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Boost your Instagram’s exposure with LeoBoost’s Instagram Story Views service — the quick solution for exposing your story to thousands of users in a moment. We offer secure payment, fast results, and we’ll never compromise your safety or ask for your password.

Buy Instagram story views from thousands of users in a moment

Buy Instagram story views

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The views are for all your stories from the last 24 hours

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Why Choose LeoBoost for story views?

Quick Supply

Don’t wait for your story views to just happen, buy them! Get fast results with quick payoff when you choose to buy Instagram story views from LeoBoost — no scams, 100% authentic views from real profiles, and results that speak for themselves.


Who says you can’t be an Insta baller on a budget? We’re the only company on the market that lets you pick exactly how many IG story views you want — don’t pay for anything you don’t need.


Safe, secure, and never sketchy, LeoBoost offers you a reliable, verified payment option that always protects your info. Further, we’ll never ask you for your Insta log-in info or passwords — never!

24/7 Support

We’re there for you whenever you need it. Have a question, concern, or inquiry? We’ve got you covered. Reach out to us 24/7 via chat or email at with any issues you might have and we’ll be there for you.

Why Buy Instagram Story Views At All?

Build Credibility & Work With Big Companies

Improving your story views is a great way to get more eyes on your profile, increase your engagement, and boost your visibility. Why does this matter? It helps you grow your audience and shows other companies that you might want to work with that your story gets authentic views on a regular basis — that kind of exposure is something all kinds of advertising companies look for (especially companies who might want to make you an influencer or part of their campaign).

Encourage Organic Growth

Just like you’ll receive growth when you buy Instagram story views, you’ll also end up with authentic, organic growth, too! The more exposure your story gets, the more likely you are to show up on the Explore page as a suggested user — this means more eyes will be on you and more fans will be drawn to your page! Story views can help you grow your following and increase your engagement in no time!

Show Up First on Your Followers’ Feeds

You know it’s important to be relevant in the Instagram world — not just for your potential followers, but for current followers, too. When you buy Instagram story views, your story becomes prominent and important, which means your story will show up first to your current followers! Being first matters for lots of reasons, but mostly because people often only watch the first few stories on their feed that show up—make sure you are one of those first few stories!

Impress Your Friends With Tons of Views

We all want to be the one in our friend group with the most story views — don’t pretend you don’t! When you choose to buy Instagram story views from LeoBoost, you can show your pals just how popular you really are with hundreds (or thousands!) of authentic Instagram story views! If you’re looking to impress your friends with your Insta popularity, this is the perfect service for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Instagram Story Views from LeoBoost

How Soon Can I Expect the Views to Appear on My Story?

You can expect to see story views quickly! Typically, you should see your purchased Instagram story views flood in rapidly within the first couple of hours. Not seeing any IG story views within a few hours? It sounds like something might be up. We encourage you to contact us if you don’t see those likes within the first few hours — we can help you troubleshoot the problem quickly and get you back on track to getting those Instagram views you purchased. We also offer full refunds to clients who do not receive the services they purchased.

Does My Account Need to be Set to Public?

It sure does! Here’s the deal — we respect that you value your privacy, but in order for our authentic viewers to actually see your Instagram story, we need your profile set to public. Otherwise, these real viewers (who don’t already follow you) will not be able to view your story. Our best advice? Make your profile is set to public before you purchase your IG story views, then, after you’ve received all the story views you’ve purchased, set your profile back to private.

How Do I Buy Instagram Story Views — Is it an Easy Process?

Our process is so simple, efficient, and straightforward we’re sure anyone could do it! First things first, upload the story to your Instagram that you want to be viewed (the views will be automatically sent to the story you’ve put up in the last 24 hours) — and make sure your profile is set to public. Then, simply choose the amount of Instagram story views you want to purchase from LeoBoost (we’re the only company out there that lets you choose the exact amount of views you want to purchase), search your Instagram username, and pay through our secured, verified payment structure.

Do I Need to Give LeoBoost My Instagram Password?

No way! Keep that sensitive information to yourself. At LeoBoost, we’re proud to have created high- quality services and top-notch products that never put you — our customers! — at risk. We’ll never ask you for your log-in info or your password. Why? Because we don’t need it to provide you with the Instagram story views you purchased. Our best advice? Never work with a company that asks you for such sensitive info! Keep that private log-in information to yourself, always!

Is This Service Safe and Trustworthy?

You bet! At LeoBoost, we’re super proud to create a service that never puts you, your account, or your sensitive data at risk! That’s why we’ve created a verified, safe checkout method that uses Recaptcha, SSL, and PCI technologies to ensure that you’re always secure. Further, we’ll never ask you for your Instagram log-in information — that’s your private info and we don’t need it to accomplish what you want to be accomplished. In fact, we highly discourage you from working with a company that requires you to give them your information — keep that log-in info private!

Why Should I Choose to Work with LeoBoost?

That’s probably the best question of all — it’s one we’re happy to answer, too! LeoBoost combines a commitment to safety and security with the high-quality services we offer to ensure that your purchasing experience is unlike any other. We offer affordable, top-notch services that will make a real, difference in your views, engagement, visibility, followers,, and more! We care about your success — and we care about making sure you achieve that success in a safe, secure way. Did we mention we’re also the only company out there that lets you pick the exact number of IG story views you want to purchase?