What Are Impressions on Instagram?

Impressions on Instagram is a way of indicating the total number of times your content has been viewed. Basically, it shows how many times the content you have posted has appeared on other Instagram users' screens.

How to Get More Impressions on Instagram?

There are many ways to get more impressions on Instagram. The best way are by 1. Buying impressions from us 2. Posting content at peak times 3. Go live on Instagram 4. Pay for Instagram ads 5. Throw giveaways 6. Create shareable content.

What Type of Instagram Impressions Can I Count On — Are They Quality?

We’re so proud to offer our customers authentic, genuine impressions that provide real, quick results for their Instagram pages. We’re 100% authentic and 100% quality — that means we offer instant delivery, solid impression boosting, and a significant boost to your overall Instagram exposure and engagement. You’ll receive real, authentic impressions from real users viewing your photos and videos! Our service is focused on providing you with the Instagram impressions you need to grow your account faster than ever (and better than ever, too).

I Placed My Order — Now What?

Once you’ve placed your order, you’re ready to reap all the magical benefits! Make sure you’ve confirmed your Instagram is set to public, confirm your purchase, and then sit back, relax, and see the magic happen. Our best advice? Leave your profile on public until you’re sure you’ve received all of the impressions you purchased. Remember, it takes Instagram up to 24 hours to update your impressions, so you’ll need to wait this long to see the results. Don’t see your results? Tell us. We offer a full refund to any clients who do not receive the services they paid for in the specified time.

Does My Account Need to Be Set to Public?

Yes, please! We can’t help you boost your Instagram with the impressions you paid for unless your profile is set to public. We understand how some folks prefer their Instagram profiles to be private — if this is what you prefer, we suggest setting your profile to public, receiving the impressions you paid for (you will have to wait up to 24 hours to see all of your impressions), then setting your profile back to private.

What Is A Good Impression Rate?

A good impression rate on Instagram according to Instagram analytics is 4.7%. Our Instagram impressions can help you grow your impression rate.

How Do You Get More Impressions on Instagram?

There are numerous ways of getting impressions on Instagram, however, the best ways are by 1. Buying impressions from us 2. Post less content to your feed 3. Engage with your audience 4. Post at peak times 5. Post more videos, and 6. Go live and interact with your audience directly.