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Boost your TikTok engagement, improve your image, and get to the For You page faster than ever with LeoBoost’s TikTok comment services. We ensure real, positive comments from English-speaking users that are specific to your posts—no spammy, fake comments here!

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Why Choose LeoBoost?

Real Results

Positive, Real Comments

Our comments are never spammy or fake. When you buy TikTok comments from LeoBoost, you’re guaranteed positive comments from English-speaking users that are specific to every single post! That’s real engagement from authentic users!


Secure & Safe

We believe safety is an important priority, that’s why we ensure verified, secure payment methods (like PSI, SSL, and Recaptcha technology), positive comments from real, authentic users, and of course, we’ll never ask for your TikTok log-in information.



We understand that you’re trying to grow your page on a budget, that’s why we’re the only company that lets our customers choose the exact amount of TikTok comments they want—no packages or bundles here. Only pay for the number you want, nothing more, nothing less!

24/7 Support

24/7 Customer Support

We’ve got your back—no matter what time it is. Message us via our chat feature or shoot us an email at [email protected] if you’ve got questions, inquiries, or need help troubleshooting. We’ve got you covered 24/7.

Why Buy TikTok Comments?

Build Credibility to Get to the For You Page

Having a solid amount of comments on your TikTok posts is a super helpful tool when it comes to gaining popularity. Why? Because it can help you get to the For You page quicker than ever! Getting the For You page is a big deal for TikTokers because it can help you gain trust from your fans, build credibility, and show your followers that you’re worth a watch!

Build Trust Within Your Fanbase

The more comments and engagement your TikTok videos have, the more trust TikTok users will place in your account. It makes sense, doesn’t it? With high-quality, positive, and post-specific comments on your videos, your fans will trust that you’re receiving real, authentic comments from other users. Because of that, they’ll trust your videos and your page!

Get Organic Comments

When you choose to buy TikTok comments from LeoBoost, you choose to invest in real, post-specific, positive comments from authentic, English-speaking users. Your followers (and potential followers) will see these comments realize you’re getting real engagement and will be inclined to comment on those videos, too. Users generally feel more comfortable commenting on your videos when other comments already exist.

Create a Better Image Than Your Competitors

No matter what type of TikTok account you have—personal, influencer, or business—it’s important to ensure you’re beating your competitors in all departments—likes, views, shares, and of course, comments. If you’re looking to show your competitors that you have more fans than them, buying comments is a great place to start. Your comments will look authentic and real—because they are authentic and real. You’ll have more than just an influx of likes, you’ll have real engagement, too!

Everything You Need to Know About Buying TikTok Comments from LeoBoost

Does Buying TikTok Comments Help Me Get to the For You Page?

Yes, it sure does! When you have a large amount of real, authentic engagement on your TikTok profile and videos (including comments) the TikTok algorithm views that as a reason to watch your account. They’ll likely see that influx of engagement and comments and consider you a hot profile to watch, then they’ll share your video (the ones with lots of comments) on the For You page. It’s simple, fast, and so affordable!

Why Should I Buy TikTok Comments?

First things first, LeoBoost guarantees verified, safe payment and will never ask for your log-in information—that means we’re dedicated to keeping you (and your account safe). But more than that, the comments you buy from LeoBoost will come from 100% authentic, real, English-speaking users and will be positive and specific to each post—that means you’ll never have to deal with spammy comments, fake profiles, or sketchy engagement (ever). Plus, we’re the only company out there that lets you choose the exact amount of comments you want to buy—you’re never stuck purchasing a bundle you don’t need.

Can Buying TikTok Comments Provide Growth and Exposure for My Whole TikTok Page?

Of course! When you boost your engagement on specific posts, you become a more credible, more popular profile on TikTok. It’s a great way to increase your organic viewers, it can help you become featured on the Following page or For You page, and it can build your popularity in a snap! The more comments and engagement you have on your posts, the more popular your overall page will become, which means that even more TikTok users will want to follow, like, and engage with your TikTok videos.

Is This Service Safe to Use?

Yep! Absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, LeoBoost’s TikTok Comment service is safe, secure, and never puts your account at risk. How can we guarantee that? Because we guarantee that only real, authentic, genuine users will leave you high-quality, positive comments that are specific to your post—there’s no risk associated with spammy, sketchy accounts or fake comments. Plus, we offer secured, verified payment methods and will never (ever) ask for your log-in information.

How Exactly Does This Work—What Do I Need to Do?

We’re proud to have created an easy-to-use, direct process that works fast! First, double-check your TikTok settings and make sure your profile is set to public—if it’s not, this service won’t work. Then, choose the specific amount of comments desired, search your TikTok username on our site (remember, make sure it’s set to public!), pick the post you want to receive the comments, and proceed to our secure, verified payment. That’s it! Now, just wait for the magic to happen. Not seeing your comments? Let us know—we’ll provide full refunds to anyone who doesn’t receive the full amount of services they paid for.

Does My Account Need to Be Public?

Yep! It’s actually crucial that you ensure your TikTok account is set to public! If you have your TikTok account set to private, then those real users you paid to reach won’t be able to view your videos and leave positive, genuine, authentic comments. It makes sense, right? If your account is private, users who don’t follow you yet won’t be able to see your videos, so it’s hugely important that you set your profile to public before you buy TikTok comments!