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Grow your Insta quickly with LeoBoost’s profile visits services that bring real visits from 100% authentic users to your profile. Boost your profile visits with the click of a button and never sacrifice your security using our verified payment methods.

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Total Price:4.5
Total Price:4.5
Total Price:4.5
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Why Choose LeoBoost?

Real Results

100% Real Visits

With LeoBoosts Instagram profile visits, you’ll receive the number of visits you requested from real, authentic profiles. That’s real traffic coming to your profile from real, authentic users — ultimately, bringing you the real results you’re looking for.



When it comes to security, we don’t mess around. We offer our customers verified, secure payment methods that use top-notch technologies to secure your private details and we’ll never ask you for your Instagram passwords or log-in information.



We make sure you can grow your Insta without breaking the bank — that’s why we’re the only company that lets you choose the exact number of profile visits you want. Don’t pay for what you don’t need or want!

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

You can reach out to us any time, no questions asked. That’s what a 24/7 support team is for in the first place. Message us directly via our chat feature or send us an email at — we’ll be there for you.

Why Buy Instagram Profile Visits?

Boost Your Profile to the Explore Page

With more Instagram profile views, you’ll have more eyes on your page than ever before — so take advantage of it! When you increase your exposure and engagement, you have a better chance of making it on IG’s coveted Explore page. From there, more people will be able to follow you, engage with you, and share the high-quality content you’ve been posting all along. Use this service to boost your exposure, your engagement, and your visibility — then continue doing what you’re doing.

Increase Engagement & Exposure on Feeds

When you buy Instagram profile views, your exposure and engagement will increase, too. IG sort of uses the snowball effect — the more profile visits you’re getting, the more it will continue to grow organically. This will put you at the top of your current followers’ feeds, helping you have a better chance of getting their eyes on your page and posts to interact and engage with you.

Increase Your Chances of Working with Advertising Companies

The first thing companies will look at when considering working with you, your profile, or your brand is how popular you are on Instagram. That means they’ll look at things like your engagement, impressions, and of course, profile visits. When you have a high rate of profile visits, big advertising companies will see you as a credible source who reaches a large audience, and that makes them more interested in working with you and potentially using you for their campaigns.

Grow Your Organic Audience

Did you know that even if you pay for profile visits for your page, you can actually grow your organic audience at the same time? It’s true! Because you’re paying for real users to give you real visits to your page, your engagement and exposure will increase — this helps your page grow organically in no time at all. When you buy Instagram profile views, you get the best of both worlds — a paid boost plus the organic benefits that come with it.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Instagram Profile Visits from LeoBoost

What Are Profile Visits and How Do They Affect My Profile’s Exposure?

If you have a business Instagram account, you’re able to view your insights and see how many profile visits you’ve received on your account. Profile visits are quantified by the number of times your profile was viewed by Instagram users in the past 7 days. The more real profile views you’re able to accumulate, the more trustworthy and credible your account will be — and the more exposure your account will have. Plus, if an advertising company wants to work with you, you’ll be able to show them real, authentic profile visits on your insights.

What is the Quality of Profile Visits?

We’re glad you asked! LeoBoost is proud to guarantee you 100% real visits from authentic users who are seeing your profile! When it comes to authenticity, we don’t mess around. Forget spammy, scam, fake profile visits — we offer you 100% genuine profile visits from real accounts that are viewing your profile! When it comes to top-notch, high-quality services and products that bring real results, you can count on LeoBoost to bring you the authentic profile views you’re looking for!

How Does the Buying Process Work?

We’re proud to back our buying process as simple, direct, and straightforward. We believe it’s so easy, anyone can use it! All you need to do is ensure that your profile is set to public (if it’s set to private then the profile visits you want will not be able to stream in) choose the number of profile visits you want (we’re the only company out there that lets you choose the exact number you want to purchase), search your Instagram name on our site, and confirm your payment! Leave your profile public until all of your views come through.

How Can I See My Profile Visitors?

To see the number of views your Instagram account has had, you need to switch your account to a business account. When your profile is a business account, you will be able to see the number of viewers at the top of your profile.

Does My Account Need to Be Set to Public for This to Work?

Yes, it does. Please make sure you’ve switched your profile from private to public in order for our service to work to the best of its ability. With a private account, only those who already follow you can view your profile, so the views you purchased will not be able to work if you don’t set your profile to public. If you want to turn your profile back to private, please wait until all of the profile visits you’ve purchased have shown up!

Do Profile Visits Help My Page?

Absolutely! You better believe it. Profile views are simply a measure of how many people view your profile (makes sense, right?). You won’t be able to see who views your profile, but the overall number of views will increase. The more profile visits you have, the more people are viewing and seeing your profile, and when that happens, you become a must-see user on the Instagram Explore page. The more traffic you can get to your profile, the better off your page will be!

My Order Has Been Placed — Now What Do I Do?

The hard part, if you can call it that, is over! Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and reap the benefits of the magical process you’ve just purchased. All you need to do is ensure that your profile is set to public so you can watch the page views roll in. The only thing we ask is that you wait to set your profile to private after all of your profile views have occurred — otherwise, you won’t receive all the awesome page views you paid for. Not seeing your profile visits? Tell us. We offer full refunds to clients who do not receive the services they paid for. But remember, it takes the Instagram algorithm a full 24 hours to update the profile visits amount, so please wait a full day before letting us know if you don’t receive all the profile visits you paid for.

What Does Instagram Profile Visits Mean?

The number of visits on your Instagram profile basically indicates the number of times your profile was viewed. An Instagram visit counts as soon as someone visits your Instagram profile.