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Boost your Instagram video engagement quickly with 100% authentic views that get you the exposure and engagement you’ve been searching for in a snap! Our fast, easy, and secure service can take your Insta views to the next level immediately.

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Why Choose LeoBoost for video views ?



Safety is everything, which is why our services are verified, secure, and never sketchy. Our payment methods are discreet and authenticated, and we’ll never (ever) ask you for your Insta login information.



We’re all about combining effectiveness with affordability — that’s why we are the only company out there that lets you pick the exact number of views you want. Don’t break the bank to pay for what you don’t need!

Quick Supply

Quick Supply

Fast, effective, and real results that happen super quickly? It’s not too good to be true — that’s just how LeoBoost’s services work. From the moment you buy Instagram views and confirm payment, you’ll see the views come flooding in.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

We’re proud to provide you with non-stop, 24/7, always-there-for-you support! Have questions? Ask us at Need information? Message us! We’re always here for you to ensure you get the results you desire every single time.

Why Buy Instagram video views?

Increase Engagement & Exposure

We don’t have to tell you how important Insta exposure is in this day in age — and buying Instagram views can help you increase your visibility rapidly. Not sure if you’re ready to buy Instagram views? Think about it like this: the more views you get, the better chance you have of getting to the Explore page, which means you’ll have more eyes on your page than ever! All of that snowballs into more organic likes, growth, and views than ever.

Build Trust & Credibility

Show your followers that you’re the expert among your competitors! Improve your page and attract new fans with an influx of Instagram views on your videos. The more eyes you have on your video, the more views will show up — that means the more credibility your page will have, too! More views will lead to more engagement, more exposure, more visibility, and more trust from fans than ever before.

Create Buzz for Your Viral Videos

Use LeoBoost’s Instagram views services to create the right type of buzz that makes your video viral! Instagram works kinds of like a snowball effect — more views breed more views, which means by purchasing views, you can grow organic views, too! That buzz and exposure can help you create the viral video sensation you’ve been searching for. As a bonus, if you purchase your views as soon as you upload your video, you have a better chance of being put at the top of the Instagram feed!
Pro Tip: Upload your video and then purchase your views right afterward. That way, you can create a quick, viral buzz!

Beat Your Competitors

The more views you have, the better off you are — that means if you have more views than your competitors, you’ll be better off than them! When it comes to creating a cutting edge Insta page, you’ll need credibility, and credibility comes from the number of views on your videos and the exposure your videos get! When you buy Instagram views, you have more credibility, and you become an expert over your competitors.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Views to your videos from LeoBoost

When Will I Get My Purchased Views?

That’s a great question. Our short answer? Super quickly. The longer answer? You should start seeing your views within a maximum of one hour from your purchase. Your views will come flooding in as soon as you purchase and up to 1 hour after — if you don’t see your Instagram views after an hour, let us know! Contact us with the live chat feature or email support 24/7! Our team is committed to non-stop, constant support to help you grow your page quickly and seamlessly. We also offer full refunds to clients who do not receive the services they paid for.

How Many Views Should I Buy?

You know what they say, the more views on your videos the better — but we understand that not everyone is in the market for the most views possible (that’s why we offer you the option to buy the exact amount of views you want). Overall, we say buy as many views as possible. Why? Because videos can have unlimited views (that’s how things go viral, right?) and the number you purchase doesn’t depend on your current follower count. So, our best advice is to buy as many as you can within your budget!

This All Seems Too Good to Be True — Are LeoBoost’s Products Really That Good

We’re not just being biased when we say this, but our services truly are that good. We provide our customers with 100% authentic services that are guaranteed to get them the Insta views they desire. We offer instant delivery on authentic views from real profiles that we know pack an immediate punch when it comes to your engagement, exposure, and follower count! We’re proud to offer you the tangible benefits you seek for your Instagram at affordable prices that never compromise your safety or security — that’s a LeoBoost guarantee.

How Can I Increase Instagram Views?

The best ways to increase your Instagram views are 1. Buy Instagram views from Leoboost 2. Run a giveaway 3. Use location tags 4. Use hashtags 5. Start using video editing apps 6. Build your own page style 7. Post funny videos.

Is It Beneficial To Buy Instagram Views?

Yes, it is beneficial to buy Instagram views for your account. Buying views is the first step to being a part of the social media influencer circle, as Instagram's algorithms will automatically recognize your profile. Increased views will result in more exposure and help you end up on the Instagram explore page in no time.

Does My Account Need to Be Public for This to Work?

Yes, it sure does! Unfortunately, if your profile is set to private, the authentic views won’t be able to work for your insta videos. So, it’s important to make sure you switch your profile from private to public before you buy Instagram views. If you don’t you won’t get the views you paid for! As a pro tip, don’t switch your profile back to private until you have received every view you paid for!

How Does the View Buying Process Work?

It’s simple and easy! All you need to do is select the number of views you want (pro tip: we are the only company out there who lets you choose the exact number of views you want!), then, search your username on our site, select the videos you want to receive those video views on, make your payment, and watch the views come flooding in. Make sure your profile is set to public before you purchase the views (and keep it public until you get the views you paid for) — otherwise, you won’t get the views you’re after. Important note: Please make sure you buy the views for a video post and not IGTV video.

Is LeoBoost Safe?

You better believe it! Safety and security are two huge concerns for us when you buy Instagram views, that’s why we designed our service to be more than just high-quality, but also to be as safe as possible. First of all, we’ll never ask you to share your private log-in information with us — we don’t need it! We can help you get the views you’re after without ever asking for your private info. Secondly, we’ve created a verified, secure payment method using technologies like SSL, PCI, and Recaptcha to ensure your experience is always secure.

What Does Instagram Count as a View?

When an Instagram user views a video you have posted for more than 3 seconds, it will count as a view. That means that all the views you see under a video on Instagram is only from users who has been watching the video for 3 seconds or more. Our real views are legitimate and count as real views as they watch your content for at least 3 seconds, which can help you increase the engagement on your Instagram profile.

What Is The Best Time to Post a Video on Instagram ?

We recommend that you upload videos at noon (11 am -1 pm) or in the evening (7 pm-11 pm). According to Instagram statistics, these hours are the hours where most people are free to wander on Instagram. A great way to improve virality and appearance is to purchase real views from our site right after uploading videos.