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Increase your exposure, build your SoundCloud cred, and boost your reposts when you buy SoundCloud reposts from LeoBoost. Our service guarantees real reposts from 100% authentic, genuine accounts through a secured payment method. BTW, we’ll never ask for your log-in information!



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Why Choose LeoBoost?

Real Results

Real Users Providing Real Reposts

We promise to only supply real reposts from real users that are guaranteed to boost your exposure, increase your engagement, and improve your SoundCloud account fast and seamlessly! With us, you’ll never deal with spammy bots or fake engagement!



Our process is 100% safe and secure! Not only will we never ask for your private log-in information, but we also guarantee secure, safe payment methods that’ll keep your payment information private. Plus, we only work with real, authentic accounts, so your profile is never at risk!

24/7 Support

Customer Support Team

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help answer any questions, solve any inquiries, and address any concerns. Send us an email at [email protected] — or reach out via our chat feature—day or night and we’ll be there for you. We’ve got your back!


Unbeatable Price

Did you know we’re the only company out there that lets you choose the exact number of reposts you’d like to buy? It’s true—no packages or bundles here. Just pick the precise amount you want, pay, and watch the magic happen.

Why Buy SoundCloud Repost Services?

Build Social Proof

The more reposts your tracks have, the more credible your audience—and your potential follower—will think you are! When you have a large number of reposts, users will recognize you as trustworthy and credible, which can help you beat our your competition, grow your page, and become even more popular and credible with your audience!

Grow Your Exposure

LeoBoost’s SoundCloud services can help you grow your exposure fast and easily! When SoundCloud’s algorithm picks up on the fact that your tracks are getting a lot of attention (in the form of reposts), your tracks are viewed as popular and are more likely to be featured on various SoundCloud pages like their recommended list, their suggested list, and their discover list! This can help you reach new audiences and grow your exposure immediately!

Helpful for Working with Music Companies

Did you know that one of the first things companies look for when deciding on whether or not to work with an artist is their engagement and activity on SoundCloud? It’s true! If they see that you don’t have a large number of reposts on your tracks, they might not want to work with you. Alternatively, if you do have a large number of reposts, they see that you have real followers, real engagement, and real fans who think your work is quality!

Snowball Effect

Did you know that buying reposts from LeoBoost can actually help you grow your reposts organically? It’s true! Buying reposts can act as a snowball effect that encourages even more growth than you bargained for. When you buy SoundCloud reposts, people will see how popular your tracks are and will want to check out your account to see what’s so special about you—you can attract new users to listen to your music simply because they see all the engagement!

Everything You Need to Know About Buying SoundCloud Reposts From LeoBoost

Does Buying Reposts From LeoBoost Put My Account at Risk?

No way! There’s literally no risk when it comes to working with LeoBoost. Why? For starters, because purchasing reposts from LeoBoost is totally legally, never sketchy, and A-OK! Your account will never be put at risk for being banned. Plus, LeoBoost proudly protects your payment information by using cutting- edge technology like Recaptcha, SSL, and PCI. We’ll also never ask you for your log-in information or your password, so your private data can stay just that—private. Keep your personal information to yourself and invest in your SoundCloud profile!

How Can SoundCloud Reposts Help Me as an Up and Coming Musician?

Absolutely! SoundCloud is a super effective, really great tool that can help musicians, artists, DJs, singers, and more get their tracks in front of large audiences all across the world! And just like other social media platforms, the more engagement and exposure your tracks get, the better off you’ll do. That’s where reposts from LeoBoost come in. When you receive a large number of reposts of your tracks, SoundCloud’s algorithm recognizes that and features your tracks on various pages—this can help you get your tracks in front of a bigger audience than you ever dreamed!

What’s So Special About LeoBoost’s SoundCloud Services?

We’re really glad you asked that question. Look, we know there are other companies out there who claim to do what we do—but here’s the deal, they don’t offer what we offer. LeoBoost guarantees only real reposts from 100% authentic, genuine accounts, meaning you’ll never have to deal with sketchy, risky bots or fake users. Instead, you’ll get real engagement from real users for the real results you seek. Plus, we’re the only company out there that lets you choose the exact amount of reposts you want to purchase—no bundles or packages here.

Do LeoBoost’s Reposts Come From Real Accounts?

Yes! We only work with real, authentic accounts when it comes to fulfilling SoundCloud repost orders for our clients. Why? Because we believe only 100% genuine, real accounts can over 100% genuine engagement—and that’s exactly what you need to get the real results you seek! Fake accounts and bots can only further damage your account—users (and music companies) need to see that you have real, authentic engagement coming from real accounts to give you the credibility you need to be successful.

What Do I Need to Give LeoBoost Access To In Order For This Service to Work?

You only need to do two things in order to make this service work properly. First, go check on your SoundCloud settings. Is your profile set to public? Are your tracks set to public? Make sure both are true! If your account or your tracks are set to private, our process simply won’t work. Then, all we need from you is the link to the track you’d like to receive your reposts on. Seriously, that’s all we need to make this happen! No private info, no log-in information, no passwords—nothing like that at all!

How Exactly Does The Buying Process Work?

Our process is simple, direct, and very straightforward—it’s been thoughtfully designed to be as easy and seamless as possible to buy SoundCloud reposts as fast as possible! First, check your SoundCloud settings—are your tracks and your profile set to public? Make sure they are! Next, head over to our site. Select the exact amount of SoundCloud reposts you want to purchase. Then, copy and paste the link to the SoundCloud track you want to receive the reposts on. Then, head over to our verified, secure payment method. Confirm your purchase and then sit back, relax, and watch the reposts flood in!